The cats came up with an unusual solution to help the animals find the owner

Eighty six million one hundred seventy seven thousand sixteen

Cats are different, and each of them has its own character. Some like to bask in the sun, others ponder the problems of existence, but they all need a place where they can feel needed. In the framework of the project Obvious Plant animal shelter Sante D'or Adoption Center got the chance.

Team Site crosses his fingers in hopes that each of these unique creatures will find a home and a loving family.

Fifteen million two hundred fifty two thousand one hundred five

Forty nine million nine hundred sixty five thousand five hundred fifty

Forty four million three hundred forty five thousand eight hundred sixty one

Ninety six million eight hundred ninety three thousand four hundred forty

Forty five million three hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred thirty six

Fifty one million one hundred sixty four thousand one hundred forty four

Thirty five million three hundred twenty one thousand eighty nine

Eighty eight million seven hundred thirty six thousand five hundred fifty two

Nineteen million six hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred seventeen

Ninety seven million six hundred twenty seven thousand seven hundred fifty four

The Obvious Source Of The Plant, Sante D'or Adoption Center
Translation Site
Photos on the preview Obvious Plant, Sante D'or Adoption Center
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