On March 1, Russia marks the Day of cats.

On March 1, Russia celebrated the cats - the most popular pet in the country. Most cats and dogs went to the owners for free, but the price of some purebred counterparts comparable to the cost of the car. Network M24.ru edition compiled a list of the rarest and most expensive breeds of cats.


Savannah - a hybrid of domestic Bengal cat and an African serval. Breeding of this breed in the United States began to engage in the early 1980s, and the first two kittens were born in 1986. The inventors wanted to eliminate hybrid mode to use cheetahs and leopards as pets. Susceptible to exotic rich were able to get a pet that looks like a wild animal, but does not require complex care. The result is worth it: the savanna - a big cats up to 60 cm at the shoulder and weighing up to 15 kg. The characteristics of the savanna - long legs, an elongated slender body, large ears cupped inherited from wild ancestors, as well as thick coat dappled color.

Savannah's famous high level of intelligence, calm nature, curiosity and activity. They are very well adapted to life in a new environment, but need enough space for the game. They get along well with other animals, like a walk in the fresh air. Unlike domestic cats, love to swim and play in the water.

Savannah males are sterile until the fourth generation, so females are valued less. Also, the cost of a kitten will depend on how much of it from the wild ancestors of the first generation progeny from the cat and serval will be valued more than the second and third generations of kittens. Thus the price run-up in the savanna is quite large: from 4 to 20 thousand USD

Safari - another hybrid arising from crossing the ordinary house cat, and the South American wild cat Geoffroy. The first representatives of the breed were withdrawn in the early 1970s in the United States in the blood of cancer research: the fact that the wild cats are not susceptible to leukemia virus, in contrast to the household. The work was done in collaboration with breeders who wanted to get a hybrid breed with a characteristic color of leopard spotted. Breeding, as well as in the savannah, due to the difficulties: the hybrid males are sterile, so females are knitted with the American Shorthair or Siamese. Mated home and wild specimen is almost impossible: the second is almost always kills first. Because of the difficulties playing the price of the safari is still high and varies between 4-8 thousand USD

As for the exterior, the safari is quite large - from 8 to 13 kg. The body of their muscular, lean and long. Saturated and uniform color: yellow, amber, light brown or green. The coat is short and dense safari, color similar to the leopard, but is more complicated. They have a friendly and balanced temperament, extremely intelligent and energetic. Breeders say that Safari is inherent grace wild ancestors.

Bengal cat - a hybrid, too, was born thanks to a lucky break. In the early 60s biologist, geneticist Jean Mill bought from traders on the market in Bangkok, the Asian leopard cat, a breed which is on the brink of destruction, and brought home to the States. Cat Malaysia was distrustful, cautious, tried affection and did not go to the contact, but reciprocated home cat, who lived at Jin. Thus was born the first Bengal.

In a number of reasons scientists had to interrupt work on the creation of a new breed, and only in the 80th Gene again started to eliminate domestic Bengal cat breed, connecting the first pets of different species, and then the wild Bengal cats from India.
Connoisseurs and fans in Bengal outlandish to attract domestic cat color. Saturated black spots or chocolate brown to golden-orange background attract the eye. Wool Bengals feels like a valuable fur - a dense, short and incredibly soft. Movement Bengals are full of grace. His whole appearance, they resemble leopards.

Representatives of this breed are very sociable and need constant company. They are smart, active and, in spite of its roots, it is not aggressive, but on the contrary, very gentle and sensitive, they quickly adapted to the new situation. In Bengal cats have some specific habits: despite its impressive dimensions (weight up to 8 kg), they often climb on the shoulders of the owner. In addition, they love water treatment, and sometimes solicit the shower. Price Bengal cat varies from 1,000 to 4,000 USD depending on its grade and sex.

Kao-mani - breed cats Thai origin. The name of the breed is translated from Thai as "white gem." The earliest mention of them is in Tamra Maew, or cat book of poems (1350-1767 gg.). In ancient Siam Cao Mani they lived only in noble families and were considered a symbol of luck, longevity and wealth. It is also said that one of the representatives of the breed took part in the coronation ceremony in 1926. The stories are cases where a person who dared to steal Cao Mani, were sentenced to death.

Although the breed has long been known in his homeland, he enrolled her in May 2009. The main distinguishing feature of this cat - a snow-white smooth coat and expressive eyes, which can be yellow, blue or often colored. Khao Mani have a reputation sociable, intelligent, active and easy to train cats. Price kitten can range from 1, 5 to 2, 5000 USD

Russian blue cat - a breed that has acquired a huge number of legends. According to one version, these cats lived at the court of the Russian tsars, and Peter I and Catherine II, who gave them the ambassadors of foreign powers. Documented fact is the appearance of these cats in 1889 at an exhibition in England, where breeders brought them allegedly from Arkhangelsk. The main distinguishing feature of the breed - short hair blue with a beautiful silvery sheen. Russian Blue - good, obedient, peace-loving cat, but sometimes can be stubborn and freedom-loving.

Russian blue cat is well adapted to life in the apartment. It does not inhibit the limited space. Cat enough to sit by an open window, play and chat with the owners. Employed owners also arrange Russian blue cat - in their absence, it will be able to occupy herself. Cats are very clean and are deprived of the characteristic smell, and are also the abolition of the Mouser. These and other features of the beautiful and graceful animals make people pay from 400 to 2,000 USD for their purchase.

Toyger - home cub. This breed breeding domestic shorthair cats, color reminiscent of a tiger. The breed was developed in the US 90 years, but has received official recognition of only a few years ago. Breeding work to improve the characteristics of the breed is in full swing: the cats of this breed takes only 40 nurseries throughout the world, and for the emergence of offspring closely monitors itself creator Tiger Judy Sugden. Cats, intended for breeding, undergo a rigorous selection and kittens are not sold for breeding sterilized. So Tiger kittens are very rare, the price can reach up to 100-200 thousand. US dollars, but there are those who manage to sell nechistoporodnymi kittens for the price of a hundred times smaller.

The name of the breed comes from the phrase toy tiger - «toy tiger", although the size of cats very impressive, and the average weight of an adult is 7-10 kg. Toyger has a calm temperament, intelligent and easy to train.

Sphynx - a breed of hairless cats, whose history officially began in 1966 in Canada, but there is evidence that these unusual creatures were known in the days of Egyptian pharaohs and were distributed in the temples of the Incas and the Aztecs in ancient Mexico.

Sphinxes are renowned for their extremely sociable, peace-loving and friendly character. They are very graceful, energetic, intelligent and infinitely devoted to their pet owner. Very often, they can be caught in a curious pastime: they can permanently die in bizarre poses, looking at something or just lost in thought. Price for a kitten depends on the animal's pedigree and color: the more rare color kitten more famous parents, so, consequently, more expensive it is. On average, Canadian Sphynx cost 400-1500 USD

Petersburg Sphynx or Peterbald - Fine breed cats, bred in Russia in 1994 as a result of experimental mating Oriental cat and sphynx. Peterbald The body can be completely bald or covered with soft fuzz. Animals have a slender body, long shaped head and big ears divorced in hand. Petersburg sphinxes can be described as curious, friendly and affectionate cat, which is vital to communicate with people. Thanks to its exceptional intelligence and extraordinary sociability, they respond well to training. Peterbald cost depends on the class and sex, and may range from 300 to 1300 cu

Maine Coon cat or raccoon American - the largest breed of cat in the world. Representatives of this breed can weigh from 5 to 15 kg, and the body length of adult Maine Coon can reach 1, 23 m. Despite its slightly menacing look, they are known as the "gentle giants". Maine coons flexible, gentle, friendly and playful creatures that are famous for their "melodiousness" and often pleasing hosts distinctive solo performances.

The breed is considered as the pride of America, in particular, Shatat Maine, its history goes back 150 years. According to one legend, the rock turned out as a result of love of domestic cat and raccoons (the tail of the Maine Coon is very similar to the tail of a raccoon). The name of the Maine Coon is an echo of this legend: coon is a part of a word raccoon - «raccoon." And because of the brushes on the ears Maine coons credited relationship with lynx and wild forest cat.

Maine coons mobile, agile and inquisitive. They have a thick coat, so cats are ideal for people living in areas with cold winters. Also, they are great to catch mice. Keep cats of this breed in a small apartment is not recommended. Price Maine Coon ranges 600-1500 cu ...

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Because of the unusual and expensive breeds mono also note Manx (Manx cat). He named it after the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, where it has been bred. Its main distinguishing feature - the absence of a tail. There are two varieties: "Stumpy", whose representatives have a tail 2-3 tail vertebrae, and "Footlights" - completely tailless cat. The price of both types - from 500 to 4,000 USD

For those who suffer from allergies, ideal for a miracle of nature, like la perm, they are partially gipoalergennny. Breed cats with curly hair appeared in the US in 1980 by accident, as a result of free mating. La Perm inquisitive, affectionate, active and love to hunt. Price kittens ranges 200-2000 dollars, depending on the gender or class.

Another curly and hypoallergenic breed - Devon Rex (short-haired domestic cats) - was born in 1960. In Great Britain. Representatives have a very extraordinary appearance: frail body covered with soft curly hair, and her head is decorated with huge ears. They are very intelligent and easily trained to implement even the most difficult tricks. The price of "alien" with a pedigree cat is in the range 400-1200 dollars.

Year by year, the fashion for cats of various breeds change. So, back in 2010 the Russians often wound up Britain and Scotland, then to leaders came lovely cats, and in the past year, the most popular in Russia has become a Bengal cat. Overall, the number of breeds of domestic cats, which are bred and sold in Russia increased from two to 40 titles in 30 years.

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