17 The most difficult task for an interview at Facebook

In America, there is an interesting website Glassdoor (translated as "glass door") - a rare area where employees coolest companies can anonymously and honestly share their opinions about their work, the team and to the rulers, and the candidates - interviewing experience. There, for example, you can see that on Facebook, even the basic salary (trainee level) higher than the average salary in the United States by as much as 25 thousand dollars a year!

And not a single salary ... In the ranking, compiled on the site of the real reviews, Facebook ranked first, which means that for many young professionals, particularly in the technical sphere, this "dream job." But is it easy to get?

Any candidate, regardless of the resume and desired positions, asking tricky questions during the interview, the majority of which have no "right" answer. Do you Be smart, hit all of its logic or laugh it off - the whole future career depends on your reaction

. Here are examples of the "most complex" tasks that candidates for a variety of positions in Facebook Share on Glassdoor. Do you agree with their assessment?

1. Before you light bulbs 2 and 100-story skyscraper. You need to find a level at which light thrown down by all means break. How do you use this light bulb? (Or another option: determine the floor, dropping the minimum number of times the bulb)

2 How many posts related to birthdays, is on Facebook per day
3. How much you pay for every single washing the windows in Seattle?

4. What do you do in your first day?
< br> 5. Describe how the web site. (This is the whole question out of context).

< 6. How many vacuum cleaners in the United States?

< 7. You kidnapped Russian thug. He consistently puts two rounds in empty drum six-shooter, spinning it, directs you in the head and shoots. Click - you're alive! He asks: "I have to spin again and shoot or shoot immediately" In each case, what is the probability that you will be shot

8 What are you least proud of in your resume?.?

9. Imagine that you have access to all the data collected to Facebook. What would you do?

< 10. What is the biggest technological breakthrough happened, in your opinion, over the last 20 years?

< 11. Do you have numbers and credit card data 100. How to get the most money from them for 24 hours, using only the online transaction?

< 12. You want to rob the house on a certain street. In each there is a certain amount of cash. Your purpose - stole the overall maximum amount possible. But there is a limitation: you can not rob a house next door that is already cleaned

13 Before you 25 racehorses, no stopwatch... Calculate the three fastest in the least number of arrivals.

< 14. What do you think, whether Facebook should be available in China?

< 15. you need to fly to Seattle, and you want to know whether it is necessary to take an umbrella. You call three local friends and ask everyone, whether rain. All three say "yes." But each case, the likelihood that a man told you the truth, is 2/3 and 1/3 - that he lied "for fun." What is the probability that in Seattle the rain did?

< 16. How much money is spent on the Internet?

< 17. If you were an animal, what and why?

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