Robomobile, expectations and reality

Dream No. 1: After the arrival of robomobile completely disappear tube. If on the roads is at least 30% of robomobile tubes will be much less.

This statement in one form or another periodically POPs up in the comments to any post about robomobile. But let's see what jam occurs. Wikipedia gives us 13 reasons for the occurrence of traffic congestion.

It is possible that when you replace 100% of motor transport in cities to robomobile — it will greatly optimize the routes of transport, thereby reducing congestion in some places, but completely get rid of traffic jams will not happen, because in any modern city, there are places where severely hampered the movement of any vehicle. Usually this is due to the historical buildings, terrain or the presence of any socially significant object. In these places to avoid traffic jams will only complete rebuilding of the roadway or planning ways of a detour (which is not always possible).

Also, do not forget that robomobile create the firm's competitors, which greatly can affect the docking of the communication protocols between cars of different brands. At least remember about USB and IEEE 1394 (FireWire, i-Link), DisplayPort and HDMI, Android and iOS.

It is possible that the power dial another war standards, cars will communicate only within the brand, throwing off the stats on their servers through a secure channel to plan on a more successful route, compared to competitor cars.

Dream No. 2: All cars will be common, not private cars and Parking in the yard.

This idea is usually substantiates this reasoning: Why would I want my personal car to care to spend money on its repair and maintenance, if I can call robomobile and to pay a certain fixed amount per month?

It seems to be a great idea, but it is very idealistic in nature. Already there taxi service, uber, car sharing. Many of them even cheaper than owning a personal car, but all they fully can't replace him. This is the essence of people: their housing is better than renting. Own country — better than a house for the weekend. Your car better than a rental services. And not all soul will allow you to move around the city for a faceless General auto.

Dream No. 3: out of the house — a car pulled up and took you, came to work — the car dropped you off at the entrance to the business centre, and he went to look for a Parking space.

This is the most favorite dream for me. To some extent she seems very distant, but on the other hand, is not completely unrealistic.

Another question — where to Park the car. He will not be able to stand under the sign, the second row or on the sidewalk, and therefore will not create additional interference to other road users and pedestrians. But then robomobile will have to travel a significant distance from the places of the greatest congestion of cars, thus it will generate additional traffic, which in turn could lead to increased traffic during certain hours in major cities.

Dream No. 4: Sat in the car, took the laptop, doing work — and he carries me to the destination. Actually this is what all robomobile and develop. To free man from the daily routine. Here we can meet difficulties. If the cities with a road network of more or less well, the rest of the territory is mostly covered with this:

This road network is amenable to automatic analysis can change its state several times a year and also may damage the sensors orientation. So trips should be planned in advance or much to change the route, moving only along the marked trails where they exist.

Dream No. 5: Auto self monitor their condition in case of failure goes to the service itself without the owner.

Actually at the moment, the car owner can also drive the car to the service, get a replacement car for the duration of the repair, and then to come to pay a huge bill for "invented" faulty and do not waste your time. But, as you know enough appropriate people to use such services. In addition, the race can include marketers who will be included in the car "planned obsolescence" of some of the details. So your robomobile will go to service 2-3 times a month, bringing out an incredible bill.

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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