Body Worlds exhibition - art or mockery?

"Body Worlds" - a traveling exhibition, where on display are exposed human remains (bodies of all or individual organs), passed a special treatment that ensures their long-term preservation. Creator of the now famous exhibition is a German anatomist Gunther von Hagens, the developer of the process of plastination - the very method that allows for a very long time to keep the dead bodies. (Note: The materials presented in this photonews may seem unpleasant or scary!)

1. In plastination water and fat contained in the body, particularly plastic substituted (latex may be used, polyester and various special rubber). Treated this way the body is called "plastinatom."

2. Plastinat does not rot, does not publish putrid smell, it can be touched. Plastination is maintained even when the cell structure and topography of the dead tissues of the body.

3. Sam Gunther von Hagens says he accidentally discovered a method of plastination. In 1977 he worked as an assistant in the Anatomical Institute of the University of Heidelberg, and when he watched the manufacturer of anatomical preparations, he got the idea to not fill their polymer, and the polymer is pumped inside.

4. The first patent for his invention of Gunther von Hagens has received in 1979. Since then he has further improved its method, and today plastination allows you to get the most durable anatomical specimens.

5. As the scientific method plastination enjoyed such success that it has allowed Gunther von Hagens founded in 1993 his own Institute of Plastination. At first, this institution was engaged only in the manufacture of unique teaching aids for medical schools. However, it was soon developed equipment, whereby it was possible to not only expose Plastination small samples, and the whole body (for manufacturing such plastinata requires 1,500 hours).


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