Requiem for a "Volga" (lots of images and text)

"Volga, Volga - mother dear ..!" Many people wishing to purchase a spacious car and do not have funds for the "foreign cars" preferred "Volga". So it formed "a community of fans of the Volga * *».
It should, perhaps, start with 21 minutes of "Volga". But about it I will not say much, as has issued a "Talmud" is the history of the 21 th model.
To maintain the chronology provided only four frames from the story "GAZ-21».
"Artists, designers" (for the concept of "designer" supposed "bourgeois") discuss the large-scale model of the new "GAZ».
November 1953. Getting Started on the Volga. Lead designer of the project - Alexander Nevzorov. Design machines developed Lev Eremeev.

One of the first prototypes of the 21st "Volga", which tested the "brutal" style design Chuck, who came to the US to replace the "aircraft" with "impeller" (under "Studebaker") on the grid.
In fairness it should be noted that this front end design of the future "Volga" did not like the one the Marshal of the State Commission, and the first version of the series is gone "with the star."

Naturally, the public "winter quarters", "ZISov" and "ZIL" for parades on all the generals did not have enough (especially "in the province"). Thus it was produced a small batch of "roofless" 21 x for receiving parades "on the ground".

In 1956, the "artist-designer" GAZ Eduard Molchanov prepared a project to modernize the image of "Volga-21", but since the car and was so popular with Soviet citizens, and the update is not needed.

In 1962, work began on the new "Volga". Of course, that was not without its investigations "fashionable" tendntsiyam the American automobile industry.

But gradually the new machine Gorky automobile began to acquire independent features.

1968. One of the first pre-production samples of the future of the new "Volga" The Commission commends the State, as part of which the ministers and astronauts.

Frankly, this whole topic was got only for the fate of "24th", "Volga" with all its "posthumous" modifications.
But in this picture, we see the car from the previous photos, under the name "Volga". A rear seen another "four-eyed" prototype of a dark color.

And here is the "four-eyed» №2 with the previous frame. Which of the old-timers prmpomnit 24th "Volga" with their own pridelanoy second pair of headlights ?!

Rare-wheel drive modification "Volga" - "GAZ-24-95", made several copies for hunting "Brezhnev" with the running of the "goat", mounted on a special stretcher.

"24th" for the needs of "front" of the army is also adapted themselves.

If my memory serves me, then for such modifications to "gas" even invented a rigid removable roof. But almost none of its military customers are not asked: "Why pay more when the machine is used by tens of minutes in a year?".

"Glorious tradition" has passed even the car "31 minutes" series.

Once again I remind you: there are not provided the "Volga", which went into mass series!
One of the strangest projects for modernization of the "Volga" (3102), invented in 1988 in the US. The rear doors on this sedan - from wagon to make the vertical rear window of "a la Chrysler New Yorker."

In the late 80's "The Seagull" as outdated and "undemocratic, imperial" taken out of production, but the need for ministerial employees in company cars remained. In this regard, we began developing the model "3105».
So, in the second half of the eighties work on the new machine was at an accelerated pace. In 1987 he had already assembled the first prototypes. The original machine had double glazed door - the original decision and bold. But it was rumored that the then "first lady" such design refinements to taste did not come. She supposedly did not like that because of the large area of ​​glazing the passengers can see at a glance. True or not - it is unknown, but soon began to produce curved glass and door construction began like all the "normal" cars. By equipping the machine pretending to be the flagship of domestic engineering, did not yield to the prestigious foreign cars in the same class. There was power steering, adjustable wheel, full power - and not just central locking and elektrosteklopodemniki, and power seats, both front and back of the sofa, as well as electric heating and seat climate control. Audiopreparation included six speakers. The interior of the car nebylo no rigid straight line - soft, oval shape, the muted, without contrasts, the color of the upholstery. Already at that time it was provided for a place in the radiotelephone. Thanks to an ingenious arrangement, seats in the cabin was much more than the "Volga" GAZ-24-10 with almost the same external dimensions.

The design of the car also has leaped forward. Permanent all-wheel drive - the best for adverse road conditions, typical for Russia. Suspension wheels (both front and rear) - an independent, on racks such as "McPherson". The car was equipped with front and rear stabilizer bars. Tests showed high smoothness, not inferior performance of such analogs as the "Mercedes-Benz 260-4-Matic", "Ford Scorpio, 4x4", "Audi 200 Quattro." In addition, the term clearance was to be variable.

Manual 5-speed gearbox - with a full-shaft secondary shaft transmitting torque from the input shaft to the gear cone "symmetrical" center differential. Transmission is made in the block to the front drive axle, center differential and has a total oil bath with them. To overcome the difficult sections provides the ability to lock the center differential (!) From the driver's seat. The braking system uses front and rear disc mechanisms staple floating type. Two-circuit hydraulic drive - with a diagonal division of contours, pressure regulator to drive the rear brakes and the vacuum booster. The parking brake with mechanical cable operated acts on the rear bracket mechanisms and can serve as an emergency. It was assumed and the presence of ABS. The steering for the first time in the "Volga" was applied pinion mechanism. The steering column is adjustable for both tilt, and length, fitted with energy absorbing element.

All this luxury crowned V-shaped eight (gasoline engine GAZ-3105) with fuel injection. Pistons and the cylinder head from an aluminum alloy cylinder block - caseless, iron. The crankshaft rotates in five main bearings and is equipped with a vibration damper. Double-row chain with hydraulic tensioner causes iron camshafts (one per cylinder head). The truth is that time has not yet reached the 4 valves per cylinder, but the hydraulic tappets with automatic compensation gap is already present. Note that once the machine has been developed for two power systems - the carburetor and fuel injection. There were prototypes with four-cylinder engine, the prototype of today's ZMZ-406. Of course, contactless ignition system was even limited engine speed to 6100 rpm. It was also proposed to complete the car exhaust gas catalyst.

In 1992 GAZ car presented to the public. On the international motor show in Leipzig, the car made a small sensation. For a long time Russian so do not wonder ... Actually, the design of the car for many years recognized the best, and now it looks quite modern, especially compared to other domestic developments.

By this time were already a front-wheel drive versions of "Volga", developed in the future to mass production. It was collected two sports cars. But the fate of the whole project and remained uncertain. And finally, in 1994 it was decided to small-scale production of 250 cars per year. In 1994 it was planned to collect 100 cars in 1995 - 150. However, such production volumes are not achieved, and in 1996 was completely discontinued. Total from 1992 to 1996, was released 55 cars. Manufacture of machinery recognized unprofitable: too expensive taking car to the "servants of the people", in addition, due to the short terms of fine-tuning, the car has suffered "childhood diseases". Maybe then the decision was correct, but even now that "Volga" GAZ-3105, developed in the late eighties, to give odds to many new domestic developments. She went down in history, but also a lot of time to remain undefeated.

In this frame it represented the very first version of the "bureaucracy", "Volga-Chaika" (in Leningrad, he saw this in 1989!)

Later modifications that went into a small series, had a less avant-garde look.

Type "3105" once inside:

... Inside two:

... Well, and back:

"Under the curtain" attempts to run the "Volga-3105" in a series of car even subjected to easy "facelift".

Having a fiasco for economic reasons the project "3105", however, was the reason for these developments gazovskih designers in the 90s. First, they develop front-wheel drive GAZ-3103 and GAZ-3104 all-wheel drive. Layout shifted forward cabin - the Americans call a cab forward - and rather austere exterior should emphasize the modern design.
3103 ... (almost oboyki):

3103 - back view:

"Volga-3104" is not very different in appearance from the "3103". She was just a little stricter and more "respectable»:

Common to these models Interior:

Cooking over a traditional rear-drive GAZ-3111 gazovskih designers began after relying on the experience and achievements of the previous project. Not enough time, and production of the first prototype of the American decided to order a specialized firm Venture.

3111 Inside is also quite modern (for 90s)

... And, in general, a cozy:

Making the back of the "3111" recalls as the previous "3103-04" and "GAZ-21".

But the main "bread" for the "gas" still remained a good old-fashioned "dvadtsatchetvёrtaya" (albeit in the form of modifications). Therefore, in the late 90's it was a competition for the "facelift" "old woman." Three projects from independent design studios saw the light, and they saw the people.
The first shows a variant of the "car design" from Naberezhnye Chelny.
They offered a version with headlights from the "Opel Astra" in those years:

And rear light also from the "Opel", but "Tiger»:

Just "naberezhnochelnintsy" offered his own version of the new wagon (IMHO, without interest) is also with "opelevskie 'face, but" gazovskih "backwards:

Another option called "Rus" experts presented the "sour in the head" - old men from the institute NAMI:

"Type, Jaguar 'view from above:

It is back:

The most stylish (in my opinion) the project belonged to the Moscow studio "Cardy»:

"Cardy" More:

Damn, well, it is a beautiful behind!

But the very "GAZovtsy" is not sitting idle and, as best they could, "align", "classic" under the 1 century. As a result, in 2003, the people saw the front end design with larger headlights (it just before going to the "oval") and a wider grille:

But for the rear lights could be more stylish replacement than it is now:

Also available was a quieter plastic trunk:

Close the story of the last independent development of "gas" - "Volga-3115»

"GAZ-3115" - the last gesture Gorky Automobile Plant in trying to do something your ...

In the middle of the first decade of HH1 century was an attempt to "pour old wine in new bottles" in the form of small commercial van "2332" on the chassis of the classic "Volga", but the project was left as a single showpiece ...
"That's all"! I finished the lyrics ...
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