Jamie Oliver: What is food and why teach children to cook

By sharing the impressive stories from his anti-obesity in Huntington, West Virginia, TED prize winner Jamie Oliver calls for all-out assault on our ignorance of food.


Sadly, in the next 18 minutes that I'm going to talk to you, 4 Americans will die from the food they eat.


My name is Jamie Oliver. I am 34 years old. I'm from Essex in England and for the last 7 years I've worked fairly tirelessly to save lives as I see it. I'm not a doctor. I'm a chef, I don't Have expensive equipment or medicine. I use information and education.




I am deeply convinced that nutrition emphasis should be given in families, because there are special moments in our lives. We have a terrible, terrible reality in our days. America, you're at the limit. America is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world.


Please raise your hands those who of you people in this room have children. Please raise your hand. Aunts and uncles, too... Raise your hands. Also aunts and uncles. Most of you are. Well. We, the adults of the last four generations, have blessed our children with the destiny of a shorter lifespan than their parents. Your children will live 10 years less than you, because of the eating habits that we created for them. Two-thirds of this room, according to current U.S. statistics, overweight or obese. You lot, you're fine, but we'll get you eventually, don't worry.




Really? The statistics of bad health are clear, very clear. Throughout life we are paranoid afraid of death, murder, anything. The first page of every paper, CNN. Look at murder, for God's sake, at the very bottom of the column. Right?






Every disease that appears in red is a diet-related. Any doctor, any specialist will tell you that. It is a fact. Disease related to nutrition — the most terrible killer in America these days. This is a global problem. It's a disaster that captures the world. England is right behind you as usual.




I know we were close, but not close enough. We need a revolution. Mexico, Australia, Germany, India, China, all have massive problems of obesity and poor health.Think about Smoking. Smoking costs less than obesity. Obesity costs you Americans 10 percent of your healthcare bills. $ 150 billion a year. Over the next 10 years, the amount would be doubled. 300 billion a year. And let's be honest, you don't have that kind of cash.




I came here to start a food revolution that I so profoundly believe in. We need a revolution. Need it now. We are at the tipping point. I've been doing this for 7 years. 7 years I worked in America. Now is the time of harvest the time to harvest. I went to the epicenter of the problem. I went to West Virginia, the most unhealthy state in America. Or it was last year. This year Virginia was overtaken by another state, but we'll work on that next season.




The Huntington, West Virginia. Beautiful city. I wanted to help people, your society, soul and heart to be aware of the statistics that you are so accustomed to. I want to introduce you to some of the people that I care about. Your society is. Your children. I want to show you my friend Brittany. She is 16 years old. She was to live for 6 years, because of the food she was eating. She is third generation American who did not grow up in an environment where children at home or in school we were taught to cook, or did her mother or her mother mom. She was to live for 6 years. It destroys your liver what to eat.


Stacy, a family of Edwardson. This is a normal family guys. Stacy is working hard but she's third generation, she was never taught to cook at home or at school. Family obesity.Justin, age 12. Weight 159 kg. mock him, damn it. Daughter Katia, 4 years. She's obese before entering school. Marissa, she's all right, she's one of you. But you know what? Her father, who was obese, died in her arms. And then the second most important person in her life, her uncle, died of obesity. And now her stepfather is also obese. You know, the fact is that obesity and diseases related to nutrition, affects not only the man himself but also his friends, relatives, brothers, sisters.


Pastor Steve. Inspirational people. One of my early allies in Huntington, West Virginia. He confronts this problem directly. He has to bury the people, OK? He's fed up with it. He was tired of burying their friends, and their families, and their community.Winter comes, the number of deaths increased threefold. He's sick of it. This disease can be stopped. Senseless death can be stopped. By the way, that's what they bury people. We're not built for this. You can't even out the door, and I'm serious. Not to mention, to convey to the burial site, only by using the lift.


OK, I see it as a triangle. [Home — School — main street] Is our idea about food. I need you to understand this. You probably have heard this before, but let's just repeat. What happened over the last 30 years that's ripped the heart out of the country? Let's be Frank and honest. Well. Modern-day life.


Let's start with main street. Fast food is widespread all over the country. We know that. Big brands have a huge influence, they have a strong power in this country. Also the supermarkets.Large companies. Large companies. 30 years ago, most food was local and extremely fresh. Now the food is highly processed with lots of additives, extra ingredients, you know the rest. The portion size is extremely massive, massive problem. Labeling is a big problem. Labels in this country are terrible. They want to be self -- They want self-control. The industry wants to set standards for itself. What? In such a situation?! They do not deserve it. How can you call something low-fat when it's full of sugar.


Family. The biggest problem in the family. That used to be the heart of passing on food, food culture, our society. But this is no longer happening. And you know, we go to work and as life changes, but life, as always, is not in place, we need to look at the situation holistically, to look at everything from the outside and to rethink the balance. But this is not happening. Hasn't happened for 30 years. I want to show you a situation that now is considered the norm. The Edwards Family.


(Video) Jamie Oliver: let's talk. Here it passes through your body and through the bodies of your family every week. And I want you to know that it's going to kill your children early. What do you feel?


Stacy: I'm feeling really sad and depressed. But you know, I want my children to succeed in life, but this food will not help them. But I kill them.


D. O.: Yes, kill. So. But we can stop it. Okay. Let's look at school, I'm actually quite an expert in this field. Great. School. What is school? Who created the school? The purpose of the school? Our aim has always been to provide us tools to make us creative people, so we engaged in interesting work, earn a living etc. etc. You know, this is a difficult situation for a long, long time. Right? But we don't really see the connection with the catastrophic health situation in America. Right? Most kids -- 31 million a day, eat at school twice a day, more than often, Breakfast and lunch, 180 days a year. Therefore, we can say that school food is quite important, really, judging the situation.




Before I start to rant, which I'm sure you're waiting...




I have to tell you something, it is so important to, I hope, has happened and spread this miracle in the next three months. The school lunch ladies of America -- I offer myself as their Ambassador. I'm not going to remove them. They are doing the best that I can. They make the best. But they do what they say and what they are told to do is wrong.The system is highly run by accountants. It is not enough, or not at all knowledgeable people in nutrition. That's the problem. If you are not an expert in nutrition, and you have a tight budget, and it becomes even tougher, it is impossible to approach cooking creatively, you can't freely navigate in the subject and to write all sorts of things about different. If you're an accountant and a pedant, the only thing you can do in this situation is buy cheaper shit.


Now the situation is that the food that your kids get every day is fast food, highly processed, there's not enough fresh food. The amount of additives, all "E" ingredients that you simply would not believe... not Enough vegetables. French fries are considered a vegetable. Pizza for Breakfast. They don't even get given crockery. The knives and forks? No, they're too dangerous. They use scissors in the classroom, but knives and forks.You know what I think about this, if you have no knives and forks, you proclaim fast food as a national approach. Because this food take hands. Oh, by the way, it's fast food. These sloppy Joes, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, all that kind of stuff. 10% of what we spend on healthcare, as I said earlier, go to the diseases associated with obesity. And it's going to double. We do not teach our children. There is no requirements to teach about proper nutrition for children in elementary and middle school. Right? We don't teach kids about food. So? And this is a little clip from an elementary school, which is very common in England.


Video: Who knows what it is?


Child: Fries. D. O.: Potato? So you think these are potatoes? You know what it is? You know what it is? Child: Broccoli?


Jo: How about this? An old friend of ours. You know, what is it, honey? R: Celery.


D. O.: No. What do you think, what is it? Child: Bow. D. O. Bow? No.


D. O. Instantly understand that these children do not have a clue where the food comes from.


Video. Jo: Who knows what this is? Child: Uh, pear. D. O.: How do you think that is? Child: I don't know. Jo: If the kids don't know what it is, they will never eat it.




D. O.: That's Okay. England and America, England and America. Guess how they managed to change that. Guess how they managed to change that. Two classes, one hour each. We must begin to teach our children in school about what food is. Point.




I want something to tell you, I want to tell you about what kind of epitomizes the trouble, friends. Okay? I would like to talk about something so basic as milk. Every child has the right to milk at school. Your child drinks milk at school for Breakfast and lunch. Right? That is, he drinks two bottles. Right? As the majority of children. But milk is not as useful as before. Because someone at the Council on dairy products, so don't get me wrong, I support milk, but someone in the Council on dairy products, probably paid a lot of money to some eccentric, so he promoted the idea that if you add in the milk, flavorings, dyes and sugar, right, more kids will drink milk. Yes.




And this, obviously, will be popular. The Apple Board is going to work out that if they make toffee apples, children will eat more apples. You know what I mean? For me, it does not need any additives in the milk. Right? Sugar is in everything. I know thoroughly all these ingredients. It's in everything. Even milk has not escaped the fate of contemporary issues. It is our milk. Here is the packaging. It is almost as much sugar as your favorite cans of fizzy pop. And children drink it twice a day. So, let me show. We have one child, having, you know, 8 tablespoons of sugar a day. You know, this is your week. This is your month.I took the liberty to show you the sugar in 5 years of elementary school just from milk. Now, I don't know about you guys, judging by the circumstances, Yes, any judge in the world, looking at these statistics and evidence, considers any government responsible for the ill-treatment of children. I believe in it.




Well, if I came here and I would like it to be so, and introduced the cure for AIDS or cancer, then you would have fought and pressed to get to me. All these bad news can be prevented. And that's good news. You can really prevent. So let's think — we have a problem, we need to reboot. So, in my world, we have to do? That is the case, Yes. The problem may not be caused by only one cause.To do a reboot and actually asutime change, real change, such that I could look you in the eye and say, — "in 10 years, the lives of your children, their happiness...and let's not forget, you are a smart person if you eat right, you know you will live longer and the sun` in the same spirit, will look different. Right?


So, supermarkets. Where else do you shop so religiously? Week after week. How much money you spend at the supermarket? You love the shopping. They just sell us what we want. Great. They are required to provide us with "ambassadors" of food in every large supermarket. They need you to help us shop. They need to show us how to cook quick, tasty, seasonal meals for busy people. It is inexpensive. In some supermarkets it is. And it needs to be spread across America soon, and quick. The big brands, you know, the food brands, need to put education in the field of nutrition at the forefront of their business. I know it's easier said than done. This is the future. And this is the only way.


Fast food. As you know the fast food industry is very competitive. I have the secret papers and dealings with fast food restaurants. I know how they work. I mean, they are literally nurtured us these huge portions of sugar, salt and fat, and x, y, and z. And everyone loves them. Right? So, these guys can be a part of the solution. But we need the state to work with all suppliers of fast food and restaurant industry. And using a 5 -, 6 -, 7-year period, we otocima from extreme amounts of fat, sugar and all the other inedible ingredients.


Now, back to the sort of big brands: labeling, I said earlier, is an absolute farce and needs to be fixed. Great, school. Obviously in schools we are required to do so 180 days a year, from the precious age of 4 years, until 18, 20, 24, whatever, they will cook food from good, fresh produce from local farmers. Agree? Need a new standard of fresh, proper food for your children. So?




In these circumstances, it is extremely important that every single American child leaves school knowing how to cook 10 recipes that will save his life. Life skills.




This means that they can be students, young parents, and they can guide you in the preparation of main dishes, no matter what the economic crisis will strike next. If you can cook, the least amount of money plays no role. If you can cook, time doesn't matter. Jobs. We really didn't talk about it. You know, it's now time for corporate responsibility to really look at, what to eat employees, or what products are available to the staff. The staff are moms and dads of America's children. Marissa, her father died in her arms, I think she would be quite happy if corporate America to start feeding their staff properly.Definitely not to be missed. Let's get back to the house.


Now, look, if we do all this stuff and we can, it's so achievable. You can not be indifferent and to make a profit. Exactly. But the family needs to start learning to cook, that's for sure. Sure, pass it on to the next generation, as a philosophy. And for me this is quite romantic. The point is that one person teaches three how to cook, then they teach three of your friends, this should be repeated 25 times just to cover the entire population of America. Romantic, Yes, but most of all it is important to try to ensure that people understand that the efforts of each of you can make a difference. We need to restore what was lost. Huntington's kitchen. Huntington, where I participated in this program, you know we got the best time for this program in the hope that we can inspire people to change. I sincerely believe that change will happen. Huntington's kitchen. I work with the public. I worked in schools. I found a permanent local funding for each school in the district to move from "junk food" with fresh food. 6.5 thousand bucks for school.




Here is all you need. 6.5 Grand per school. The kitchen is 25 Grand a month. Okay? This can do 5,000 people a year, which is 10% of the population. And this is from person to person. You know, with local chefs to teach local people to cook. It's free cooking lessons, free cooking lessons in the main street. It is real tangible change, real tangible change. In America, if we remember, there is a lot of miracles.There is a lot of beautiful things. Angels across America work wonders in schools in the format of "farm-school", in gardens, in the education system. Are doing this already awesome people. The problem is that they all want to spread what they are doing to the next school, and then another the next. But there is no money. We need to quickly recognize the experts and the angels to identify them, and allow them to easily find the resource to keep rolling out what they are already doing, and doing well. Businesses of America need to support Mrs. Obama in the things that she wants.




And look, I know it's weird that standing here before you, an Englishman, says it all. All I can say is, I don't care. I'm a father. And I love this country. And I truly believe that if things can change in this country, great changes will occur around the world. If America can do it, I believe others will follow. This is extremely important.




When I was in Huntington, trying to make something that didn't work, I thought I'd do if I had a magic wand. And you know what I think? I'd like to speak to the most amazing movers and shakers of America. And a month later, TED called me and handed me this award. I'm here. Here it is, my wish. I'm dyslexic, so I'm a little slow. My desire is to help a strong sustainable movement aimed at teaching each child about what is food, to inspire families to start again, to cook, to help people everywhere to fight obesity.


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