Prisoner of the Caucasus - the story of the movie

April 1, 1967, the premiere of a comedy film "Prisoner of the Caucasus»

Natalya Varley says: "I am with you to capture all the time used to take 290 kilograms of circus equipment in the hope that somewhere in a break from work will rehearse. I really did not want to leave the circus, even for a short time. But failed. Although the picture enough tricks. In the picture, where I jump out of the window giving Saahova, I jump from shooting the crane, from a great height - hanging on a thin rope. Swinging. I could easily recoil and tap, and the wall ...

Then I had a situation when the brakes failed - when I'm driving in the car and the three blocks my way. I had to brake sharply car at a certain line in front of a movie camera. Rehearse - all turns out. Start Shooting - at the last moment the brakes fail, and I miraculously hit by the operator, not crashed itself ...

Or an episode with a dip. In Gaidai was the idea that Nina before you jump into the water for Shurik, first riding a horse, then on a donkey. But after I am in front of the crew fell off the horse ... And Gaidai decided enough is enough chances. The more ice water, it is easy to catch a cold. First wanted to make a stuntman - well, this is in any gate not go on such a substitution, I could not agree more. Then find a girl like me on a figure, she said that she was a master of sports in swimming. She jumped and began to sink ... - could not swim, it turns out, but I wanted to play. And in the end I was allowed to jump off the cliff itself. By the way, I no longer remember not very skinny, and as we sit with Sasha Demyanenko after swimming and shivering. Tremble for real. The fact that we have to look at the screen wet. But the day was hot, and we instantly with moisture evaporates. Therefore, we poured water from the river, and there are seven degrees. After this execution I poured alcohol and forced to drink, so as not ill. How to get to the tourist center, where we lived, I do not remember ...

As for my relationship with the Trinity ... They helped me very much, but strongly bully. I was a young, shy. When they got me in the frame carried in a bag, then so pinched and tickled that I just cried with laughter ... in the bag. We have been rehearsing the scene with the director where I am laughing at Shurik, who crawled into the sleeping bag on the wrong side. At the rehearsal I was laughing, start shooting - I "bridges the". And then Gaidai agreed with Morgunov. They stood behind the camera and at the same time with the team, "Action!" T-shirts and raised bellies scratched. With a huge belly and fell Morgunov Gaidai I became hysterical ... »

Premiere of "The Caucasian Captive" was held in Moscow on April 1, 1967. The success of the painting was deafening. Until the end, it looked 76, 54 million. Spectators, which allowed the film confidently take the top spot at the box office. It came Varley-Union glory.

It is worth noting that, despite such a huge success of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus", she Varley got him first prize of 200 rubles, plus another 100 when success was repeated.

When the script is "captive" was given to read to Yuri Nikulin, he categorically refused to appear, saying some nonsense! However Gaidai assured him that in the process they jointly remake script will make it a lot of their own stunts. And so it happened. For every trick invented by actors Gaidai paying them two bottles of champagne. They say that in the end Nikulin earned on this matter 24 bottles, Morgunov - 18, and Vitsin just one, because he did not like champagne. In fact, he invented stunts in the film is not less, and they were all highly qualified.

G. recalls Vitsin: "Remember the episode when I knock the door and I'm flying out the window? I added a touch - Coward flies and screams: "Look out!" Or another improvisation - when I run for Varley and frightening fallen off her headscarf. It seems to be a trifle, but for some reason the audience very well remember this moment. And I just came out of the way - just a coward, then, should all be afraid, even a scarf. I also came up with a cucumber scene during the chase us Shurika on the trolley. I'm a bullet from a slingshot, cucumber remains in the hands, and slingshot flies. But my favorite find - it - "fight to the death." Remember when the three of us, hand in hand, blocked the road Varley? And I fight in convulsions between Morgunov and Nikulin. So, I still have this scene remind all ... »

In addition to the above episodes Vitsyn took an active part in inventing others. For example, in the episode with the prick he is advised to make sure that the syringe into the experienced ass swaying in different directions. This episode came up Nikulin (he even brought out a huge circus syringe Janet), and filmed it as follows. Close-up face shot Morgunov, and behind between his legs installed stool, which removed the seat and put a normal pillow. It was in her and stuck a syringe, and lying under the stool Nikulin gloved hand swung it in different directions.

"Prisoner of the Caucasus" was the favorite of the season, finishing at the box office in 1967 1st place (6, 54 million viewers). However, despite this success, it was the last movie L. Gaidai starring trio invented them. Later, the director explained the reasons for which he is "killed" trinity "I Dykhovichny (writer - FR) said:" You, Leonid Iovich such types found - enough for a lifetime. They can be placed anywhere, even in space. " Yes, you could still shoot. But this question I usually answer: "All materials, exhausted. Operated without repetitions can not be ».

But I can tell you the real reason: the group began disorder. Well, Morgunov I have always had a strained relationship. He is still on the "Bootleggers" said: "I am in this role will not be removed." Something he did not like it. But without Mogunova destroyed ensemble. And I - the mass of letters from viewers. Everyone wants to see new movies with triple ... What to do? I was forced to go to Pyreva and explain the situation. Ivan supported me, "Yes, it is impossible to destroy three! You, - he says - do not worry. Morgunov I take "... Pyryev it caused, apparently, propesochil as it should, and Morgunov came to the set. But again with ambition. "You, - he tells me - do not think that it made me Pyryev removed. I spit on Pyreva. In need of shooting me - he says - persuaded Sergei Bondarchuk. " After all, they are together on the same course, studied at VGIK. Further work seems to go fine. No whims was not ...

But when they started to shoot "Caucasian captive" Jura Nikulin read the script and said, "I do not like. This, - he says - speculation on the top three, "and all in the same spirit. "Well, - I say - Jura, this will be the last film with your triple. But this film is, do you want to or not. " Nikulin we quarreled, but I decided to myself, everything is time to call it a day.

And then on the set of "captive" state of emergency has happened, and that was the final chord of the collaboration. Morgunov came to shoot with groupies. I am the director of the group: "Remove all extraneous to the site!" Morgunov at me almost with his fists. I took the director's script and in front Morgunov struck out all the scenes with him. And it was not even filmed quite a lot. "Everything - the director. - Send Morgunov in Moscow. Removed it will no longer. " So my trio broke up ... And basically shoot it was still possible. I am having different ideas ... »

V. Etush recalls: "Gaidai wanted to CAAX was grotesque parody. I knew it ... But I could not agree with it. In the film, playing the famous trio - Nikulin, Vitsin, Morgunov. All parody, grotesque, conditional, of course, rightfully belonged to them. To compete with them, trying to "grab their" would be on my side, to put it mildly, unwise. But the main thing - do not need. I had to put my Saahova the other scales. All eccentric should be given to the top three. And I - seriously, otherwise I would just die as an actor ... What is important in this sense was our dispute with Gaidai about the scene when Saahova, hapless groom pour water. Gaidai offered in this episode the most eccentric. I suggested that severity. After my CAAX serious, he does not understand how it is possible to reject his advances. The scene was filmed, and the only concession to Gaidai was a flower behind the ear, which, however, only emphasizes my seriousness, and this - I was happy to be convinced - given the right comic effect ...

Externally - by gestures, facial expressions, voice - I was playing a particular person. A good friend who lives in one of the Caucasian republics. "Figure" role I copied him. And very worried, as if he did not recognize himself and was not offended. This friend of mine, by the way, was watching a movie and did not recognize myself. Very praised the film and said: "Slyushay, zamechatelno! How pohozhe as pohozhe! I myself know of such in the Caucasus in Nagorno-Karabakh live! .. »

Another friend of mine - by the time I've played in several films Caucasians - advised: "You Do not go to the Caucasus - it will kill you." And when I played Saahova, this same friend said, "Well, now you and the Caucasus do not need to go - they will kill you in Moscow." Allow all peacefully on the market. I was very kindly received. Treated vying ... »

Meanwhile, few people know, but the role in the movie going Saahova pereozvuchivat. What happened? It turns out that when the film was ready, the management of "Mosfilm" grabbed his head - name of the head of the party organization was Saakov studio. To avoid scandal, Gaidai suggested to change the name to the protagonist, that is overdubbed those episodes of the film, where it appears on the screen. And it cost a lot of money, and the actors gather again was difficult. In short, Gaidai panicked. And then came to the aid Nikulin. One day he had a meeting with the Minister of Culture and Furtsevoy - seemingly as an afterthought - told her the story. That was indignant: "Public money down the drain ?! throw Do not allow it! "On the same day, she called on" Mosfilm "and banned pereozvuchivat picture. So CAAX was Saahovym ».

But what about this speaks E. Morgunov:

"I destroyed the trio itself, and it happened by accident. The fact is that we have with Vitsin appeared some preconceived notion that Gaidai pays a lot of time in the frame Yuri Nikulin. Nikulin Nikulin shoots and courting. And we are in Vitsin side. I said, "Lenya, or we work way, or I will consider myself retired." He replied, "Well, if you want to go - go. I'll find another. " He did not find another ...

But our friendship will not be harmed. We were very good friends. He was a very gentle man, in every sense of the word. Flexible and very cute. But as it happens - I'm a man of principle, and for me there is no authority. When we did "Dog Mongrel" or "Caucasian captive", because we all come up with themselves. Nikulin says a lot about what he came up with one. And then come up with anything. Operator Konstantin Brovin invented story with legs scratching. Gaidai us for every trick paid for a bottle of champagne. And tried to make this bottle because it was a special thanks from him ».



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