What US №1 in the world?

Today we have laid the post in which Russia holds the first place. Now we offer to see what the United States ranks first in the world.

1. Private prisons the US as commercial projects are in need of free labor (slaves). The justice system in that it does not deny. The index awards granted prison terms and the total number of prisoners. The US population is 5% of the world's population and a quarter of all prisoners in the world - the Americans. In American prisons is 2, 3 million. People (in China 1, 6 million) - ie sitting every hundredth adult US citizen.

2. The number of car thefts

3. The number of obese people

4. The consumption of sweet carbonated water for 1 person. On average, every American daily sucks about 0, 5 liters of soda

5. Production of fast food In 2000, US consumers spent about $ 110 billion. On fast food, and in 1970 all 6 billion.

6. 28 hours - the time that the average American spends watching TV each week. Here is the first place the United States shares with Britain. There is room for improvement.

7. The volume of credit card fraud 27% of the total amount of the stolen money from credit cards in the world are from the USA. $ 3, 56 billion. In 2010.

8. The number of bachelors and holostyachek 26% of the total number of households in the United States are represented by only one person

4 9. The divorce rate, 95 per 1,000, but if you look at the statistics for the number of marriages, the first place will Belgium - nearly 60% of divorces per 100 marriages.

10. The number of teenage pregnancies Percentage of women who become pregnant under the age of 20 years.

11. The infant mortality rate associated with abuse over the past 10 years, American mothers and fathers killed more than 20 thousand. Their children. Of the total number of deaths of children 75% are not lived up to four years, and almost half to 1 year. For this indicator, the United States ahead of Canada in 3 times, 11 times in Italy.

12. The number of lawyers per capita. In total the country has 1, 1 million. Lawyers, ie per 256 Americans have to a lawyer (for example in France of a lawyer is necessary 1 403). The ratio of lawyers to prisoners - 1: 2!

13. The leader in the production of pornography. 89% of the world's pornography made in the USA.

14. Americans are more likely to drink all of the world's medicines with or without. Abusing drugs around 36 million. Americans. From pharmaceuticals die each year 200,000 US citizens.

15. The most expensive in the world of prescription drugs. On average, Americans overpay for drugs 50% compared to the rest of the world

16. Leaders eating antidepressants. More than 20% of all US adults take at least one medication from mental or behavioral disorders. The Audit Chamber has published shocking data - about one-third of all adopted children in the United States takes at least one psychotropic drug. Children in the US are taking antidepressants is three times more than in Europe. The total number of Americans taking antidepressants doubled between 1996 and 2005.

17. Leaders in the number of people with mental disorder. One in five American adults have mental disorders

18. The largest amount of credit card debt on average every American has 4 credit cards. One in seven American has 10 credit cards and more. In March 2011, the total debt on credit cards was $ 785 billion.

19. The world's largest mortgage debt.

20. Total debt of students to pay for their studies tends to $ 1 trillion.

21. The Americans have resorted to plastic surgery more often than anyone else.

22. The largest number of deaths from eating disorders is happening in America.

23. According to nationmaster.com the greatest number of crimes registered in the world in the United States. Almost 12 million. Crimes a year. In second and third place, Britain and Germany - on 6, 5 million. Crimes a year.

24. The first country in the world by the number of idiotic laws

25. At the pre-election campaign in 2012, the US presidential candidates are planning to spend a record $ 11 billion. Dollars (in Russia for the last presidential elections candidates have spent at least 50 million. Dollars).

26. Year after year, the US has the world's largest trade deficit - 558 billion. Dollars in 2011.

27. The Americans make up 5% of the world population while consuming 30% of the mined resources in the world

28. 30% of the total waste produced in the world are from the USA

29. In 2003, the US accounts for 68% of all land occupied by GM plants

30. Half of the analysts all over the world - Americans (no one to talk?)

31. The United States has the biggest public debt of all time - more than 15 bln. dollars ...

32. ... but spending on the armed forces more than the next 12 countries combined ...

33. ... and has the highest number of military bases. Worldwide them more than a thousand.

Source: oko-planet.su


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