32 interesting facts about the filming of the movie "The Diamond Arm"

We all love this beautiful movie, a good half of the phrases that have moved into the category of "people." Sparkling humor, subtle irony the director - the film is firmly won a place in the heart of everyone who has ever looked at it. But did you know that the film could be quite different?

1. The idea of ​​this scenario occurred to the authors after reading a series of articles the journalist A. Sakhnin in the newspaper "Pravda", dedicated to the fight against smugglers. In one of the notes referred to the original method of transportation of valuables - in the cast. According to the scenario, the plot of the film had to be: a simple Soviet man Semen Semenovich Pavlik (then he will Timoshkina only to the release of the movie - Gorbunkova) by going to the overseas tour, at the center of smuggling fraud. In general, the script was approved, but the comments were expressed: it was recommended to cut scenes involving upravdomshi Ivy, do more "convex" role of the police (promotion), reduce the trinity smugglers up to two people, removing the Kid.

2. The main role Gorbunkova written exclusively for Nikulin. in "Soyuztsirke" Nikulin was given leave to six months, which had never been done.

3. «Overseas" part was shot in Uzbekistan, "the city Gorbunkova" - in the Crimea.

4. Originally the film was to be called dozhen "smugglers" and the finale of the film assumed a different - more lyrical. Namely:

From the entrance the whole family goes Gorbunkova in new clothes, Semen Semenovich is now plastered with two hands, but the view is happy. Kids go forward, and hope takes her husband's arm, and, blushing, says quietly:

"Senya, I wanted to tell you ... We're having a baby!»

5. have also been removed replica "says the boss, the main thing in this business - socialist realism" and "Party and government left in the second year." The reason - the political.

6. The monologue upravdomshi Ivy "I would not be surprised if your husband secretly visited his mistress!" instead of the originally "lover" was supposed word "synagogue».

7. In the shooting script not his wife wakes up drunk Seeds alarm clock, and it falls on his neck and hangs the picture. The idea to use an alarm clock came after a series of unsuccessful doubles - the picture does not hang on the neck Nikulin "beautiful».

8. «Song about hares" in the first screen test is performed on the boat. Just before the release of the film it was replaced by "The Island of bad luck" and "Song about hares" migrated to the restaurant "dilute enthusiasm».

9. Remember the scene where Mironov gives a kick to the boy walking on the water, which is bent over a fishing rod? This role is fulfilled son Nikulin. This scene is a long time does not work - the boy fell into the water before Mironov managed to wipe foot, so Gaidai assured the boy that Mironov just pass by. Reassured Maxim rod bent over and whispered insidious director Mironov: "to make good!" The double turned and Nikulinskiy scion and current director general and artistic director of the circus on the colored Boulevard terribly offended by "Uncle Andrew." The episode was in the film and sound - cut.

10. Both played this scene so naturally that Geshino "Save! Help! Mom-and-a! "I rushed a real boat with rescuers!

11. The song "Volcano Passion" performed no Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Aida Vedischeva who sang in "Caucasian captive". Svetlichnaya was very offended Hyde because he did not give her to sing. She was interested in Nina Grebeshkova "Why Gaidai gave his voice to sing?" Meanwhile, the film tells Svetlichnaya and not his voice, and the voice of Zoe Tolbuzin. The only phrase that Svetlichnaya she said, - "I'm not guilty! ..»

12. Almost all of the songs for the films Gaidai invented composer Alexander Zatsepin. "The Island of bad luck" is so not like hudsovet that were thinking throw it in the basket, but on samples of the song so brilliantly sung Mironov that Gaidai insisted that it must be included in the film.

13. A scene from the fall of the pharmacy Mironov turned out on the first take, but Nikulin could not fall right. Initially it was assumed banana skin, then it was replaced with a watermelon rind. Replacement does not work, and as a result, instead of falling Nikulin Leonid Kanev. The scene was shot in Baku.

14. scary gibberish, which swears smuggler - Kanev hero is none other than the then-encrypted message from his lover, who later became his wife. If you listen, you can make out, he repeats several times "Berezina Kumanev." Berezina - surname wife Kanev.

15. Of all the actresses who auditioned for the role upravdomshi Ivy least Gaidai like ... Nonna Mordjukova. Besides, she was not a friend of Andrei Mironov, considering his "mama's boy." Mironov answered her in return. If shooting is not true at Nonna uttered the phrase, Mironov immediately corrected it.

16. Remember how during underwater shooting Papanova pulled panties? The scene was filmed with a stunt double. During the filming had to go to various tricks. For example, while there were no cameras capable of shooting under water, so to protect the equipment against water Mosfilmovsky a craftsman molded resin special box. A part of the underwater scenes filmed using a layout: manufactured human figure, and the operators were busy filming combined with her in the pool.

17. In the episode, where the son Gorbunkova throws ice cream in Mironova, actually used cottage cheese (it is better to "lyapa"), and not rushed the boy and assistant director. Soviet-bred child does not have the courage natural "zapulit" cheese in the famous actor.

18. One of the funniest episodes, when the hefty fellow asks, "Daddy, smoke is not there?" - a frightened Gorbunkova ("Are you deaf?" - "Yes!") was shot in the underground passing on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, earlier there was a toilet. In the role of fellow I spoke correspondent "Change" L. Pleshakov, agreed to temporarily change their profession for an interview with Nikulin, extremely popular at the time. This short episode was filmed 4:00! Gaidai Pleshakova approved for the role after he showed him his hairy chest.

19. The ship was named Gaidai "Mikhail Svetlov" because of his great love for the works of the poet. The ship came to port "Victory" Gaidai persuaded the captain one day rename the ship, even lifebuoys rewritten. As a result, all the scenes on the boat were filmed in one day! The film was released. Chief of Navy, recognizing that "Mikhail Svetlov" in his department is not listed, ordered to correct the omission, and the first Launched new ship was named in honor of the poet.

20. During the filming was a rumor that Nikulin died. In fact, an employee of the hotel "Horizon" discovered in the basement of Nikulin's body covered with a sheet. Horrified, she did not get accustomed, but in fact it was a fake, made for the filming of the episode, when Gorbunkov falls from a helicopter.

21. The film uses a lot of scenery: from Ata village near Tuapse erected a "Sand Island»!

While fishing Lelik (Papanov) in the hearts says "Idiot!" However, this phrase is not addressed Geshe, and someone from the film crew detained shooting - the water was icy.

22. In the film, the wife Gorbunkova often repeats to her husband: "You are so gullible!" In the scenario of these words was not, but in real life, Nina Grebeshkova wife is often repeated - L. Gaidai - and he put her habitual words in the mouth of the heroine.

23. The episode where the police take away the singing drunk, he voiced Gaidai.

24. In the film's finale episode where lifting crane lowers Nikulin in the car ZIS-110, then Nikulin koryuk beating on his head, was not planned. Nikulin hit in earnest, and that this episode went into the film.

25. In the same final episode raises Nikulin of orange boat boom crane, and lowers the car - green.

26. When Kozodoev arrives at the base, where Gorbunkova had to remove the plaster "without the noise and dust," he in women's clothes - a skirt. But inside the base he had in his pants and shirt.

27. Do you remember? "Dityam - ice cream, baba - the flowers!" Hero Mironov comes to the table, holding a popsicle stick, and a few seconds later it turns into a scoop of ice cream in a vase. Miracle!

28. In this same stage Kozodoev gives his wife Gorbunkova two (!) roses.

29. At the end of the first part at station Papanov Mironov Nikulin clamped on both sides in the inspection pit, he is clearly no way out. The second series starts with the fact that Nikulin already out of the pit.

30. In the scene where Kozodoev trying to stun Nikulin stone, he pulled out a white stone, and brandishing a gray!

31. Pegasus in the store ("Do you have the same, but without wings?") starred in the movie "Office Romance" languished under his weight A. Myagkova hero in the episode with the "horse" and then in the interior of the apartment of the composer in the comedy "Shirley Myrli." This horse is still kept in the property room section "Mosfilm". Props!

32. «The Diamond Arm" were released in June 1969 and brought Gaidai triumph: the film looked at 76.7 million people! Press the film met with enthusiasm, and it was deserved delight!

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