As I put the car on HBO

Lomalschikov ask outs do not torture if they write on the merits. For floors punishment not (want to break, but it is better not break), but desirable adequate commentary, but not in spirit - we are all going to burn in hell, gas, first tries, and so on ... how to accomplish your goal finish)))
Post I decided to make because many do not understand the differences between types of fuel for the car. There are 4 main types of fuel for cars:

1. Gasoline
2. Diesel.
3. The propane-butane mixture
4. Methane.

It will take about HBO propane butane. So I currently have to use private cars with mounted HBO. Engine
Features of your vehicle - Toyota Corolla Levin 1995 release. 7A-FE engine. Box AT A240L. Fuel consumption at my style of driving along the road by an average of 9 to 11 liters of gas mixture per 100 km. The city of 10 to 13 liters of the gas mixture. Why such a spread? Ride differently, sometimes a lot of overtaking, sometimes a lot of nausea. Sometimes the condo, and sometimes warm up.

Why I decided to put HBO and the like: Why do people put HBO.

I like lyud frequent travelers (5,000 km / month), long speculated about the nature ***** astichnoy fuels and lubricants monopolists, the difference in price and the dynamics between the 92nd, 95th, 95th Ecto, 98th benzyl. Gradually I began to prihoodit to the conclusion that the delivery of my ass to certain destinations is too expensive,
and decided to consider the propane-butane as an alternative fuel. Pushed to the communication with the familiar taxi driver who leaving for 3S-FE on HBO ejector type (ancient HBO, gas is supplied to the reactor) without any problems associated with HBO and engine 200 000 km. The price of gas touches - 9 rubles 00 kopecks, while 92 gasoline cost about 25-26 rubles, while in the 92nd gasoline lost my car in the dynamics and casting had the 95th, which cost 2 rubles more expensive.
Taking a beer one night, I decided to register on the site, and began to shovel core topic HBO installed on cars with a crooked wheel of the Japanese garbage, such as itself possess. Conclusion 4eh after months of reflection was disappointing - about HBO responded negatively or those who put his arms growing from the lower hemispheres of the brain, or those who have it never went, the percentage of which is significantly higher.
HBO has the sense to put, if you travel a lot or if the car will be in operation for more than 20 thousand kilometers (average payback period), or if it is a voracious overseas bird with a large volume of the engine and therefore good so consumption of gasoline by 20 liters to infinity.

Part two, or how to avoid problems with HBO.

In order to avoid problems with HBO need to know what HBO. HBO - a Gas-cylinder equipment and tell you about it in brief, as in the internet is full of information on this subject.
There are two types of HBO - ejector and injector. The first type - full old crap for atskih rogue, or for owners of gasoline vehicles, or they are those who do not care about the usability of HBO, or the same to those whom it has got a present with the machine (to be honest - I would be dismantled to hell ). Gas is fed through directly to the throttle gear. Problems from the ejector HBO more than savings on installation. Therefore, we rely on him a large concrete screw and more will not remember.
The second type - the injector HBO. Since I do not know how much work HBO major firms such as BRC or Prins and his eyes saw the current couple of times, and the last only in pictures. We touch on the normal equipment of STAG, it also Digitronic, in particular soups team consisting of brain Digitronic Power Evolution 3D, gas injectors OMVL, torroidalnogo cylinder, gearbox and OVC - external filling device.
Few departed from the theme, continued: do not need to put HBO on ushatanny engine to the engine having a difficult and tricky adjustable valve. The gas has a combustion temperature in 2 times higher than benzo, burns faster that the lash engines without valves leads to shrinkage and subsequent burnout. To HBO
properly served - Motor defective need not zasrat products soot from oil and bad gasoline, head must be in good condition, no oil should flow from all the slots, you can use regular candles, but changed strictly according to the rules and follow the gap. It is recommended to turn the ignition on early. The
quickly begins to burn the gas, the less chance it has burnt out in the exhaust manifold. Bits engines made from the same materials as in AvtoVAZovskih machines have a frequent urge to burnout valves because metal poor. ZZ NZ Toyota Series is also not particularly like HBO. All the old toyotovskie engines guzzle gas Naur not fart without sneezing, and do not lose in the dynamics.
To summarize: to ride a propane-butane - you need a normal-good driving, it obsluzhka timely, well-established and rebuilt HBO.

The car was.

We need direct installers HBO. Since I do not put myself a lot on the installation I can not comment and did not want me at the moment is more important to travel and understand the principles of operation, and what you want)).
We will need gasoline, because Machine only travels on gas, but it is put in the gasoline. In particular uprated engines, the desire to drive HBO can be set in such a way that when a certain speed (let's say 5000 rpm), the machine goes to gasoline. Combusted gas will not warm the engine and head off to pour excessive pressure and burn out on the issue. CONTEMPORARY HBO automatically switches from petrol to gas and vice versa. The moment of transition you feel, except on the XX at warming may revive a little car while the injector injected gas. The car starts to work on the gas when the coolant temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. All readings are taken from the basic sensors of the machine. Gasoline pump runs constantly, as it would work with you and to
gasoline. When switching to gas, naturally petrol injectors are switched off. The filter is - he's one worth 200 rubles, replacement - 10 minutes of messing around with a screwdriver. Reducer requires heating the gas. Heating is taken from the furnace pipes. The machine is not cold, it do not worry. Part Four, myths and horror

1. The gas kills the engine. This is not true, the gas does not kill the engine. SHPG expense of long walks that the oil film is not washed off with gasoline cylinders. No extra benzovoy Kaki remaining in the combustion chamber. GAS during combustion generates steam and hence the combustion chamber of the valve head will blyastet, which is not achieved by using benzyl. Yes, the valve seat themselves, there's no escape, they have to be adjusted or (if washer or other systems) in accordance with the regulations, or ride a car with a good engine, which has lifters. In this case, we must look for the oil level. In the basins of the head often burn - low quality metal. SHPG goes longer, as the experience of my friends have used HBO. Gas engine does not dry in no gum, as it burns in the combustion chamber, and everything else is swimming in oil. No need to sometimes ride on petrol and rave wetting there any gum if falling into decay, it is better to find another theme for this. Maybe there is some influence on valve stem seals, but so far I have not noticed.

2. In a machine with HBO can not smoke, gas stinks, explosive, all who are in the car atskom burn in flames and go to hell. Bob, what I can tell (lies 3 14zzdezh and provocation). If you smell gas inside the car, the system leak, so HBO is defective and can not use it. A slight smell of gas may be felt from the exhaust pipe. This is normal, because gas is burned and smelly gas additive to less)). In a serious drain tank and you do not slam came shooting out. To break the balloon in an accident more difficult to break than modern plastic tank, is much more complicated. If a small leak under the hood (at the exit from the pressure reducer 1 point), you will feel the smell of the stove, but it's rare.

3. With regard to registration of HBO - you want to enroll or not, I did not ask the traffic police, as I do not know what it is. Documents on the molding and setting for traffic police there. You can ride without making any changes to the documents. As the sale of such a scheme - I do not know, but you can register.

4. You lose dynamics, high consumption. Not true. On the dynamics of the auto injector HBO remains the same. Strip the car eats about 10 percent more than gasoline. On HBO ejector gas could guzzle buckets and the car could not go, but it was such there and bikes.

5. Forget the stories about Italian equipment - what you put in the car - a hodgepodge, matched the characteristics of your car. In the Russian Federation, in addition to hoses, I think, nothing has been done).

Now touch on the installation at Toyota Levin Korollycha now will Photography. Asked modders would not close the possibility to edit my posts in this thread, because It will be complemented by funkktsiyam software.

It looks like podkapotka with HBO - I apologize for the mud, went 3 months with a broken face, flown))

It looks like the brains of HBO, it is necessary to set the brake booster bracket, slightly overlaps tormozuhi tank, but the cap is normal. Recommended installation brain - vertically, plug up, but not everywhere so you can deliver.

So looks set gear HBO. Prevents mount the dismantled conditioner tube, nothing more than a hindrance. If necessary, remove the fasteners, wiring unhooking advance, posting a very gentle with him.

Barrel near redkutorom - a filter replacement every 400 hours. It looks so new, assorted gas filters, what are the inclusions of fine metal dust, what has caused - I do not know.

So I installed an external recharging device, under the bumper on the left. Exhaust my right, single pipe. In baper embed nestal, Needless to engage in this nonsense hanging bracket bolted. The main gas pipeline passes together with brake pipes, gas is also well laid if the raid on gullies, nothing will happen. if damaged the main fuel line will disappear and brakes)))). In the trunk of his installers do not like the conclusion because it is necessary to stick to a well pipe and drill holes, plus the risk of damage to the trunk junk from the trunk - all sorts of people and bringing trash. In general, not much, people are accustomed to refuel - in fact they do not care where it is.

Thus mounted nozzle ramp, consisting of 4 nozzles. The collector closer to Drill engine nozzles, nozzle hoses being driven by the gas in the reservoir, on a cold, 5-10 minutes injectors knocking, then calm down and do not hear the clatter. I do not know whether all the nozzles or characteristic only for Sinenky OMVL, but it is not critical, especially when ramp Unit Stake in 1900 rubles. having stated resource of 100 000 km. Ramp on nothing lasts just stands between Baska engine hoses. That's enough on this type of engine. On other engines can be mounted on another. Hoses and nozzles on the ramp, you can simply put on, but I just put fire on the sealant. When replacing the ramp, you can buy a one-third meter hose if it breaks during removal, regular clamp I do not trust.

So I go to the gas of the brain. Cable soldered itself, not an esthete, so once again I apologize for the appearance ... This requires an adapter with a TTL signal to RX-TX, needs converter COM-commands to the USB chip FDTI and software Digitronic, extending free then he could not is good. Other systems are sewn tightly to hell you have to dig deeper. Soft touch separately and later. General collar to adjust the displayed under the hood, but if you deign to buy perehodnichok FTDI - you can stick in the interior. Popayan nimnoga have))) connector itself is sealed, if not solder the cable pohabski like me, all may look like cultural)

HBO button we set at any convenient place - I hid at the side of the leg, originally stood on the panel under magnitolkoy. Button to start the car can be extreme on gas, not taking into account the system parameters (temperature of the gas in low gear you complain to your wallet), you can switch gas / benz at any time. Display - a small light bulb - is flashing - means the machine nedogrelas to the required temperature, if the light is constant - you go to the gas, if nothing is off - the drive on petrol. There is a buzzer that will scream out loud to you that you forgot to fill with gas, about what gear accidentally disconnected and you drive on petrol, and can still beeping for some reason. Level gauge works on pressure readings and shows precisely enough for such a sensor. When the tank as I have, 42 liters, falling into the red, the last light bulb is a residue of about 15 liters of gas. Ie I will pass on this gazku from 110 to 150 km.

With regards to software. It uses free software from Native brain Didzhitronik:

We have here a plate zagglavnuyu brain. Some parameters I do not know, but prokemmentiruyu-type lambda probe - I advise you to choose the right. We lambda works on the impoverishment of the range from 0 to 0.5 I nimnoga scale, therefore it is necessary to check the mass (weight I have scattered to the engine and body, derived heated to ignition (full-time lambda has no heating 5A after ustanvoki 7A should be altered) plus the injection parameters benzo, gazofors voltage generator, the idle speed. Time injection of gas and petrol injectors will be different and should be, because we must jeep nimnozhka more adequate for the system. The temperature of the gear - is the temperature of coolant in the system. The index GAS - davlvenie gear MAP - vacuum in the reservoir. below alternately you can disable the injector. Shows their work. You can make the engine run partly on the gas part on benzyl but it makes no sense, actually to test the injectors. In the lower right corner - the switch gas-benz You can poke the mouse works as a button.

Here we have paramtry HBO, I will describe what I know. Yes, I forgot to touch one of the sensors, it is possible with the reducer temperature is taken, a small box with wires on the box, but I have not delved into it. But there is one) here we have the basic settings of the gas controller. Judging by the switch to CNG - the system is designed for methane. By setting this tab Murzilka there - everything is painted so that podorobno further details nowhere. In this tab, I just changed the pace car, which goes on benz car. It was 5500, I did the rest of 4000 installers do and it can not touch, and do not need.

The blue bar - gasoline card. Given that my brain from 5A, it is unrealistic for this type of engine. Gas - green, sagging. It is necessary to raise the odds, lure system. Izanachalno way maps were built into a single unit after installation, gasman me well carded system. Well, never mind the time factor will correct injection. Many parameters depend on the initial parameters of the automatic setup. In general, the brain is not necessary to climb if misunderstood system of work cars on gas, I'm a little misunderstood, but I want to understand, and therefore put on the car HBO.

In this scheme, you can increase the supply of fuel at certain speeds manually, based on the testimony of injection benzovyh force. Either on the sensations pruschesti nepruschesti. Many parameters of fuel cards, I do not understand, because I did not go into details, but I think they are easy to study native Murzilka reading in Russian. There everything is so detailed that the details of nowhere. For detuning systems need vykatat benzovuyu card. Ie at all speeds at optimum load.

In order to roll on the brain, they need to collect the gasoline map - that is, all the characteristics of the machine at all operating conditions of the engine. Auto-tuning - a great thing. It is going gasoline cards on different dynamics of cars and on different speeds and has built on it the gas, which can turn the steer as you want within the capabilities of jets and nozzles. It is necessary to consider all the parameter memory of the system, otherwise the equipment will be set up crooked. There will be enough gas to be supplied - the machine is bad, there will be many gas will also be bad. On the ride you can not lean on an excess of gas, too. The optimum ratio of taxis. I do not set ourselves the task to thoroughly examine the work of HBO and systems of cars. Therefore I outlined. In order to fully understand how certain fuels affect the cars, and what equipment you need for this - you need to spend a part of my life - I'm not ready. So I just put HBO in literate people. At the moment I have with HBO had no problems. Next, a small conclusion.

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It's simple. If you want to drive a car, and vzharivat.




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