Volvo engineer named autopilot Tesla Motors «vannabi" real autonomous system

Trent Victor, senior technical director of the department for the prevention of accidents at Volvo, criticized Tesla autopilot in an interview with The Verge. In particular, he said that "this system promises more than it can actually" called it "semi rudimentary technology" and "uncontrolled vannabi».

From his interview with The Verge:

[...] The next year, Volvo is launching its autopilot called Drive Me. This system will be the 4th level, which does not require the driver's part. She can not just drive a car, but also will be able to cope with any emergency situation on their own. If the autopilot will understand that with the driver that something is wrong, the system will park the car on the roadside.
Volvo is working on a stand-alone car 4th level, while the autopilot Tesla has only 3rd level. The difference is that the autonomous system level 3 still returns control of the vehicle back to the driver in case of emergency situations. The person managing the Tesla, rely on autopilot around, but he can just get lost when emergency situation occurs. The car is level 4 does not require human intervention to keep everything under control in any scenario, according

Volvo's philosophy and its development of battery technology reflects a commitment to security automaker. In the future, if any of the Volvo autonomous car gets into an accident, the company will take full responsibility.

At this point, the autopilot system Tesla is considered the most advanced on the market, although Volvo's argument it [Tesla] inability to cope with the management of cars in extreme conditions is trustworthy.

We can only wait and see whether Volvo will confirm their words with deeds.



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