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Cats hate water, because their fur sticks together when wet. The breed Turkish Van, this is the only cat breed that loves swimming. The breed was developed in Central Asia, its wool has a unique texture that makes it waterproof.
The Egyptian Mau is probably the oldest breed of cats. The breed is really so old that the name of the breed is the word in the Egyptian language, which means "cat».
The most expensive in the history of the cat is a cat named Little Nicky, which cost its owner in the amount of $ 50,000. It is a clone of the old cat.
Cat usually has whiskers 12 on each side.
Seeing a cat in something better and something worse than that of men. It is better that cats can see in low light, and they have a wide field of peripheral vision. And worse by the fact that they do not distinguish colors, because they see people. Scientists believe that the grass for cats red.
Spanish-Jewish folklore tells that the first wife of Adam, Lilith became a black cat, vampire, sucking the blood of sleeping babies. This may be the cause of prejudice, that the cat can strangle the sleeping child or "take" baby's breath.
Perhaps the most famous comic character is a cat Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." With the ability to extinction, this mysterious character embodies the magic and witchcraft is historically associated with cats.
In the original version of the Italian fairy tale "Cinderella" fairy godmother was a cat.
The Dutch Embassy in Moscow (Russia), the staff noticed that two Siamese cat meows constantly and scraping the walls of the building. Their owners were completely sure that cats react to the mice. Instead, they found hidden microphones Russian special services. Males have heard signals of microphones when they were included.
Small tufts of hair in the ears of cats protected from dirt, direct sound directly into the ear and are referred to as "ear finish».
The ability of cats to find a way home called "psy-journey." According to experts, cats or use the angle of sunlight, to find their way, or they have a magnetized cells in the brain that act as a compass.
Isaac Newton invented the cat door to door in. Newton experimented in a very dark room. Spithead (Spithead), one of his cats, constantly opening doors and conduct this experiment prevented. Door for cats made and Spithead, and Newton's happy.
Rare coffee in the world, "Kopi Luwak» (Kopi Luwak), originally from Indonesia, where living wild cat called Luwak (luwak). The cat eats the coffee berries and coffee beans are digested in the stomach. Then, these grains are collected from cat litter, clean and fry them. "Kopi Luwak" sells for about $ 500 per 450 grams (1 pound).
Jaw cat can not move to the side, so they can not chew big chunks of food.
Cats almost never mew other cats only on people. Normally, cat spit, hiss and purr at the other cats.
Back cat is extremely flexible because it consists of 53 of the spine, when their human just 34.
Approximately 1/3 of cat owners think that their pets can read their thoughts.
All cats have claws, and all except the cheetah, hide them in a state of rest.
Two members of the cat family are different from the rest: the clouded leopard and cheetah. Clouded leopard growls and not like other big cats, do not wash and rest like other small cats. The cheetah is unique because it runs a cat; all the rest - jumping cats, because they slowly stalking his prey and then jump on it.
Cat lover called Ailurophilia (Greek: cat amateurs).
The Japanese believe that the cat can turn into spirits after death. Perhaps, according to the Buddhist religion cat's body temporarily rests in a very spiritual people.
About 100 years ago, the majority of the cats had short hair, it became very fashionable to keep cats and to experiment with the breed.
Cats have 32 muscles that control the outer ear (human only six). A cat can move freely ears 180 degrees.
One of the reasons why kittens are sleeping so long is that the growth hormone is released only during sleep.
Cats have about 130,000 hairs of wool per square inch (20,155 per square centimeter).
The heaviest cat is Himma (Himmy), striped cat from Queensland, Australia. It weighed about 47 pounds (21 kg). He died at the age of 10 years.
The oldest cat was Crème Puff of Austin, Texas, who lived from 1967 to August 6, 2005, three days after her 38 birthday. Normally, cats can live about 20 years, equivalent to about 96 years of life.
The easiest is considered Himalayan cat Blue Point named Tinker Toy, who weighed 1 pound 6 ounces (616 g). Tinker Toy was two, 75-inch (7 cm) in height and 7, 5 inches (19 cm) in length.
The smallest cat is considered Mr. Pebbles, a two-year cat that weighed 3 pounds (1, 3 kg) and height - 6 1 pound (15, 5 cm).
In Scotland, a memorial tower was built in honor of the cat Towser, whose words about 30,000 mice in my entire life.
In the 1750s Europeans brought cats to America to fight parasites.
The first cat show was in 1871 in London. Thereafter, such exhibitions have become popular around the world.
The first cartoon cat was Felix (Felix the Cat) in 1919. In 1940, Tom and Jerry played a major role in the animated film "Kitten finished badly» ("Puss Gets the Boot"). In 1981 Andrew Lloyd Webber created the musical "Cats" based on TS Eliot book "Popular Science about cats written possum» (Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats).
Normal body temperature is from cats 100.5 ° and 102.5 ° F (38-39, 17 ° C). The cat is ill, if the temperature is below 100 ° C or above 103 ° F (38 ° below or above 40 ° C).
The body of a cat consists of 230 bones. The man - 206. In cats, no collarbone, so they can squeeze through any hole the size of their head.
The nose has a unique fingerprint cats, just like human fingerprints.
If they have enough water that cats can endure temperatures up to 133 ° F (56 11 ° C).
Do not give your cat foods such as onions, garlic, green tomatoes, raw potatoes, chocolate, grapes and raisins. Although milk is not toxic, it can cause indigestion and gas. Tylenol and aspirin is highly toxic to cats, like many houseplants. If you feed them dog food or canned tuna, which is intended for human consumption, this can lead to malnutrition.
The poll by Gallup in 2007. He showed that both men and women equally have a cat or a cat.
Heart cat beats about two times faster than the human heart, 110-140 beats per minute.
Cats have sweat glands in the body, both in humans. Instead, they sweat through their paws.
In just seven years, one pair of cats and their offspring can produce a staggering amount of used kittens - 420 000.
Compared with the size of the body it has the clouded leopard large canines include all animals. This dagger-like teeth can reach 1, 8 inches (4, 5 cm).
Cats spend about 1/3 of their waking hours to his cleansing.
In adult cats teeth 30. Kittens about 26 temporary teeth, and they fall when they are about 6 months.
A cat named Dusty (Dusty) has the record for the number of kittens. She had more than 420 kittens for all her life.
The largest cat breed Ragdoll. Cat Ragdoll breed weighing 12 to 20 pounds (5, 4-9, 0 kg). Cats weighing 10-15 pounds (4, 5-6, 8 kg).
Cats are very sensitive to vibrations. They say they can identify an earthquake for 10 or 15 minutes before a person installs it.
Unlike dogs cats have not changed much during domestication.
The cat is called a queen, generating offspring (queen) and Molly (molly).
In the 1930s two Russian biologist found that a change in color of Siamese kittens depends on the temperature of their body. White Siamese cat carry genes that occur when the body temperature is above 98 ° F (36 ° C). If these kittens will be in a very warm room, they will not darken, and will remain creamy white.
In the United States there are an estimated 60 million feral cats.
The oldest cat that gave birth to kittens is Kitty. She was 30 years old gave birth to two kittens. Throughout his life, this cat has given birth to 218 kittens.
Cat named Hamlet broke the record for the trip. He escaped from its container during the flight and hiding behind the panel for seven weeks. When he was found, he flew 373,000 miles (600 000 km).
The most expensive cat is considered to be a hybrid of Bengal and domestic shorthair cat named Zeus. Zeus 90% Bengali and 10% short-haired cat, and was estimated at £ 100 000 ($ 154 000).
Cat Andy broke the record, falling from 16th floor of the house (about 200 ft / 0, 6 km) and survived.
The richest cat is Blackie, whose owner Ben Rea (Ben Rea) left him 15 million. Pounds.
The claws on its hind legs is not as sharp as claws on the front feet, because the claws on its hind legs are not hidden, and therefore they become worn.


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