Car Model S crashed again - and again on the driver's fault. Tesla checked logs

place of the accident on the highway I-5, California. Photo: Arianna Simpson

For the second time in recent days the owner of the electric Model S blames the autopilot in an accident. Earlier, a car crashed into their own this week in the cargo trailer when the driver left the car on the roadside in front of the trailer, directed against the movement and activates the automatic parking. The company Tesla telemetry data showed and explained that the driver failed to ensure safety of the car with automatic maneuvers, not watching the parking lot and was not ready to press the button "Stop", as it should under the terms of beta testing this experimental feature.

Now there was another accident. A girl named Arianna Simpson (Arianna Simpson) accuses the autopilot that he crashed into the vehicle in front at speeds.

Again, Tesla Motors company had checked the logs telemetry.

April 26, 2016 Mrs. Simpson rode on the highway I-5 north of Los Angeles, including the autopilot mode Tesla Model S. «Suddenly the car in front suddenly braked, - says victim. - Between us was a good distance, so I decided that the autopilot will slow down, because he had to brake immediately. When it became clear that the autopilot is not going to slow down at all, I squeezed the brake. But it was too late, I still ran into the car in front, the speed was about 65 km / h. »

Tesla Motors Company reviewed the logs and found that the system is adaptive cruise control is not to blame for what happened. The logs show that Mrs. Simpson pressed the brake pedal and thereby deactivated the autopilot and cruise control that maintains a safe distance in traffic, turning the car in manual mode. When Mrs. Simposn ispolzorvala the brake pedal, it also disabled the emergency brake, which is installed in all autopilot Tesla last year with iOS 6.2.

Tesla Motors company issued a statement:

«Safety is the main priority of Tesla, we design and construct cars primarily on the basis of this. We also ask our clients to train in safe driving by using our machines. Since its release, the autopilot continuously we explain drivers how to use this feature, and reminded that they must remain attentive at all times and be ready to take control when using the autopilot.

The autopilot is designed for practical use, to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, improve road safety and make driving more enjoyable by the highway. Autopilot Tesla - the most advanced of the existing systems, but it does not make a machine in the unmanned vehicle and does not relieve the driver's responsibility ".Arianna Simpson said she was wholly in favor of Tesla and" unmanned systems in general ", but expressed dissatisfaction with the company's attitude. She believes that Tesla company lacks empathy towards people-drivers.

Experts believe that soon we will hear about many such incidents. Drivers still do not fully understand, how can rely on automatic pilot, how to respond to the numerous warnings that shows the Tesla car, and when to take it over. Drivers do not want to admit his guilt and all the time they say that the car was traveling alone and it was she to blame for the accident.



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