Interesting facts about Yuri Nikulin

About Yuri Nikulin - one of the greatest actors of the USSR, he passed away August 21, 1997.

Famous quotes:

Never avenge the meanest people. Just become happy. And they will not survive ...

If each of us will be able to make others happy man, even one on earth everyone will be happy.

A lot of good can be done if you have a good mood.

And we, the guys will be our victory. The main thing is that they are not up in arms.

Sometimes something postponed for tomorrow and was horrified to think, and tomorrow - it's almost a few hours!

A lot of good can be done if you have a good mood.

Hear the laughter - a joy. Cause laughter - pride for me.

I'm always happy when evoked laughter in humans. Who laughs good laugh, kindness and infect others. After such a laugh becomes atmosphere: we forget many of life's troubles inconvenience.

In my life more than once played a decisive role is the case. Analyzing the past and thinking about it, I come to the conclusion that it is only for those who are looking for who wants who wait appearance of this case and does its best to fulfill your dream, desire.

Be self-taught, do not wait until you teach life.

In nature, nothing is lost but fulfilled expectations

What is destiny? When one track to meet two trains moving. Trot flying at great speed at night, not knowing that an accident could occur. And yet they do not collide. How Come? And apparently no luck!

What is the trouble? In my opinion, the loss of those closest to you.

I've played a half now - extra time.

I'll be happy if me and then say, he was a good man. This does not mean that I always kind. But kindness - in the first place.

I loved to study in humans. And learn from the good things that they were inherent. But the greatest impact on me made my mom and dad.

Young Yuri Nikulin, 1930

During entrance exams VGIK in 1946, Yuri Nikulin removed from the second round, the chairman of the selection committee filmmaker Sergei Yutkevich categorically stated: - Young man, try to go to any theater institute. For movies you absolutely useless, so forget about it forever.

From an early age, Yuri Nikulin collected anecdotes, writing them in a separate notebook. Once it served him well in the army. He argued with a friend for ten packs of cigarettes, who will tell more jokes. The condition was that - if the opponent knows the anecdote, then immediately have to start another. Barely had time to utter a friend first sentence as Nikulin interrupted, "I know!" In the end, he began to tell. And within two hours of the grass in the barracks jokes. Nikulin not reached before the half, he was found a winner, because the students were tired and laughing while approaching the morning

Yuri Nikulin, Georgy Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov, 1981. Work in the recording studio on a musical tale

Yuri Nikulin told me once during a break in the filming of "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" he Yevgeny Morgunov after the scene of the explosion were in charred clothing near the highway, and George Vitsin walked through the meadow and sang: "Where, where have you gone ..." . Then passed by the farmers and saw charred and ragged man singing Lensky's aria, very surprised.
- What happened? - Asked the farmers.
Morgunov said without batting an eye:
- Do not you know? This is Ivan Kozlovsky. He hut burned down this morning. So he ... Now that the car will arrive from Moscow, will take.
The farmers were very upset.
- What to regret something, - said Morgunov - Artist rich. I bet money saved up, new build - and shouted Vitsin: - Ivan Semenovich, you popoyte there yet, walk. Vitsin, understanding nothing, replied:
- Well, popoyu - and continued to sing.
The farmers were horrified and ran to give Kozlowski. However, they did not return back.

Policeman stopped Yuri Nikulin

Yuri Nikulin told how during a trip abroad artists staged a bus tour and the guide suddenly said into the microphone: "And now beware: we are coming to a place where all stopped drinking and smoking!" The bus turned the corner and saw all the inscription "City cemetery┬╗.

Yuri Nikulin school

Somehow Yuri Nikulin, made-up for the film "Business people", carried with "Mosfilm" in the city center, where she was to be shooting the episode. While riding, Nikulin began rehearsing the role. In his hand was a great artist, "Colt" and he held it to the back of the head driver, commanded: - Go! On The Left! Do not talk!
All this took place in the evening, the streets were already burning lights, and when the car drove up to the Arbat, the road suddenly barred her two black funnel from which jumped capture group. The fact that some traffic controller saw the scene with the "Colt" on the radio and reported it to the authorities. But, fortunately, Nikulin already well known for the films "When the trees were big" and "Bootleggers", so that the incident was closed.


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