11 cartoons that parody scenes from our favorite movies

Some of our favorite feature-length cartoons contain parodies of classic films. We at the Website decided to collect a few interesting and funny links in one article.

View the text of Perhaps the cartoon about Shrek takes the first place by quantity of references and parodies of various fairy tales and Hollywood movies. For example, the scene where donkey, enveloped in a Golden glow, have the ability to fly, was taken from the classic disney film "Peter pan".

To view the text One of the Directors of the animated film "toy Story" Unkrich said in his Twitter that "the Shining" by Stanley Kubrick inspired him to become a filmmaker. So in the cartoon he made several references to the cult horror film.

One of them is the pattern on the floor in the house of the CID, who looks exactly like the hotel the overlook.

To see the text In the last part of the franchise of the ice age chasing the elusive acorn, Scrat the squirrel catapulted directly into space.

The filmmakers came off and parodied several Hollywood blockbusters: "Alien", "gravity", "Mars", "Armageddon" etc. the Authors even used similar music.

To view the text In the cartoon "Ratatouille," Remy the rat breaks a window and crashes through it into the street, the frame freezes, and the VoiceOver introduces the viewer to the main character.

This scene was taken from the most famous westerns of all time — "the Good, the bad and the ugly."

View the text of the cat tearing the shirt of Shrek, makes it exactly like alien from the cult sci-Fi horror. However, Shrek's luck much more than heroes "Alien."

To view the text Frame with Elliott and an alien flying on a Bicycle on the moon, has acquired a truly iconic status, for example, it became the logo of the film Studio Amblin Entertainment. Also the reference to him can be seen in the movie "Cars".

View the text of the Scene where the Freon is directed for a glass of water under the gun of a COP, a parody of a scene from the movie "die hard 3: with a Vengeance" in which the hero is Samuel L. Jackson is also going to make a call, being under the gun. And voiced Freon also Samuel L. Jackson.

To view the text In the movie "Mission impossible" Tom cruise alone did all the stunts. No wonder some scenes from there became one of the most recognizable and quoted in the history of cinema. The creators of the cartoon "toy Story" is also not spared this detective Thriller.

View the text of a Dumb movie about dinosaurs "Lost world", based on the novel by Conan Doyle in 1925, was a resounding success. He was photographed 6 times, in his motives were created by TV shows and computer games.

Many remember the Paradise falls, where wanted to get the main character of the cartoon "Up". So, this place is very similar to the scene from the first movie "the Lost world".

To view the text Remember that terrible scene where Jack Torrence from "the Shining" looks at the hole in the door and say, "here's johnny!"? In a similar scene from the cartoon "finding Nemo" Bruce the shark says, "here's Brucie!"

By the way, why is Jack called himself johnny? It's just a well-known phrase from the show "Tonight" with johnny Carson.

To view the text In this cartoon a lot of references to movies with johnny Depp. In one scene, the chameleon Rango lands on the glass of the car, the passengers are very similar to the heroes of the film "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas".

In another scene insects with armored shells are Rango and his hat, like in the movie "pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end".

Importantly, the chameleon voiced by johnny Depp.

To view the text Perhaps even those who have not watched any movie about Indiana Jones, you know the scene where he runs away from the huge stone ball. In the "toy Story" is a parody of this moment, as a deadly balloon made by globe.

View the text of the Wedding ring accidentally falls on Fiona's finger, repeating the famous scene from Lord of the rings. The inscription on the ring is also very similar to the engraving in Elvish.

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