During the French Revolution, King Louis XVI tried to escape, but he did not succeed, because even in makeup, he was well-recognized in the profile on the coins
Joseph Stalin studied at the Tiflis Theological Seminary, where he met with the ideas of Marxism
Before unite Italy and become a national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi lived on Staten Island in the United States and worked on the candle factory
Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, whose name means "light", had previously worked as a retoucher pictures
The leader of the Irish St. Patrick really was not an Irishman. He is British, Irish pirates who stole
Cleopatra was not Egyptian, and a native of Greece (buckwheat)
Edward VIII abdicated the British throne in 1936, after which he became the governor of the Bahamas
Napoleon's wife Josephine divorced her husband, and this was the first case of the law of divorce, who introduced himself Napoleon


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