As we distilled cars

Report on the route is not as always (other than on-road M-5 and M-7).
The trip was planned for the long holidays in May (1 - 4 May):
May 1 training, leaving the 2nd morning and drive two days (May 2-3), the 4th of May at rest or to use as a backup day of the journey if the road is bad and hard, in general, if you have missed two days.
Remembering the experience of extreme car-trip in 2012 somehow did not want to go to the capital of our Motherland on the busiest highway M-5, M-7 and collect Ural Tatar standing in traffic jams on the suburban route and Siberian attractions in the form of a broken-down road sections Tyumen Region (Abatskii, Berdyuzhe).
Therefore the options considered detours and road razdolbaystva probkotvorchestva.

Will be 45 photos and 1 video.

This is what suggested various internet services Navigation:

This is what suggested to people in the know (bulec).

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As a result, it was decided to pass on the route suggested by knowledgeable people (bulec):
Omsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kirov, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Moscow.
This route has been entered in the Navigator, the total length was 2,800 km.
Preparation of (what is necessary for the trip):
Supplied CBC radio antenna with magnetic-short stack, set the navigator.
Registrar and radar detector and so are constantly in the car.
Optional: set of fuses, repair kit for tubeless tires, a pair of nipples liter can of motor oil. It seems that's all.
These kits are individual for a specific vehicle or for a specific driver. So I can not say that this is an example to follow, just to list all the things that I found it necessary to take to the road. And of course, such things as serviceable spare tire, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle are simply not discussed - they must be always and in all in the car.
The trip wife invited as a navigator and photographer, have fun together, and I got used to it;)

Let's go. Day One.
The route Omsk-Tyumen, everything is good, the weather is excellent 19 ° C, smooth road, the traffic police is sleeping, not a lot of cars:
Somewhere before Tyukalinsk.

The first holes appear near Krutinki.
Before the border with Tyumensoky region. We overtook gelenvagen without mudguards (not happy, they are constantly on the rocks fly). Thanks though not pressed and stones are not sprinkled interval survived, but why and where to drive more than 150 km / h?

We drive to the border with the Tyumen, we are greeted by a cheerful yellow temporary signs warning of the repair work.

Before notorious Abatskii 20 km.

Here it is - the beginning of a rough road to Abatskii. Most renovated, but everything before and after - in a bad condition. The machine is not much that pleases.

We pass this part without any problems for 35 minutes.

Here gelenvagen in the general queue.

After Abatskii in 2012 this place has always grazed STSI-Schnick with radar around the corner. Now both have lost the meaning of the sign - road podrazbita here and unsigned greater than 50 km / h as something not desirable.

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In general, to Tyumen still be bad sectors. In particular, the intersection of Tyumen, Ishim and further to Talovka and Cheremshanka river, after a steep road Ozerkov not, the bridge on the river. Elec on repairs (inverse movement), bridge on the river. Vagai, p. Krasnoyar - repairs (inverse movement).
By the way, about the device reverse movement.
Previously, the organization of the movement was a man in a booth which was remote controlled by traffic lights, and a person decides which side turn green (typically where there are more cars and turns green). Now everything is optimized: the man apparently also gave the shovel or hammer and connected to the work that it went faster (hopefully), and instead of human control is transferred to automation. Ie Now do not care how many cars and on which side, dull on the time relay switch red / green, red / green.
Omutinskii - near filling a huge hole. After Zavodoukovsk road repair.

Here Tyumen - capital of the villages;) Although some villages ?! House steeper than in Omsk ...
But this we bypass move. Ie on the outskirts of the city.

New impressive scale and beauty.

We stopped to refuel. The most expensive diesel is in the Tyumen region (of branded refills) - 33.9 per liter on re Rosneft (Gazrpomneft and Lukoil, and of the more expensive).
Away from Tyumen cornering Ekaterinburg road works.
They went out on the track Tyumen - Ekaterinburg. In the beginning it seems that it will strip 4 with the separator to the Eburga.

But after 10 minutes the road narrows to a two-strip, but generally normal. On the right side of the road is clear of snow. Snow still be something here and there to fall on the roadside for Sverdlovs'k and Kirov regions, and even a little bit in the Kostroma.

After another 20 minutes, after Tugulyma, we get to the worst part of the route Tyumen-Eburg. Under renovation, the length of the site is not more than 5 km, it is necessary to suffer.

And a little more ...

Further, all moving to the repaired area, but the speed limit and overtaking is prohibited. The length of 10 km. DPS has got two crews, both of someone spud.

Further up the road Eburga normal. This is an attempt to show the photo on the road and quality of the local beauty in the form of snow on the side of the road and turned better map the expansion of insects on the glass;)

That Yekaterinburg. We go on the navigator, pass the town without traffic jams for 20 minutes.

Start the route Yekaterinburg - Perm. Start as always good, 4-way. Somewhere was a video, the poor quality of coverage, they say the stones fly, hit the glass - nothing flew long probably already all departed.

In Revda road for 2-way, but wide. Before Revd repair of the bridge, a small cork.

After Revda everything well again.

Circled Perm Eastern bypass, rolled into Krasnokamsk already at sunset,
on the outskirts of Krasnokamsk find hotel decently.
The hotel complex is chosen, so to speak, with the approach. It is called "Cedar House» (N58.07649 ° E55.64783 °).
Double room costs 1800 re: In general, do not make a mistake as a good and complex and it turned out in the morning had no nearby campgrounds were not.

Another interior

Small table-sill.


WC and shower.

Day Two.
Sleep well, washed, had breakfast. Moscow time left at 7am. In the street 8 ° C.
Photos guest. Complex outside. Few parking spaces dalnoboev: only 4 trucks included.

Booth guard.

Well, the view from the main road.

Moving on the chosen route. Now the route Perm - Kirov.
On the border of Krasnokamsk road is still normal, but after a few kilometers away is getting worse, especially after the turn to Kirov.
Before leaving Nytva right (maybe not the best choice, because there is a road through the eye, but it paved the navigator does not specify who was) .:
you go on the road a good 120 km / h and then suddenly appears with a broken section of asphalt on the entire width of the road, ottormazhivatsya a couple of holes still catch and then to the soft paws sneaking, then relax (again, good road), and 25-30 km Again podlyanka .

And here is the full width of a pit just below the slide.

On the way to Kirov drive in rain, beauty: on the edges of the snow, the rain and the fog is over the road. What is missing is ice;)

And a little more.

Before Kirov still unchanged - sometimes suddenly bad road. This is a bad location which was able to write: at Savino broken road from Satino broken roads and bridges, repair a bridge over the river. White Kholunitsa (reverse movement), near the village. Slobodskoy road - washboard.
Kirov drove in the direction of Kostroma road situation is not improving.
That's Kostroma region., Oddly enough, but the situation is not typical for the border areas - the road is good, though it instilled some hope. As it turned out, in vain.
Wow, Kostroma!

Next road apocalypse continued: broken roads, bridges, abandoned repairs.

Bridge for repairs, but where are the workers? Before that, they were everywhere, and probably forgot about this ...

ZIS-150 (correct if wrong) luck peat. Maybe I'm wrong button pressed and moved back in the 1940s? ;)
Probably the only way to go here. This technique is expensive and seen worse.

Manturovo. Yes, it is simply pipets. This is the photo does not pass. About 50 km of Gauvin Road,
which like tooth decay has eaten, but deep: go fast, flying from hummock to hummock, will not work.
In general, the curve oblique, the entire route in the pits, sometimes trying to patch up, but it did not help, but only added to the irregularities.
On the sidelines, and the smoother and faster.
Yes, and the warning signs hang. Cap resting.

Rebuild the temple in Bolotovo. Well, most of it, that's good.

We drove Kostroma. Wife: Oh, and it's Volga? Well, I'm out the window sfotayu.
That's really really "passed". :)

Farewell Kostroma, Yaroslavl region, we are met.
By the way, on the road Yaroslavl - Moscow was refueling at the gas station "Gazpromneft" the cheapest diesel fuel - 30.7 pe well, plus a discount card for fuel.

Churches and temples at every turn, and of the road at the proper level.
Shoulders so wide that the asphalt they probably would have sufficed for the whole of Russia to repair the road;)

It's getting dark, another photo technique and hide in the bag. Especially on only good.

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Where it is good - well there. It's me that to tell how delicious halva (roads in the Yaroslavl and Moscow regions) nobody wants. It's not interesting.
Like standing in a traffic jam on the Yaroslavl highway 25 km. to Moscow - this is not interesting, just all at once during the May holidays went to the garden, and then just decided to go back again: D

But Moscow drivers how to drive - it's interesting.
That portion of the video from the Moscow Ring Road.
Why do people on a silver sedan, caught up with me, climbs to the right and then schemitsya between me and the wagon? Why in the crossover from the fourth row is reconstructed in the face and even slows down? Places shaft - go away further and perestraivaytsya.
Nothing terrible happened, but somehow I'm not accustomed to all this.
Maybe I'm not in the band going? The first trucks are. In the second wagon ride. I stopped because the third not in a hurry (although moving at a high mark - 100 km / h), fourth and fifth free ...
I already do not pay attention to the way in the Yaroslavl region. machine numbers in the Moscow region, hurrying home, quietly overtaken by continuous or on the side, go to overtake despite the rearview mirror (do not see that someone has begun to overtake him before them), and so forth. emergencies created by them. < br /> So:
the total length of the route - 2800 km
the average speed was 85 km / h
average fuel consumption (per 100 km) - 10 l
the total journey time - 34 hours

Well, the general conclusions:

1. I am psychologically well rested during the driving of a vehicle: was spared from contact with greedy DPS nicknames, traffic on country roads and other pleasures congested highways M-5 and M-7;
2. From Omsk to Perm road is normal, you can go, the traffic is small. Definitely better here than on the M-5;
3. The route Perm, Kirov, Kostroma definitely have to repair, especially in the Kostroma region. You can go, but gently;
4. If you have time, then maybe I would have turned in the direction of Perm after the Izhevsk-Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow (M-7), especially if there was a car with a little ground clearance and low suspension.

Well, the photo of the hero, because of which the action has been started.


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