Shelter for cats in the capital of Belarus (39 photos)

This Belarusian shelter for cats appeared in Minsk almost four years ago. Kind and caring people working on pure enthusiasm and without any monetary gain. During the year these guys manage to give in good hands around a thousand pets!

Learn more about the inhabitants of this kennel and their guardians, you can under the cut.

Even on the way to the shelter becomes clear exactly which window belongs to "The Cat's house": behind glass sitting black and white plump fluffy creation and, just like rebyatnya in kindergarten, staring into the distance, waiting for them to come "parents" and take home.

The room, which is the first Belarusian private animal shelter from catching, very small, something like 60-65 "squares." And even it says a volunteer with experience Vitali, could find difficult. "Suitable not only in size but also to the destination area is actually very small. And willing to pass them under a shelter for homeless animals, and even less, so every move is connected with great difficulties - says the young man. - Fortunately, for almost half a year of searches failed to find a more or less comfortable room near the center of the city and at the same time hidden from the eyes of strangers. But as an independent organization, we started with that shot small wooden house outside Moscow, then rented space on "Motovelo." Would eat city paid more attention to the problem of stray animals and walked towards us, offering options for relatively spacious rooms at a reasonable price, we would be very happy - for their "squares" pay 500 euros each month: a lot of money that could go to the treatment of animals their adaptation and public relations. "
Vitali takes us to a shelter: in the unpretentious iron door in anticipation of the arrival of the next change of volunteers constantly live nearly five dozen cats. Hallway, kitchen, three small rooms and affectionate furry animals - that's all "wealth" volunteers "Superkota».

- This room is reserved for the quarantine - after picking up the animals from "Fauna" [enterprise catching "Fauna city" - a comment. Ed.], send here: when someone is sick. As a rule, life in quarantine lasts two to three weeks, during which time it becomes clear, healthy cat, or have any problems - until Vitali, gesticulating, talks about the premises and places in the shelter orders to his "arm" is attached charcoal -Black young cat and literally forces a young man pat yourself.
Distracted by domestic problems, the volunteer "switches" on the cat: "Recently, we've got a very sweet and beautiful - just like the silhouette of the Egyptian statues».

The "quarantine", but as in the other rooms, wherever you look, there is no free space - food, care products, filling the tray: busy every centimeter of usable space.

- If the animal there are any signs of illness, it is sent to the treatment. We are cooperating with "Alfavet" and is very grateful to the doctors of the clinic who did not put a price tag pestilence, and try to charge us for a minimum, knowing that the organization exists on donations. The head physician of the clinic and the veterinarian Bolmatova Alexander Alexander Ushachev without exaggeration saved hundreds "kotodush." But it also happens that doctors from other private clinics, without hiding disgust, asked what we vozimsya these "blohasto." Sorry, but cooperation with the state veterinary clinic and did not work, they do not want us to see among their customers and accept payment by bank transfer - says Vitaly. - And here all the appointments of doctors to not spend the extra money, we try to fulfill themselves: tablets, drops, ointments and handling of animals after operations ourselves.

His way of salvation to the world of cats young man began in 2008: "We arrived with the girl in" Fauna ", brought food. Once hooked, I could not get away and forget. Especially if the animals euthanized simply, often entire rooms, the chances to survive and find the home they had. I wanted to do something to help. Over time, managed to negotiate with like-minded people, all thought out. They began to act slowly and came to the conclusion to create a "Superkot." I learned everything on the go. Now do the other volunteers are helping organize shelters in different cities. Recently advised Brest, Mogilev, Pinsk guys explained how documents are processed ».

Minsk shelter for animals from catching exists on donations. And although the state "Superkota" more people, including an accountant, no one gets paid. It's more of a hobby, explains lovers cats. Moreover, volunteers are added to the common fund and money, especially when it is necessary to collect a decent amount for treatment of the affected animal. All funds contributed to the account of the orphanage, are distributed in three areas: the content of the shelter (rent, payment of "communal"), the purchase of feed and filler treatment.

- Donations are very different and act not only in Minsk, but also from other cities. For ourselves, we do not divide the amount of importance: it does not matter a thousand or two hundred thousand people listed. In any case, it is the money that helps us maintain a shelter, give the animals a chance to find a loving home, "arrange" their lives. It's nice when the Belarussians are responding to the call to raise money for a particular case: to change the windows, buy a cell (which now stand at $ 150), or pay for an operation the injured cat. It's great that there are dedicated people who all these years with us and help the animals, - said Vitaly.

- Do not think that volunteers are saints or anything except seals do not see, - enters conversation Marina. - I've been here three years, in ordinary life, like all our people working. I come here in the evenings. Just today I had a day off, so there was here earlier.
Standing in the shelter volunteers - who several times a week comes on duty - 15. Some people look in "Superkot" less often. The rest of the work "remotely" - help transport engaged in "PR" (parked animals through social networks and ads on the known resources), bring food, fillers and all sorts of useful stuff.

- In the second room inhabited by cats that still need to observe, - Vitaly continues. - Here, for example, the peach boy - with a broken jaw, he even inserted a metal plate. You see, "Fauna", where we take the animals are, roughly speaking, conveyor: daily trapping the animals gather around the city. And what we do not see them on the streets, the merit of this particular company. But there are nuances in the fall trapping including lost pets or those who are free-range. There were even situations where we already have, a month and a half or two people find their pets.

In general, catch - a system, which is now replaced in many countries, the sterilization program, because it is more efficient in terms of reducing the number of animals on the street and, of course, more humane. We hope that Belarus, too, will come to this. And the workers 'Fauna' will be more comfortable, because among them, despite the rumors, there are people who really love animals.

In the third room, the windows of which looked at us and fluffy cats are animals ready for "adoption».

- Look at Bonyu! What a handsome man with a furry orange eyes - exclaims volunteer Olga, which will also "leads" accounting shelter. - The fact that he is alive - truly a miracle. If you saw in what condition he was brought here ... it was something terrible: the skeleton plastered with eyes, even the doctors are surprised that he survived. Found under a bush in the park. It seems that this culling of breeders: apparently tried to sell the beautiful Persian, but could not due to a defect of bite, that's got rid of.

History sufferer Boni described in detail at the forum "Superkota" volunteer to pick him, "Now, everything in detail. Eggs flies. The larvae of flies - small and big, thick, white (maggots). They swarmed under the matted hair and ate live miserable creature - I am not exaggerating. Smell - a terrible, sickening ... We looked at the hideous nightmare, crawling on the live cat and suddenly he purred ... I do not want to die, do not want, please ... Well, we went to the vet. First, trying to see him in his office on the table. When worms rained heaps on the table, went to the bath. Actually, everything is going on and treatment. After half an hour the cat procedure has been laid on the table and wrapped in absorbent diapers. And razmurchalsya, my God! Doctors themselves were surprised ».

- Once we got out of the cat, which was even more terrible state: pure white Dumpling was thin, like a bicycle, and all in tangles. He now lives in Germany, together with the hostess that took him from the shelter - continues to Olga. - In February, there will be three years since I'm here. Many saw the cat stories. I have two homes and most "podobrashki." By the way, my family also have a husband, mother, son, grandson. Some people believe that there are going to people with unsettled personal destiny. So, we all right, simply by virtue of internal needs can not be on the sidelines.

- This Barsik former house cat: the mistress died and the heirs do not need it turned out. Skidded on "Fauna". Imagine pet who lived for five years in the family, and have thrown out as unnecessary pillow. We are mainly animals from catching, but if you knew how to "Fauna" cats, which people passed. Reasons for variety: Move, her grandson allergy, whatever. But that house cats in a new environment and often die: not eating, not drinking, depression, and then dies of a broken heart. People are very irresponsible for this are, in my opinion, it's like a family member to take and pass on euthanasia. The head does not fit: you're living with this beast for so many years, how do you hand rose? - Outraged Olga.

- Or, sometimes, people call and say, we take away the cat. Explains that working with animals from catching, which was taken from the street officers "Fauna". And in response to hear, and, well, I then raised it to "Fauna", and from there you have it take away. But not the fact that we have room for another cat - adds Vitaliy.

It seems that the character and habits of their wards volunteers know by heart: A drop - alpha-cat, who has pets and nelyubimchiki; Vitas - the owner of a rare surprisingly sharp voice; Vadik, which often call for Adik that, running, carries all; Sonya always sad and Cap - big-bellied gray cat who eats well, "full-bodied" joke shelter workers.

Olga says that even through the shelter are very expensive pedigree cats: lived here Russian Blue, Maine Coon, some sphinxes, Oriental, two Neva Masquerade, Siberian cats. But, fortunately, these animals quickly pick up.

- Most people when choosing a cat guided by appearance. Look at the site at all, and decide that they want to, for example, red or black. If I had to choose, I drew attention to the character: somebody wants divannogo affectionate cat, who, on the contrary, nenadoedlivogo and more bright. But appearance of undefined. It happens that come with one, but he does not want to go hiding. At the same moment comes another cat on the neck and just lies down, and take him.

When we give the cat, we record all passport data masters and telephone number. Naturally, we do not get bored, but when there is no communication for a long time, to ring. And yet most people do unsubscribe online - pictures placed something telling. Typically, someone comes here and sees with his own eyes the scale of the problem, and then participates in the life of a shelter. Because it is clear that keeping animals is expensive, - says Olga.
What contributions do not go "left", namely the needs of the nearly five dozen cats, each person can watch in person - at the shelter installed surveillance cameras. Cat's life and daily work of volunteers visible at a glance: the picture is broadcast in online at the shelter. To avoid attacks very picky citizens in the rooms held a special ventilation system to get rid of peculiar smell.

But even more than the question of the content of the homeless animals, volunteers and just worried about the activities of concerned citizens of Minsk recently announced capital knacker. Severed tails and front paws, eyes and broken strut sides - in different areas of the city "maniac" mocks the street cats. Right now lives in a shelter pet, suffered at the hands of a sadist - an animal without a tail and with a barely healed stab wound is still trying to keep out of people's eyes, and waits their appearance in the most secluded corners.

- And no one in the police did not apply, and if they find a knacker, the responsibility for such crimes is minimal, well, if you give one base. So moral monsters go unpunished, but it's not possible that they could be dangerous for people, especially children, - says Vitaly.
Recently Belarusian volunteers managed to establish contact with the animal lovers from Ukraine and Russia - part of our homeless cats go "abroad", where they find new owners. "We want to refute rumors that these animals are on the fur, meat, experiences - it's all nonsense, who was born in someone's sick imagination. Each pet is monitored by us, and we are very grateful to sympathetic colleagues. Just for them to practice, we euthanasia of animals - savagery, greetings from the '90s - says a young man. - With regard to our country, then we will be very glad to see among the volunteers' Superkota "new people who join in the work and will help abandoned animals».



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