A terrible tragedy on the Volga: sank the ship "Bulgaria" (16 photos)

On Sunday, July 10 in the Kuibyshev Reservoir on the Volga River sank two-deck cruise ship "Bulgaria". The vessel, which was carrying 188 people, including passengers and staff, has gone to the bottom in just a few minutes. The tragedy occurred in the village of Kama-Ustinsky Syukeyevo region of Tatarstan on July 10 at about 14:00 Moscow time.

The rescue operation is still going on. Tuesday declared a day of mourning in Tatarstan.

Rescuers managed to pull on the surface of the body is only nine passengers quickly sank in the Volga ship "Bulgaria". The fate of more than a hundred people remains unknown, the MOE said that the chances of finding survivors are very few. According to preliminary data, "Bulgaria" swam for 70 people more than is necessary under the regulations.

According to the MOE to 9.00, on board were 199 people. The administration of the republic declares 196 passengers. Among the passengers (the list posted on the website of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations) 59 children.

According to recent reports, 79 people were rescued, "Save 50 passengers, 33 crew members rescued 23 people from 18 non-registered passengers (traveling not on the ticket) rescued 6 peopleĀ».

"Bulgaria" capsized about 30 kilometers from Kazan, in Kama-Ustyinsky area. The official reasons for the disaster are not named yet. It is known that the weather was bad on the Volga: blowing strong gusty wind, there was a thunderstorm. The balance of the ship could not hold due to overload. According Panshina, technical regulations on board the "Bulgaria" would be no more than 120 people, including crew members.

Most of the survivors boarded a passing ship "Arabella". His captain said Emergency Situations Ministry of the Republic of the state of emergency, and in the evening the rescued ship delivered to Kazan.

Passengers told reporters that before the "Arabella" by them sailed two ships, but none stopped, and with the sides of sinking seen people taking pictures of their mobile phones passengers.

The fate of more than 100 people remains unknown. The chances of finding survivors are less. The work of the divers difficult weather. In addition, the fuel tanks of the vessel stems, rescuers can not hold water for a long time.

At the site of the crash of the ship "Bulgaria" installed additional lighting equipment, divers examined the vessel. According to the survey, the chances of finding living low "- quoted by ITAR-TASS representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. RIA "Novosti" the ministry said that divers have seen in one of the premises of "many dead". Panshin adds that at the time of the disaster was held a musical performance in a hall "Bulgaria". His 50 children could watch.

"Bulgaria" - just an old ship, its design does not include the equipment hold watertight bulkheads. It was built in 1955 in Czechoslovakia.

The Ministry of Transport has said that the ship tested June 15, 2011 and was recognized as a technically fit. However, the TV channel "Russia 24" said that "Bulgaria" had only two 20-person life raft, rather than four, as it relies on standards.

Next, see photos of the ship "Bulgaria", made by LJ user eurotat

Lifetime photo sunk on July 10 at the Volga River with 200 people on board diesel-electric "Bulgaria" make it clear - there were a ship on a voyage to roll to starboard. "Bulgaria" on the dock.

No passengers

It is difficult to judge whether the damage is serious, but one thing is clear - the ship was not in perfect condition.

The passengers of the ship "Bulgaria" was told that several emergency exits were closed or welded. Because of this, people could not get out of the interior of the deck.

View from afar.

In the music room were locked vessel about 50 children. At a time when the wave struck the side of a lot of guys fall to the floor, the ship tilted.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation distributed the information that the ship left the port of Kazan with a faulty engine. In fact the incident a criminal case under article "violation of the rules of safety of operation of ships."


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