About favorite adult movies of our childhood

Are awesome!
 - K_s_u_s_h_a writes:

Movies in my child's life took a huge place.
At the weekend we will go with their parents to the cinema. Nedoleko from us was a small "builder", where tickets were 30 cents for the session, and for the two-part - 50. Another theater that away from us "Donetsk" ... On its ground floor there was a small zoo, arcade and cafe ... Once, By the way, I was very seriously snatched finger obezyaka, I tried stunut cookies. It saved only by the fact that I was in the knitted gloves, one of which was bezzhalosno fingers torn. Tickets in the "brutal" double-decker theater aza were two or three more ...

I remember in which of the two theater I saw the film. Or at home in front of the TV or at a party where I was sitting ... and what to do ...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

For me it is the home of Sherlock Holmes, comfort ...
I love the cold winter evenings review the "Hound of the Baskervilles»

Nameless Star

I think it was very little, when I saw this movie once Perevi. And then he did not show for so long that it seemed to me, not I come up with it myself ... And how was happiness, when you do not come up with ... There he is! I'm madly in love with this movie ... a hunting accident

This film for me a special spirit. I looked him in the Belarusian village bubushek and grandfathers. And I always razyvalas between my mother's and Dad's house ... grandparents mom was like in the village center, and the father's on the outskirts. and color TV was at Papa's and Mama's from - black white. But at my mother's had a huge garden, a swing in the trees ... And after the first series, I'm going across the field into the house my mother's grandfather, grandmother ... go across the field ... I ... I 9y.o.

Glass of water

Captain mesh? So called handsome - beloved queen?)

Circus Princess

How I loved "Mr. X.» ...

Truffaldino from Bergamo

C this film I have linked special story. The fourth class. I'm chairman of the group. At two o'clock we homeroom. A lesson ended somewhere 12.25 ... I was getting home to change, and then the film ... In 14 30, the film is over, I look at the clock and I feel bad ... I am going to school ... It was so ashamed to go to class and something to lie about lost key ... But the film itself, as though this settled zapertnosti taste, because especially sweet.)


Also a special story)

Heavenly Swallows

Here I surprisingly in anybody not in love ...
The types of music and probably)


As much as I wanted him to reconsider. Because the only
once in my life seen, and it seems that a very small ...

Dog in the Manger

Boyarsky ... music ...

Woman in white

I looked him in the cinema ... I Builder 8-9 years, we go through the dimly lit park, like the one in the grove which Abdulov first meets the woman in white ... I do not know how to describe the Senses when scared, and very much afraid ... < br />
Niccolo Paganini

A little creepy for me was the movie ... and poignant ...
I fell in love with music ...
Red and Black

I loved the book, loved the movie ...
Now the truth a little bit angry.) Too mannered or something ...

Anna Karenina

War and Peace

First Love

Hero of Our Time

These last four films, I like it more as a picture,
I have not really delved into the depths of tragedy ... (As in Sweet and Tender Beast)

Mikhail Lomonosov

Despite its small role in the film Oleg Menshikov - I fell in love with him just
to stupor ...) And why is it really like to have it parried Liepa «Lomonosov».

Midshipmen, forward!

But the handsome single song.)
The first time we saw the film seems zhtot in 8th grade. We just celebrated the New Year 18 person contains a classmate (the first time outside the family), and on the day of January 1 sleduyschy 1988goda in six hours when it was dark, they came to me girl-classmates. And overlaid Olivier cakes and we sat down to watch a movie ... In spite of the very noisy when we we priboldeli prifigeli ... ... After the movie rapidly began to discuss someone who "takes" Me ... Then I think chose Belov and Oleneva. And failing to stop at one ...) And how many times, and then watched as Ravana heart in two.

It seems to sleduyschy year, also in the New Year holidays came the second part of the "Vivat, Naval Cadets!". It was very cold, and in the cinema are very few people ... And after the movie is literally night I had a fever and I was terribly sick ... But do not regret a drop.)

The third part of the cadets I watched after school, I did not like at all ... I have a habit of trying to pretend to love so much and waiting ... But actually I do not want to review it. Bred by my full. But the book I really liked, in all three parts ... and it's different ...

A squadron of hussars volatile

Hello again fell in love!) And hated the princess because she ... Rostotsky such torments. Dura easy! :)

Did not raise no resurrects
I have forgotten scourge,
Give me a break alarms passion,
And not irritate wounds alive.

Or no, tear off cover,
I find it easier Mount willfulness,
The false holodnokrove,
What my deceptive calm.

Now is the limit of my passions,
The disease of my soul rebel,
And the specter of fiery nights
Irresistible, inevitable.

And all the lovely days of anxiety,
And language incoherent babble,
And the thrill of heart seizure,
Death and life, at a meeting with her.
All disappeared,
Peace coveted sits at the head.
But blood still dripping from the wound
Tired and sore breasts.

Hussar Ballad

New Year and a lullaby ...

Cruel Romance

Ehhhhhhh ... In the 8th grade, I was lying to the hospital, and how it so happened that three girls my age, and three boys ... And so we each other is interesting and it was good ... but as always at that age: Olya loves Misha, Misha loved Ksyusha, Ksyusha loves Roma and Roma loves Olga ....)
I was charge d'affaires of the transmission of love notes from Roma Ole ... We stood for a long time with him in the washroom, and talked about the vicissitudes of his love ... And I so desperately was his vlyubleennaya whole. And here we have collected in the game (in the hospital room, where there was a TV set) and "Cruel Romance". We sat next to the Roma in the high chair, and for some reason he held my hand ... I was afraid to move ... I wanted to jump up to the ceiling with happiness, and the heart to sing along to "Shaggy bumblebee on the fragrant hops ....»)

Bezhin Meadow

it's not about love, but about happiness desks book ...


Lady with the Dog

I think I understood much later these films ...
In childhood, just like the feel of them ...

Wedding in Malinovka


For two hares

The collapse of Engineer Garin

Borisov in this movie is like a man, in whom I could
fall in love ... because he was in love Vertinskaya!)


Vertinskaya with younger ...)



How I loved Eugene Urbanski ...
How early he died .. (

The state border

Quiet Flows the Don

Oh ...

White Sun of the Desert


Lanovoooooooooooooooooooooooooy ...
yes yes yes again lubov!

Deja vu

Ballad of a Soldier

The Cranes Are Flying

Until now, everything inside is turned, when I look ...

Clear Sky

Urban ... I said.

Seventeen Moments of Spring

Winter, I live at the nanny because mom bolntse is (to my 8 years, we have lived together with her) ...
The nurse, after kindergarten, all sit down in the evening to watch the film ... See the silent, frozen ... then I toss and turn in bed for a long time to digest something unreal, adult ...

Eternal Call

In the evening we watched a movie with my mother, and in the afternoon after school. I ran home to catch the replay ... For me in this movie so much. And the village like ours, Belarus ... War ... when echoed in the grandfather's stories ...

Long road to dunes

I loved Edgar and wanted to be like Martha lied ... (you, too?),
that I wanted to call Martha, because I was born in March ...)

The venue can not be changed

For the first time I looked when she was in kindergarten. But it seems
I understood everything. And desperately cried on the last frame ...


Kostolevsky ... favorite ...
At the lake

Belokhvostikova me now annoying manner of speech ...
But then I liked ...
Go to fight some old

Raskudryavy ... Maple Green ...

Aleshkin love


Maxim Perepelitsa

the last four of the film with Leonid Bull, I can not say that was in love with both the cadets and Heroes Abdulov and Kostolevkogo it for me as each rung when bad ... As Urbanski he died early ... So sorry .. . (


It was in Penkovo ​​

Until now, I can not bear to see this movie ...
Tikhonov - handsome.)

The house in which I live

not find decent pictures, but this film
One of the most special in my childhood

Spring on Zarechnaya Street

Come tomorrow

Careful, Grandma!

Ranevkaya miracle here ... As always however,
it is a pity that it is so little shot.

Gaydaevskie comedy - our all)
Operation Y and Other Adventures Shurik

Kidnapping, Caucasian Style

Diamond Arm

Ivan Vasilievich

Three plus two

I love to watch it in the summer.

Urban Romance

Piercing film ...

I Step Through Moscow

Pokrovsky Gates

Surprisingly in the Menshikov here I fell in love ... I did not understand at all that
girls are in this big-nosed, and mustached young man ...) Little ischo was not understood.)

Once again about love

I'll see this movie pozezhe than a child, and the first
Radzinsky read ... It's more than I can say.

Three Poplars at Plyushchikha

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

when I want to comfort the soul - I look

Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville ...

the song "Oh, this evening ...»
the song "Do not believe»

The woman who sings

We watched with her mother in a movie theater builder ... I was shocked ... And since then
Pugachev infinite love ... That it did not do, dressed and talked ...


The script of this film, too, was written by Pugachev. But she had a fight with the director and invited Rotaru ... We saw this movie in the big cinema "Donetsk" when the monkey nibbled my glove (this is the beginning of the post) ... Then I shook the film. I will never not seen him, but sometimes, when the TV showed a selection of songs from movies, inserted "I drink to the bottom, for those who are in the sea ...»
Really, really, really want to see this movie again.


I could not understand Abdul can kiss Muravyova, and in general it is something to experience. It seemed absurd such an alliance. Heavy and awkward (although certainly charismatic and talented) she Dream half the female population of the USSR - OH.)

The most charming and attractive

By the way, then they, too, "together" set, but this time more true.)

I can not say goodbye

Have you seen this movie? I have a feeling that few people know it.
The main character in it, to an awful lot like my own father, even the manner of speech ...

Loving man

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!

Honestly, the first time properly from start to finish, I watched this film in 25 years. Before that, I simply switch channels ... You do not like that then ... And then ... this! I'm glad I did not before, before I do not understand ...

Office Romance


Protect women

Summer. Shurovo. We lived in a recreation center in a one-story house ... under the windows of the huge birch and sosnyy, and in the morning we are under the windows house collected mushrooms and then their grilled ... And all while recreation there was a large room with televizorm where the evenings come to rest .
The rest, by the way, was so memorable for me. I became friends with a girl from St. Petersburg, who were resting with his grandmother. And 17 years later, we got a call that my grandmother and she recognized us and remembered, and my mother the first time of my life in St. Petersburg, stopped her ... I did not see Anna. She teaches in Canada analytical mathematics.
But I'm of the movie ... He has two or three series? Just remember waiting for what will happen next ... The songs seemed unusual!

Karin, I'm not saying that all his childhood to associate your stepfather - Uncle Kolya (for me), with Antonov? He once sang when Antonov Av jacket with sleeves trichetverti and your dad says, "I have this" and pulls out of the closet in the hall jacket sleeves in three quarters, it seems light gray or beige. All have since childhood memories of your dad, I relate with Antonov).
Especially this:
Download Yuri Antonov - Sea


I'm not very fond of Filatov in other films, but he won my heart.
Especially when bloody admitted stewardess Tome love ...


I learned to think in the third grade when he first saw the film ... As everything happening was unusual ... with all my heart I was on the side of "criminals».

Midsomer Murders

The same film in the series, when I like fear ... Sometimes when I feel like my special closeness with friends, I imagine how our world torn by snowdrifts in which a noble nest ... And there the fun begins ...

Ten Little Indians

Like "Midsomer Murders" and almost like Sherlock Holmes - friendly.)

Man from Boulevard des Capucines

I am very fond of late Mironov as an actor before he was a movie I
torn ... What a fool I was ... To love after death ...
After all, he did not see that his last film.

Ordinary Miracle

Always I try to see these two films in the New Year holidays. I hope many will live - will not change this tradition ... These two films return me to the place where the heart skip a beat with joy ... And so painful to see that now with Alexander Abdulov. His recovery.

I decided not to show off, and not to insert Solaris, Stalker, Nostalgia, Mirror etc ...
As a child, I do not understand these films ... They scared me ...


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