Myths and Realities about HBO on car

Despite the obvious advantages and savings on HBO on the cars continue to walk the most incredible rumors. The most ardent opponents of LPG equipment argue that:
  • Equipment is not suitable for every car;
  • spoils engine;
  • high risk of fire and even explosion <. /
    Questions are answered by specialists from, setting HBO for different cars. Of course, these rumors start people directly interested in gasoline sales.

    Myth 1: HBO is not suitable for every avtomobilSluh old as the world. Myth appeared in the Soviet Union, when drivers have lost the ability to drain the gasoline after installing HBO. The drivers began to write the complaint, that the frequent failure by the installation of the new system. Since zavgara were in proportion, they began to complain that HBO is not suitable for certain models. In fact, even the first generation of HBO showed its efficiency: additional cost the 30-35% cheaper

    second myth:. Before the engine goes out stroyaGorenie gas-air mixture takes place a little longer than the gasoline-air. Some believe that because of this, the engine burns, the exhaust valves overheated. But dozens of studies of this theory showed that it was not in the combustion duration, and in adjusting the ignition. That is, a similar problem exists in gasoline engines.

    third misconception: HBO opasnoNa fact, the equipment is not more dangerous than the vehicle tank. A quality installation is cylinder with walls of 4-5 mm - 3 times thicker than the tank. Furthermore thick walls, there are additional protective system. Manufacturers cylinders ensure safety even in case of accident. The only thing that can destroy a tank - hit the train go big truck, but such people do not survive the collision.

    The only recommendation for the driver to set SSS: It is important to monitor the condition of pipes and other equipment, to visit service stations for inspection by specialists of the system. In general, the safety car HBO fully demonstrated.


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