The history of the car from the "Caucasian captive"

Everyone remembers the film Leonid Gaidai "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style". And all those who remember the film, could not remember the car that travels the famous comic trio composed Nikulin, Morgunov and Vitsin. But here's what this car can be said not every one of those who watched this movie many times, and not all of those who are passing by the monument Nikulin, photographed against the backdrop of the car.

Firstly, all hit by the same deer that Nikulin takes precaution after the trip. This deer was fixed at 21's "Volga", and it makes the audience think that the screen sample of the pre-war production of gas. Meanwhile, the deer that came along with the "Volga" and disappeared with her disappearance.

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on the second, no logos or brand names on the car is not available, but it also greatly complicates detection. Perhaps the brand, model and modification of the vehicle would remain a mystery, if not for the fact that it was not a studio requisite car, personal car of Yuri Nikulin.

This car is called «Adler Trumpf», it is through «pf», and not through «ph», as it is often wrongly written. This machine - a German, not English, and therefore the name is written in German rules. And it is in any case should not be translated by the word "Triumph" as Trumpf is not a "triumph" and the "trump card"! The confusion caused by the existence of motorcycles Triumph Adler, who in 1950 made by company Adlerwerke British license. I filmed this car under his registration number 91-63 South Africa. At the same time the letter "U", indicates that the vehicle was registered in the Moscow region, the letter "A" - that the registration of a vehicle manufactured in 1959 or 1960, and the letter "P" - that the car belongs to a private owner .


After filming Nikulin bought a new car, and Trumpf has long rusted garage in the circus, while up to him shortly after the death Nikulin not got sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov, who decided to build a monument to the great artist. Rukavishnikova idea was to make an exact copy of a full-size car and put it next to the disproportionate sculptured Nikulin. This monument has appeared near the circus on the colored Boulevard 3 September 2000. On the implementation of the project took two years, the cost of the monument is 350 thousand dollars.

The sculpture weighs more than 3, 5 tons. Machine cast in Minsk, and Nikulin figure in Italy. While established monument, nobody guarded, and the director of the studio was forced to spend the night next to the sculpture that night nothing was stolen. The original monument were going to install on the roadway - a bronze car had to be parked on the boulevard at the circus. However, the Moscow traffic police are not allowed to occupy the roadway, and had to erect a monument on the sidewalk in front of the circus building.


The history of the car began in the early 30s. Company Adlerwerke from Frankfurt was well known in Germany for its bicycles and typewriters in the XIX century.

The first acquaintance with motor vehicles occurred in the end of XIX century, when Karl Benz ordered the firm Adler bicycle wheels for their horseless carriages. Seeing a light French car Renault brothers, owner of "Adler" Henry Klyayer, had a great desire to produce their own cars. The first car of the company Adler became vuatyuretka Vis-à-Vis, which appeared in 1900. her driver and a passenger sitting opposite each other, and the steering wheel in the vertical column was in the middle of the machine.

Power 400-cube motor was 3, 5 hp The car accelerates to 30 km / h. But by the early 30s Adlerwerke company produced cars like Standard and Diplomat, designed for the rich and very rich buyers. However, the outbreak of the 1929 economic crisis particularly painful blow it for Germany, and the number of wealthy buyers sharply diminished. In these circumstances, the company decided to make cars more cheaply. During this period one of the most talented German automotive designers and an ardent supporter of the front drive Hans Gustav Röhr offered his services to the company Adler. It was he who developed the car Adler Trumpf front-wheel independent suspension on. Simple and cheap car proved to be very helpful. In mass production, he entered in 1932, two years earlier than the famous front-wheel drive Citroen Traction Avant. So if bc it does not appear to Czech Aero, Trumpf could be considered the world's first serial front-wheel car.

The length of the car at the 2825 mm wheelbase is 4 meters 15 centimeters, width 160 cm, height at the top of the raised amounted to 158 centimeters.


By car stood inline four-cylinder petrol engine cooling water. At 74, 25 mm bore and 95-mm piston during its working volume was 1645 cubic centimeters. At 3400 rpm the engine develops power of 48 horsepower that the engine of this engine capacity was at that time a great achievement. This capacity allows 750-pound vehicle speed of 32 seconds before the 80-kilometer speed.

The maximum speed it reached 115 km / h. However, the turning circle for such a small size was too big - 5, 9 meters. It was caused by the fact that the Trumpf not applied constant velocity joints, and is forced to limit the turning angle of 28 degrees. But the main trump TRUMPF has its price. We sell this car for 4,000 Reichsmarks in 1932, that is, to a certain devaluation of the dollar in January 1934, was $ 950. This made Trumpf comparable prices with cheap American cars such as the Ford A. At the same time, compared with Ford, Trumpf looked modern and was technically perfect.


Since 1934, production volumes began to grow, and this car actually became the forerunner of the Volkswagen. If until 1936 was released 7003 car, from 1936 to 1938 it was manufactured 18 600 pieces.

I was at Trumpf'a and smaller version of the Adler Trumpf Junior, which appeared in 1934. This model had a 995-cube engine with a cylinder bore of 65 and stroke of 75 mm. Developing the capacity of 25 hp and accelerating the car to 100 km / h, this engine is expended only 9 liters per 100 km. It cost even cheaper - 2950 marks.

Many publications indicate that it was Junior starred in "Caucasian captive". However, the size Junior were much smaller than TRUMPF. Length Junior was equal to 3 meters 86 centimeters, and the width is only 145 cm. With such a wide Vitsin even be felt in the seat next to the Morgunov extremely uncomfortable.


Adler Trumpf Junior


To permanently resolve the question of how large it is or Trumpf Junior, I took a tape measure and went on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Been there, done face brick, I measured the most brazen way this car and realized that the size he is clearly not yuniorovskie.


But the most important difference lies not even in size - the body at the Junior was carrying, and therefore Convertible modification had door pillars and roof arches similar to those that were in the Convertible version of our "victory." If they are cut, substantially suffer rigidity. Also starring in the film car - pure convertible. (Note. This is the second part!) Initially this instance, like all TRUMPF had the drive to the front wheels, but by the time of the shooting he had lost this rare for those years feature, as it moved the engine, transmission and rear axle from 400 th "Moskvich" - and of the "Moskvich" the very first series, had the floor shift lever. Starring in the film, the car is still alive - son Maxim Nikulin, who is now in charge of the circus, gave it to Lomakov Museum, and now this car is under restoration. I did not, unlike the author of the material, to arrange "dancing with a tambourine" (in the form of roulette), the more so that the dashboard "of bronze sculptures" does not apply to any modification of the car (and they turned out to be quite a lot).




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