Tram accident in the Soviet Union (24 photos)

More than a century tram in our country has many tragic pages. About some of the most well-known Disasters and Accidents propose to recall in this historical review.

Smolensk. August 1910.

Another of the first accidents on electric tram lines in our country (then Russian Empire).

Leningrad. 1927.

Car accident during the descent from №1334 Foundry Bridge, on the corner of the Komsomol.

Leningrad. 1928.

The gathering of the car off the rails at Prospect. Engels (at the time - Vyborg highway).

Clash of trains and trams in Leningrad. December 1, 1930.

This tragedy is still the biggest disaster involving a tram in St. Petersburg.

Events unfolded as follows: December 1, 1930 at around 8 o'clock in the morning dvuhvagonny train tram number 8 tramparka them. Blokhin running motorman PA Savelyev followed by the International Avenue to the city center in the direction of Moscow gate. At the same time on the stretch Bovine post Warsaw railway connection maneuvered locomotive with wagons laden. At 7 o'clock 58 minutes of the last car of the train, move backwards, hit on the tramway, climbed on him and knocked him to bend under him.

After firefighters arrived at the scene and raised jacking cars, they found 3 survivors of people (including motorman Savelyev), 8 person has been seriously injured, 11 were slightly injured and 28 killed.

Subsequently, in the case of accident has been arrested 10 people, including guards, motorman and manager.

Perm. 1941.

The accident at the crossroads of street trams. Lenin Str. Karl Marx near the Central gastronomy. Truck crashes into passenger tram. Information about the affected sources are not preserved.

Kiev. 1949.
A single two-axle tram car №901, the pride of Kiev streetcar, which was traveling more than 90 passengers derailed on the way down (the street by Leo Tolstoy), became cross and rolled, turning through. Killed all but a girl of 9 years, 80-year-old woman (they received no damage) and the driver.

Irkutsk. May 1, 1953
When extending the route number 1 to the campus, on the opening day line, May 1, 1953, there was a brake failure tram car. In this case, the tram does not fit into the rotation (intersection street. Pushkin (Pushkin) and st. Tereshkova (Circum-Baikal)), derailed, overturned and hit the stone wall opposite. After that, about 50 feet dragged him down. Witnesses added that overturned tram passing people gathered at the bus stop. Severely affected and those who were in the cabin. Officially about the accident, the number of victims and injured were reported.
As part of the investigation and technical expertise has given conclusion, the accident occurred due to breaking of the brake rod

Kiev. "Kurenivsko tragedy." March 13, 1961.

Technological disaster which killed almost the entire staff of the tram depot. Krasin, when sewage from Babi Yar, breaking through the dam flooded the area Kurenivka and resulted in numerous casualties.

The dam, which covers the Babi Yar, where 10 years decanted wastewater Petrovsky brickyards (pulp), began to break down March 13, 1961 at 6.45 am, and at 3, 5:00 it burst. First, the water, and after a 14-meter wave pulp at about 5 m / sec poured on Kurenevka, demolishing buildings, people, turning trams. Several workers escaped custody on the roof of the hangar ... Tram depot Krasin represents a huge lake of mud.

Here is what the witness disaster - Berthold Winokur, 80 years, Philadelphia, USA:
"Val pulp covered two trams with a trailer, a couple of trolleys and buses full of passengers (rush hour). Each tramvayntyh cars and trailers at a time could be at least 100-120 people; trolleybuses and buses packed with passengers can not be less than 60 people ».

An area of ​​about 30 hectares have been destroyed every living thing. Dead bodies were recovered during the month. According to official figures, Kurynivska tragedy ended the life of 147 people, according to unofficial - 1, 5-2 thousand.

Lions. January 10, 1972.
Is the largest in the history of Lviv tram accident. Crowded train route №6 down a steep descent on the street. Gorodotska. In the midst of this descent tram driver fell asleep and began neupralyaem. Despite the fact that the passengers pressed the emergency stop button, rail brakes did not work. By the end of the descent tram scored very high speed, reaching the crossroads Gorodotska Shevchenko and the arrow went off the rails and rammed a crowd of people waiting for the tram at the stop-island in the middle of the carriageway. Moving by inertia car crashed into a school building №43.
The total death toll reached 26 people. The number of victims - is not known.
The Soviet press was silent a terrible accident. After the accident, all stop-islands were eliminated, and the speed of cars on the slopes was limited.

Moscow. Simonovsky shaft. Approximately 1979-1980 years.

TEM1 locomotive, which went on Simonovskaya branch on neftesklady rammed tram Tatra T3SU. About the dead know nothing.

Chelyabinsk. December 22, 1980.

On the stretch on Highway Metallurgists from the stop "Street Stalevarov" to stop "Street Building" in front of the entrance to the factory gate tractor cleaning the roadway and entered the gate with a left turn without missing KAMAZ vehicles. The driver KamAZ seeing that it does not pass the tractor, braked sharply to avoid an accident. In terms of ice it skidded into oncoming traffic. Towards moved ZIL-130 with a crane. KamAZ hit ZIL-130, turning it. Falling, ZIL-130 hooked arrow passing by tram 2138-148 (CME) in the region of the middle door, breaking the casing, damaging equipment. The accident killed two and injured 4 people.

Tashkent. Accident involving a car EEO-6. 1985.
At full speed the car EEO-6 number in 1215 dropped the arrow and hit in the forehead Tatra T-3 №2505.
Injured 43 people, both drivers survived. Driver EEO-6 was sentenced to 4 years for negligence.

Lenigrada. May 1988.

In the curve y Shepetovka streets due to faulty path wagon 4570 washed up on the counter path. And from Krasnogvardeyskaya came to a stop the car №28 ... The total impact speed was about 80 km / h. Affected about 100 people. Killed one.

St. Petersburg. April 7, 1992.

Clash of the car number 7569 to the end station "Plant them. Lomonosov ". The driver accidentally found under the car. Cause of the accident - a woman driver fell asleep while driving. She survived, escaped with a broken leg.

Ball. July 2, 1996.

The biggest tram accident in the history of Ukraine, which took place several years after the collapse of the USSR. Events unfolded as follows: July 2, 1996, some 18 hours tram KTM-5 (accession number of the car in 1044), followed by the route number 2a street Chapaev down towards the avenue Anoshkina. In a crowded train during rush hour tram were more than 150 people. On a very steep slope failure occurred at the tram braking systems. The car picked up speed rapidly and after two kilometers unmanaged tram route, getting off the rails, faced with low concrete barriers.

From the impact derailed platform with wheels stopped, but the metal case of the cabin, looking up from the bottom of the car, flew on, tearing off the floor seats with passengers and stopped a few meters from the building of secondary school № 10. According to eyewitnesses, the speed of the tram the moment of impact is not less than 70 km / h. When the twisted wreckage of the tram down to the crossroads, the whole street was littered with corpses around and fragments of bodies. As a result of the disaster, 34 people were killed (29 at the scene, another 5 have died in the hospital). Among the dead were 20 women and 1 child. More than 100 people received injuries of varying severity. Several people were killed and seriously injured as a result of the outbreak of panic, jumping on the move at high speed through the broken windows.

As a result of a terrible accident probation tram driver was also injured in the accident, and a couple of the staff responsible for the technical condition of the rolling stock. Was also sacked mayor of the city. Himself tram route was canceled and closed the depot due to shortage and serviceable cars.

Monument to victims of the disaster in Tram Dnipridzerzhinsk.


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