On the American auto show on 21 th Volga

In my life happened sovrshenno incredible experience. I just visited one of the exhibitions of old cars in New York, and arrived there on the legendary Soviet 21st Volga. I'll tell you how it was.

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On one of the auto show in Brooklyn, I met with Dima - the owner of a rare, even by Russian standards, GAZ-21B first series. He lives not far from me, and many times called to go with him to one of the many avtovystavok passing near New York. I have all the time not fused, and then turned. We talk on the phone and arrange a meeting the next morning.

2. At 9 am, he picks me up at the house and we go to Staten Island. Go to the 21 th Volga in itself an event. Ride on the Volga River on US roads event twice. Coming out onto the highway we merge in a rare morning flow and confidently fly forward, swaying slightly on the rough road. I periodically try to buckle up, though unsuccessfully. People ahead, signals. From windows stretch a hand with a raised thumb. But I'm not sure that most of them understand what they honk. Rather, it is simply the admiration of the beautiful old car traveling on the highway. Volga Dima saves and rides on it only on weekends and only for show. All the rest of the time she stands in the garage.

Arrive on site. Auto Show takes place on campus that one day become a place which was attended by owners of old cars from around New York City and its environs. Similar events are held in different places places almost every weekend. There are very simple, where the people are just going to show their cars. There are like this, with the judging and prizes for participants (cups) and viewers (for which the prize was a 1984 Corvette). There is much more serious, where each machine is far more take. Participation in this show was worth $ 20 per car. Allowed almost everyone that gave rise nekotrye oddities on display.

3. We send to the parking lot for foreign cars. Near the park weary, but still far from the old Mercedes. Why did he come here - is unclear. Dmitry family starts to prepare the Volga, while I look around. I went bought a cup of coffee, but drink this liquid is not possible. Starbucks on the background of a coffee paradise. From frustration poured half of the road.

4. Fit the first curiosity. The key question for those who speak in Russian: how it got here? The key question for those who speak in English and understands that this Russian car: from what American copied it? Answers within the container and with a specific audio. Then begins the conversation and Dima enthusiasm begins to talk about the history of the car and the Soviet automobile industry. Discuss the topic up at the show is very convenient. You can always go and see how similar this or that element of the Volga River to its source of inspiration. Among American cars is immediately evident that the Volga alien creature. About the generality of style, much of it already and above their US counterparts. Any expert on the American auto industry immediately realizes that this is not an American car.

5. Dima fill the application form. There are specified vehicle data. The judge then will make it their estimates.

6. Meanwhile, the exhibition come new members.

7. Another curious. At this time, more meticulous.

8. At some point begins to play the national anthem and all as one freeze and turn to the scene.


10. Participants continue to arrive.

11. Came judge.

12. It turned out that Dima is not all filled, so he hastily something appends.

A Brief History of the GAZ-M21V "Volga", 1957 release. (You can read the full online car volga21.com).

This machine with October 1957 has always been in the same hands, Honored worker of the defense enterprise -Head of Elektrostal, Moscow region. In May 2007, the car was purchased by Dmitry known specialist in St. Petersburg Volga, the son of the first owner. Work on the restoration began in the spring of 2008. Slowly the car was dismantled and otdefektovali. Parallel were bought 2 donor (the machine is not for recovery, but as a source of parts), 1958 for retrofitting. In the summer of 2009 were completed body of work. In 2010 held painting. Paint mark - glaze. Base varnish. Color - the original, "Turquoise". Apply two-tone paint scheme, the second color "warm milk." In 2010 and carried out major repairs of the engine. Motor completely moved, changed the camshaft bushings, he set a new camshaft, crankshaft machined, piston group firms' pon Kostroma "for motors UMP. Restored the original head unit early series. In fact, all that is possible to find new - installed new, the rest thoroughly restored. Attention was paid to every nut, original fasteners assembled with 3-4 machines donor. All applications Zinc plated and 100% authentic. April 28, 2013 the car was fully assembled to make the first trip and participate in the opening season of the St. Petersburg Auto Retro Club. At the end of September 2013 the car moved from St. Petersburg to Kotka, Finland, to be shipped in a container for shipment to America. November 16, 2013 car arrived safely at the port of New Jersey, passed US customs, easily wound up and its own power reached to my house in Brooklyn.

13. According to Dima, in America and Canada have about 25 copies of the GAZ-M21. Of these, only 3 cars belong to the first series, known as the "Star". Four American Volga drowned during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, including the previous black Dmitry 1962 model year. He got insurance, and took the car insurance company that sold it at auction. It was acquired by a resident of Indiana, who already owns a number of Russian cars and bought a Volga for restoration.

Many Americans, when they learn that the machine from Russia, wondering: Is there did such a beautiful car? We thought that the Russian car like a tractor. Someone asks: why the wheel to the left? You have the same movement on the contrary. About Russia in America did not know so much. Much less than about America in Russia. At the same time, any negative or machine itself, or country of origin do not cause.

14. On the Volga installed custom New York number and original Soviet, Moscow Region Series South. The law does not prohibit it. The main thing is to read the local. Right at the bottom of the Volga autographed photo of Jay Leno. If anyone knows, it is well-known American television host (for many years he led The Tonight Show), who collects old cars and motorcycles. In his collection has a 21th Volga in 1966.

15. The exhibition is not the best place to take pictures of cars. There are a lot of people and there is always someone climbs into the frame. In addition, all the cars are open hood and remove them properly will not work.

16. Prizes. There are three places in each category (Volga was as foreign cars), the prize for the best car exhibitions and special presidential prize.

Go for a walk on the show. I must say that for the layman this occupation rather quickly bored. In half an hour begins dazzled by the abundance of identical machines and you get tired of looking at the same thing in 10 variants. You've got to look at interesting details, and for this we need a good understanding of American cars. I'm talking about something they know, but the experts themselves ranked just can not. I want to thank Dima, who gave a tour of interesting machines and pointed to the amusing details and technical solutions.

17. Vacuum fan on Chrysler Model 66, 1930.

18. Before the era of airbrushing cars decorated with a slightly different way. For example, such glasses.

19. Left Dodge Brothers D8, 1938. Right Plymouth P1, 1936.

20. You will be surprised if you have not seen the logo of the company Dodge Brothers. In 1920, the Dodge brothers suddenly died (one from pneumonia, and one from cirrhosis), and 8 years later the company bought Chrysler.

21. Fascinating forms the back of the American car 30s.

22. Handle opening windshield. Such a system cabin ventilation.

23. All the machines of that era are trying to be gangster. Someone less.

24. Someone more.

25. The most interesting thing to look at a variety of original parts and accessories. Tool kit in the trunk of Dodge Brothers D8, 1938.

26. I do not know what it's called - contact plate extending from the coil to the spark, instead of high-voltage wires. Ford model A, 1928.

27. Unusually not black Packard Packard One-Twenty, 1936.

28. A separate trunk lid for a spare wheel. The most chic, this is when the trunk is a new original spare tire with a sticker.

29. An interesting detail - leather corner on the cover of the hood so as not to scratch the paint.

30. Original instruments inside the spare wheel Volkswagen Beettle. Year have not looked.

31. Inside a cute wicker shelf and vase with flowers.

32. Jaguar XK 120 SE 1954 3.8 liter engine.

33. The machine is in original condition. These are more expensive restored.

34. 1948 Dodge Deluxe Sedan with lots of interesting details.

35. The sun shade.

36. The windshield device called Traffic light finder. Since visor covers not only the sun, but also the traffic lights, the car put such things. This prism, in which light is visible light.

37. Ford Crown Victoria, 1955 with a tray from the restaurant Drive-In.

38. Incredible pink Lincoln Premiere, 1956.

39. From the factory air conditioning equipment, lubrication system, light sensor, mirrors combined with headlights, electric seats, seat belts.

40. The mirror-lamp, as police cars. Managed by the handle in the cabin.

41. Transparent pipes conditioner. He was placed in the trunk, and the cold air flows into the interior of the holes in the roof.

42. The machine is a year older than the Volga, and what a difference in style and equipment. While comparing Soviet and American auto industry, in principle, is not correct. Different political systems, different economic models and totally different level of development of society. These are cars from different planets.

43. Black left of the steering device, an optical light sensor which switches on the far neighbor when the car drove towards the headlights turned on.

44. Levers.

45. Beauty. And what a trunk!

46. ​​American misunderstanding called Crosley Super Station Wagon, 1950 issue, with four-cylinder engine capacity of 724 cc. There were two-cylinder version.

47. Chevrolet Corvette (C1), 1958, in original condition. The body is made of fiberglass, so the paint eventually covered with cobwebs.

48. Interior.

49. Buick Super Sedan, 1950, with an opening in the side hood. And it opens in both directions.

50. Rat rod.

51. The machine is assembled from parts found in the dumps. Well, or a stylized.

52. Pontiac Grand Prix, 1968, who starred in the movie "Goodfellas" by Martin Scorsese. There is a document from the studio confirming this fact. Pontiac was in the scene where gangsters go to the car and hear strange noises from the trunk. Then it turns out that there stirred "corpse". In my with her and begins the film.

53. The corpse there in the car. License plate "nice guy."

54. A rare seven-seater Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight, 1966, made by order of the funeral home in Philadelphia. Oldsmobile is not the most popular brand for limousines, so it was released about 30 of these machines. When he was working with the dead, the car was painted black fitting event. The second owner, who was the chief of the fire brigade of Pennsylvania, decided to repaint it in red. It seems to use the same paint that was on fire trucks. The current owner has decided not to change anything and so it puts the car. The huge internal volume of the cabin, the car two air conditioners. One is located in the trunk. Mileage 49,000 miles.

55. Truck Chevrolet 1936.

56. Ford model T. The label says that the car was shot in the third season of the series «Boardwalk Empire». If so, then it is in my post about Ford T, which I illustrated with photographs from the set of machines. There they can be considered in detail and be amazed at how difficult it was arranged by the management from the perspective of the modern driver.

57. American Beauty. Imperial 1955. From 1955 to 1975, Imperial was a separate top-end brand, produced by Chrysler Corporation. The author of the design of the car was Virgil Exner, who developed the "fin style" and made them a key element of the exterior of the car.

58. The fins then there's barely visible, but the next 1956 they will be the main design elements of American cars.

59. The machine is rich with interesting details. Retractable door handles.

60. The original panel with a very modest leverage automatic transmission. As standard, power steering and brakes, power windows, seats and mirrors, tubeless tires and three cigarette lighter (!). As an option you can set the air conditioning, radio «Electrotouch Automatic» buttons switch the floor (they are visible to the left of the pedals) and additional speakers from behind. Once again, all this in 1955.

61. Copper pipes and air conditioner compressor.

62. I would call the most beautiful Imperial and harmonious machine exhibition. But it's for my taste.

63. Go ahead. Kingdom fin.

64. headlights with "eyebrows".

65. Then I realized that I was losing concentration and cease to notice the details.

66. Too much of anything.

67. Too

68. The wash-water tank in the form of a bag and a glass jar with a lubricant

69. Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday coupe, 1958. For the abundance of brilliant parts car called the people Hrommobil. Stupid open the hood does not normally remove the car.

70. Many machines can be examined for hours.


72. Some Pontiac with a manual transmission.

73. The minimalist (against the background of earlier models) dashboard design Lincoln Continental 1966. This is nearly the same machine, as it was in the first Matrix, only a year younger. Since Americans are updated once a year, then they are almost identical in appearance, but inside is a completely different.

74. Sometimes there are amusing instances. Well, why bring the exhibition Mercury Cougar XR7, 1994? Even if he has run 11,000 miles.

75. Next came the ranks of muscle cars.

76. Hot childbirth.

77. And it is unclear what that is also exhibited.

78. Then a separate group of people stood, as if out of the frame of the series "The Sopranos." Cigars, tracksuits and gold chains. They were Italian-Americans from Brooklyn, Staten Island and neighboring New Jersey.

79. The machine they had one. Cadillac, Cadillac and Cadillac again. No compromises.

80. I am so Cadillacs ever seen.

81. Italians from Europe, these people look like little, but the heroes of films and TV series about the mafia really.

82. Look but do not touch my Cadillac. Did not want to touch.

83. Here we have something they want to show the bottom. Even special mirror set.

84. Plymouth Barracuda, 1970.

85. In the "last of the store." Checks, invoices, labels, belts in polyethylene and all that.

86. Many cars stood under the hood of a small copy.

87. Began award winners. Began to call them names and to call for the construction.

88. Called and our Volga.


90. Volga against the backdrop of American cars.

91. All went to the podium and exhibition empty. Finally it was possible to shoot properly.

92. Award winners.

93. Volga received a special cup reelection - the second most prestigious awards show. Yay!

94. Dima with the cup.

95. Applause and all that.

96. Congratulations to Dima and Marina with a well-deserved reward.

97. The last photos from that trip. Volga in the background Bridge Verrazano Narrows, which opened in 1964.


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