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One of the most interesting places on the Mosfilm Studios is a military-technical kinobaza, which I visited during his tours of the studio in August. Here are the most interesting exhibits, which I saw there. I'm sure many of them are familiar to you.
1. Mercedes-Benz (Production: Germany, Year: 1938) Filmed in the movies: "Liberation", "The Battle of Berlin", "Waiting for Colonel Shalygina", "Shield and Sword", "The destiny of man", "Joker" "Gutbay America", "Tehran 43", "Spring on the Oder", "Seventeen Moments of Spring».

2. Gas-21 "Volga" (Production: USSR Year: 1964) Filmed in the movies: "Beware of the Car", "Three Poplars at Plyushchikha", "The Diamond Arm", "Poisons».

3. Buick-6 (Production: United States, Year: 1938) Filmed in the movies: "Tehran 43", "Love you, as a disaster."

4. Tractor Fordson (Production: United States, Year: 1913) Filmed in the movies: "Eternal Call", "Bread and Roses».

5. ZIS-8 (Production: Russia, Year: 1936) Filmed in the movies: "The venue can not be changed," "Crimson Snow snow", "Saboteur", "Moor", "The sky is on fire».


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