10 breeds of cats

Some of these rocks - a hybrid breed, but there are also very ancient breed. These rare breeds are carefully protected, because they are quite vulnerable and may disappear altogether. We invite you to get acquainted with rare curly, hairless and tailless cats. 1. American zhestkoshёrstnaya koshka

The breed was developed in New York, it is here subjected to a series of mutations, causing won an unusual curly coat. This rare breed is practically nonexistent outside the US. In addition, today in America officially registered only 22 of these cats. 2. Burmilla

This breed was the result of cross-breeding other breeds, Burmese and Chinchilla, so called Burmilla. It was a new breed is extremely social cats native to the UK. They have a beautiful silky fur, which can be of several colors: bluish, black, red, chocolate brown or purple. 3. Brilliant kaliforniyskaya

New and quite a rare breed of cats (Eng. California Spangled). It was developed in the 1980s in order to achieve color leopard. However, this cat There are no gene leopard. This breed was bred by crossing multiple several other breeds. Today Brilliant California is fighting for survival, as the breed fell out of fashion, and it eclipsed Bengal. 4. Elf

Cat Elf - one of the rarest breeds. However, this breed is officially does not exist, because the cat organizations have not yet want to admit it a separate breed. This breed has appeared thanks to the crossing with the American sphinx kёrlami. In addition to a bald head, like a sphinx, they also have unique curled ears. 5. Turkish van

One of the oldest breeds in the world, or the Turkish Van Turkish Van cat is endangered even in his homeland - in Turkey. They are mainly white coat with red spots on the head and ears and a red tail. These cats are known for their passion for the water. Unlike many other breeds, the Turkish Vans love baths. Sometimes I come across representatives of this breed with one amber and the other blue eyes. 6. Kao-mani (Diamond eye) 88,149,257

Another breed of cats, which boasts of its ancient roots, Kao-mani was originally bred in Thailand. At home these cats appreciate its weight in gold, because they were taken a few hundred years ago for the royals. Breeders around the world are attempting to preserve the breed, as it will be very disappointing if the cat with a long history disappear. 7. Singapura

There are many disputes about the origin of the breed of cats in Singapore, because the first breeder gave false information about its roots. This cat has an unusual appearance: often she had green eyes, short light brown hair, a darker shade on his head and back. The number of representatives of this species is very small, but perhaps their gentle nature would help to increase its number of cats. 8. Snowshoe (snow shoes) 58,432,413

But still very beautiful and also a rare breed. Snowshoe - hybrid, having a Siamese origin. The breed appeared in the 1960s, but due to the fact that the popularity of it is constantly changing, the number of cats Snowshoe periodically dropped or increased over the last 50 years. Today, attempts are being made to preserve the breed, and it seems there is already a positive result because the Snowshoe is already known throughout the world. 9. Menks

Homeland breed Manx cats or Manx cat is the Isle of Man, hence the name. This breed is known for the fact that she had no tail, although some members of the short tail is still there. This characteristic - a natural feature of the Manx, which appeared a few centuries ago. Cats are known in their home country since the 18th century. 10. Laperm

Laperm appeared in the 1980s, when the first kitten curled Curly was born on a farm in Oregon. She became a favorite of the entire farm for many years, and transferred its gene to offspring. The breed was soon recognized by the US and UK. Today can be seen as the long-haired laperm and short-haired.

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