Breed cats. Part 1

Very fond of cats. At home I have lived almost 9 years old cat, plain, this little gray, but recently left home. They say the death of feeling, cats leave the house ... but not about that right now ... In short, I decided to explore together YaPovtsami cats, their habits. But start with the breeds of cats - their great variety, so in another post all together - it is impossible! If you are interested, I will not dwell on this. So, let's go !!!

It will be 47 photos.

1. Abyssinian
Their distinctive feature - an unusual golden-red color, color reminiscent of the wild rabbit (UK abissinok once so called - "rabbit-cat").

2. Abyssinian
Abyssinian is usually small or medium size, have big ears, the hair is short. They are very playful and active, easy to get along with dogs.

3. Abyssinian
That kitten Abyssinian

4. Scottish cat
There are two groups of cats of this breed ...

5. Scottish cat
... Fold (Scottish Fold) ...

6. Scottish cat
... And pryamouhie (Scottish straights).

7. Scottish cat
Fold cats have formed as a result of inherited defect cartilage. For this reason, it is impossible to cross two lop-eared cats - the result can be born with a serious defect Young skeleton. One cat in a pair have to be pryamouhie.

8. Scottish cat
These are kittens:

9. British cat
There are two groups of cats of this breed - British Longhair:

10. British cat
... Here are her kittens:

11. British cat
... And british. British Shorthair - this is one of the oldest breeds of cats, its history goes back over a hundred years. The characteristics of this cat - a massive physique and skin fold around the head. Some British Shorthair cats present a recessive gene for long hair. As a result, long-haired Brits were withdrawn.

12. British cat
Their distinctive feature - the "ideal" in terms of content in the home wool. It does not require any special care, climbs and slides.

13. American Curl
Different from all the other cats for its unusual ears.

14. American Curl
Ears Curls bend back arc at an angle of 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Inside very fluffy ears, even the short-haired cats. Curls are active and playful, and, until his retirement.

15. American Bobtail
Bobtail is always possible at first glance to distinguish from any other cats, because such an interesting tail nobody but them can not boast.

16. American Bobtail
The tail they have more than half the length of the shorter familiar to us and rather fluffy. Sami cats small and massive. There are short-haired and long-haired species.

17. Bengal
This is a real small leopard. Under natural conditions, wild leopard cat lives in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Burma and in the Ussuri taiga.

18. Bengal
Body length (including the tail) is from 50 cm to one meter. Abdomen this cat usually white, though there are spotty coloring.

19. Egyptian
It is the oldest of all domestic cats. The age of this rock is at least 3000 years (it was so many years of drawings, in which her image appears for the first time).

20. Egyptian
In the Egyptian cat between the ears is pattern in the form of a letter «W» (or, as it is called - "Scarab"). His eyes seemed summarized below - dark stripes emphasize the eyes and descend on the cheekbones.

21. Egyptian
Here are her kittens:

22. Maine Coon
It is the largest breed of domestic cats. There is evidence that some of its representatives weigh about 15 kilograms.

23. Maine Coon
These cats are fairly well-built, with a relatively small head, very fluffy. Despite an impressive appearance, they are very playful and affectionate. They have an unusual voice.

24. Maine Coon
And here is the Maine Coon kitten:

25. Sphynx
These cats are deprived of hair completely or partially. They have a dense bone structure and well-developed rump (This is different from the Sphynx, which have fragile physique and fine-boned).

26. Sphynx
Eyes planted obliquely, of almond shape. By nature they are playful, affectionate and sociable; do not show aggression towards humans, ie They never scratch or bite.

27. Sphynx
These cats are totally devoid of hair. They look different from Don Sphynx more fragile physique and smaller size ...

28. Sphynx
... They also have shorter head, and the transition from the nose to the forehead is more pronounced. Character calm, gentle, non-aggressive.

29. Munchkin
Munchkin - very unusual cat. According to its constitution, they are more like a dachshund than a typical representative of the cat. They have an elongated body and short legs.

30. Munchkin
This "kototaksa»:

31. Munchkin
Munchkin kittens are born with deployed with respect to each other and, at first glance, it is not suited for walking legs. However, it is not.

32. Munchkin
Munchkin very sociable and playful, easy to get along with other animals and small children.

33. Angora cat, or the Turkish Angora
Perhaps it is this cat and became the mother of all modern long-haired breeds. Different from other long thin hair without undercoat.

34. Angora cat
At the feet of Angora cat - fluffy pants, and on the neck - a collar of fur.

35. Angora cat
These are cute kittens angora:

36. Siberian
There was this breed is about 200 years ago in Siberia. In the harsh Siberian conditions were able to survive only the most hardy and adapted to cold cat.

37. Siberian
Siberian shows your character from childhood, which is not surprising. Siberian - excellent rat-catchers, they are usually silent, but at the sight of the "enemy" are beginning to growl menacingly.

38. Siberian
Very clever, his master considered only one of the family members.

39. Siamese
This ancient breed appeared in the XVI century in Siam; Siamese cats live at the royal court, and in the temples revered as sacred animals. Locals call them "moon diamond". Color Siamese light sand with dark spots on the face, a dark tail and paws.

40. Siamese
Siamese cats are playful, affectionate, very attached to his master and require a special attention, jealous. To outsiders wary, they get along with other animals reluctantly.

41. Siamese
Many people confuse with the Siamese Thais. That visual contrast:

42. Persian cat
If you see a frowning flattened snout with a characteristic broad nose - Persian cat in front of you.

43. Persian cat
Grooming Persians rather complicated, because it is their fluffy, with undercoat and reaches a length of 15 cm.

44. Persian cat
Persian cats are affectionate and curious.

45. The European Shorthair
This breed was formed almost without human intervention. One of the most common in this country cats. Medium build, strong, a lot of color options.

46. ​​The European Shorthair
In general, the European shorthair layman is difficult to distinguish from the usual pedigree cats.

Here's a obzorchik. To be continued, but later Thanks for your attention and love cats



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