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October 22, 2001 did not become famous Soviet and Russian actor George Vitsin. Many familiar to his unforgettable characters, but there are facts about the Georgii Mikhailovich, known not for everyone. Here are the five, perhaps the most interesting Vitsin - "a man without ageĀ»
Vitsin always looked very young, so often played characters much younger age itself. And he gets it very convincingly, heroes Georgy Mikhailovich invariably aroused sympathy in the viewer. The role of the humble and shy Constantine Kanareikin Vitsin fulfilled already at the age of thirty. In the 37 years he played eighteen Vasya Vesnushkin in "The Benchwarmers." In 46 years, brilliantly played the role of 25-year-old Misha Bal'zaminova. This talent of the actor allowed him to produce and inverse transformation: in those same 38 years, he played the grandfather in the film Musiya "Maksim Perepelitsa". And in Coward's namby-pamby, due to the specific voice to believe unconditionally, although he was not Vitsin did not like his hero.

Pants "Bootleggers" in life was a staunch teetotaler
The famous trio of characters Coward, Bobby and Experienced do not mind a drink in each picture. Vitsin as drunks, too, was very convincing, although in real life never drank alcohol, did not smoke, eat right, fond of breathing exercises and even meditating yogis. Sometimes - right on the set. And on the set of "Gentlemen of Fortune", the actor had to climb into the tank with the "cement" was sitting there after filming scenes - because he had learned that a sticky and nasty composition depicting cement, includes 23 species of medicinal herbs, prolongs youth 15 years. Perhaps because of such healthy lifestyle Vitsin and could play a 18-year-olds in his nearly 40 years ... Until "the Caucasian captive" cine alcoholic coward and a real teetotaler Vitsin not interfere with each other, until one of the crew has not declared inconclusive infusion of rose hips in the role of beer in the frame - foam-was not. Vitsin had to drink a cup of the beer - possibly the first and last time in my life.

Vitsin did manage not just comedic roles
Coward of the famous kinotroitsy and Khmyrov of "Gentlemen of Fortune" Vitsin brought true glory. However, the actor began a major role, even historic. He convincingly played by Gogol in the movie "Belinsky" that this is the role he was immediately invited to another picture - "Composer Glinka." Grigori Kozintsev had planned to remove Vitsin as Hamlet ... but I saw the actor in short films Gaidai and amazed, how good was a dramatic actor in comedic roles.

Many famous comedy scene invented on the fly
Even before the start of filming "the Caucasian captive" Gaidai said that the script will only basis. And every actor can complement his own jokes and tricks on request. For each successful fiction filmmaker promised to award a bottle of champagne. Vitsin champagne did not like, so for the time of the filming of "earned" only one bottle, however, the film is full of his improvisations. A scene with a cucumber and a slingshot with a handkerchief Varley, frightened coward, and that famous moment of "Stand to Death!", When the characters are arranged in front of a live barrier racing car - it all finds Vitsin. There was such an improvisation and "gentlemen of fortune", when actors have conspired against the decision of the director to do exercises on the frosty streets yet in jerseys and Muratov (Vasily Alibabaevich) command the motor section. Then we divide all but Kramarov avenged him, starting to rub snow directly in front of the camera. There is already connected and Vitsin rubbing snow most Kramarova. The scene has turned so much fun that it was decided to leave ...

Vitsin voiced a lot of cartoons
And he came to voice no less responsible than acting. His voice tells a favorite of Soviet children - Brownie Kuzma, snowman-mailer, a set of charming birds from a variety of cartoons and even Puss in Boots. A cartoon in one Vitsin himself appeared - though, again in the role of the famous Craven: in the colorful bandits from the "Bremen Town Musicians" are easily recognized Coward, Bobby and Experienced.

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