I reject your reality and replace it with their

I like the program "MythBusters" and especially its leading Adam and Jamie - extraordinary personality both in terms of work and personal life.

This post is about them, other leading immortal Buster, as well as about the accidents and injuries that occurred during the filming of the transfer. So, to finish, I will write.

Adam Savage

Born July 15, 1967 in New York, grew up in Westchester County New York. The son of an artist, animator and director, Adam was a child-actor: the voice of the characters, which his father had created for "Sesame Street." He played an errand boy in the store Mr. Whipple in advertising toilet paper "Charmin", as well as playing a drowning boy, the saved lifeguard at the springs, from the video Billy Joel in 1985.

Adam began to make their own toys since been able to hold scissors. At one time he worked as a projectionist, animator, graphic designer, carpenter, designer toys, welder, landscape designer. At work, he used a variety of different materials such as metal, paper, glass, plastic, rubber, foam, worked with hydraulics, neon (this is not a complete list).

Since 1993, Adam has concentrated on the special effects industry. He has worked on such films as world-renowned Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Episode II - Attack of the Clones, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Matrix 2: Reloaded, 3: Revolution.

In addition, Adam has also participated in the filming of advertising in toilet paper "Charmin" and Billy Joel music video "Second Breath" in which he drowns. Also, along with his friend Jamie Heinemann they played a cameo role in the film "The Darwin Awards" and "CSI».

Currently, in addition to the work on "MythBusters" Adam teaches advanced modeling at the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco. He also finds time to realize themselves in the work. More than 50 exhibitions in San Francisco, New York and other US cities included his works.

Conducts program "MythBusters" with Jamie Heinemann. The program where they actually make Heinemann comic duo plays a role somewhat silly, childish characterized human behavior, often make questionable things for fun (although the professionalism of Adam as an engineer and designer no doubt). His statement "I reject your reality and replace it with its own" on display at the beginning of each issue of "Mythbusters." The source of the phrase is the film "Lord of the dungeon," and coined its Savage being convicted of an incorrect assessment of the likely results of testing myth "Rear axle" (he greatly underestimated the probability that when checking actually happened, and later tried to reinterpret its assessment bringing it to the actual results of the tests, but the team of operators has convicted him of fraud). In later editions of TV shows is a t-shirt with the above phrase. It is also often wears a T-shirt with the inscription "All the stunts I perform myself." Sometimes there is a felt hat.

Savage is a fan of the film Blade Runner, revising it every 18 months. He owns a copy of the blaster, which in the film wielded Rick Deckard, and dreams of making it a full-featured version of

He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife Julie and their two sons twins.

Jamie Hyneman

Jamie was born September 25, 1956 in the small town of Marshall, Michigan, but he grew up in Indiana. After graduating from university, Heinemann received a degree in Russian language and literature, then changed many professions. He was an expert at survival in the wild, animal tamer, chef, manager of the company providing the rental boat / diving equipment (and the diving), the captain of a seagoing ship, linguist, engineer and inspector of concrete structures. In some editions of the transfer, he joked that he served in the special unit, was the captain of rugby team in the 30s, was a veterinarian for large animals, as well as served as a political prisoner in Latin America

Heinemann has a colorful appearance - black beret on his shaved head, red sneakers, always impeccably clean white shirt, a thick "walrus' mustache, with a snow-white shirt always remains, regardless of the vicissitudes of checking myth. This characteristic appearance and its low voice sometimes the subject of ridicule lung Adam Savage and the other team members. In many episodes it can be seen in his workshop at M5 Industries hanging a banner reading "Take for yourself or die." Calm, based on logic, serious demeanor Jamie contrasts in the transmission with chaotic, childish and irresponsible behavior several times Adam. Jamie often angry with the antics of Adam, and said about it: "At first they thought - and then do it, but not vice versa." They often argue about specific ways to test the myth, as they appear quite different ideas and solutions. Technical solutions Jamie is usually easier, he says - "do as easy as possible».

Jamie founder of the studio effects M5 Industries, pavilions which are in the ground and shooting TV show. He is also known for the television show "Robot Wars": robot Blendo, he created in M5 Industries remained unbeaten for a long time, because of the unique technical solutions developed by Heinemann.

Like Savage, Jamie also participated in the creation of special effects for such films as The Matrix and Star Wars I and II. In the field of advertising on television, he created the model and the effects can be seen in commercials known brands such as Nike and 7Up. For 7Up he designed "tank" - all-terrain vehicle that sells drinks (and shoot them) and for Nike - two-wheeled soccer shoes in full size, ability to move independently on the field.

Heinemann is married to a teacher of natural science, and strive to make each issue of "Mythbusters" have educational value. At first glance, their experiences may seem simple entertainment, but in fact, and Jamie and Adam follow scientific methodology, counting, measuring speed, power and proschityvaya course of the experiment, trying to find the path of scientific solutions to any problem. Unfortunately, most of the settlements and even many experiments after final assembly behind the scenes.

Heinemann suffers mild form of the fear of heights (it is revealed in the episode about falling off a bridge with a hammer).

He considers himself a skeptic and an atheist.

In October 2006, the California Science Teachers Association awarded the title of Jamie Heinemann lifetime honorary member.

Together with his partner, Adam Savage starred in "The Darwin Awards" in the role of an arms dealer.

Grant Masaru Imahara born October 23, 1970 - Nisei, a specialist in electronics and radiotelemehanike (remote control).

Grant graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. One time, he seriously thought of changing the subject of profiling, intending to become a writer, but in the end remained faithful to the engineering path.

After graduation, Grant took Home THX, a division Lucasfilm, an engineer for licensing, but he soon moved to the studio ILM, where he participated in the creation of such films as The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Star Wars. Episode I. The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Artificial Intelligence, Star Wars. Episode II. Attack of the Clones, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Van Helsing and Star Wars. Episode III. Revenge of the Sith.

Grant mentioned in the credits of many films as the creator of models for the studio Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked for nine years. In particular, he was involved in updating the outdated fleet of robots R2-D2 for a new trilogy of "Star Wars" (original trilogy history), his duties also included handling robot during filming of advertising and appearances in public. As an official expert on R2-D2 played a cameo role in the mockumentary R2-D2: Beneath the Dome.

It is also known to be involved in "Robot Wars," for which he created a robot Deadblow, wins many competitions. Also he developed and managed the rhythmic vibrations of the front paws of modern models of rabbits in advertising Energizer. Under his leadership, the team won the competition ILM TV program "Super War II on the dump is the author of the book" Downhole robot: an illustrated guide to building combat robots "), which is considered the authoritative guide to designing robots.

Currently Imahara - one of the "Mythbusters," a member of the "junior team". In the "destroyers" Imahara was spurred Jamie Heinemann, who previously gave Grant a job periodically.

Imahara wrote and starred in the short film "The architects of evil", filmed for participation in "Eurovision local cinema».

He oversees the robotics team Biomechs # 841 Graduate School of Richmond participating in «FIRST Robotics Competition» («FIRST Robotics Competition"), giving them their skills and their ability to create the right robot for each specific task.

Kari Elizabeth Byron was born December 18, 1974 in San Frantsisko- American artist.

Kari Byron graduated from high school in Los Gatos, after which entered the University of pants in San Francisco, where he graduated in May 1998 with honors with a degree in "sculpture and cinema." The next few years, Carey worked many days hiking, mostly traveling through South Asia, including the Himalayas, as well as participated in several art projects. In addition, it was a secret collaborator of commercial enterprise, tracking the prices and range of martinis and other companies.

She always appeared in the workshop Heinemann M5 Industries for the purpose of employment, and thus got into gear. In its first day as an employee of the company hired producer of the show, Peter Rice and Jamie Carey asked to help with the checking of the myth "Vakkumnye toilet": it was requested to make a model of their own buttocks for the subsequent creation of the mold (to cast a model for testing). In this connection, she later joked that she hired "for the ass».

Fine art and sculpture occupy a significant place in her life. Carey says that every day of his life creating a work of art in one form or another, otherwise, she said, she was "going crazy." Among her favorite materials polymer clay, various items found her, gouache, wood and metals.

Salvatore Belechi was born on 30 October 1970, Monterey, California - Designer and manufacturer of models used, including, in the movie.

After graduating from San Francisco State University in 1994 Belechi got a job to Jamie Heinemann at M5 Industries, which initially was a gofer and engaged in cleaning the workshop, is not moved up the career ladder.

A few years later Tori got the company Industrial Light and Magic as a manufacturer of models, a sculptor and artist Tori worked at ILM for about 9 years. He took part in the work on such films as Star Wars. Episode I. The Phantom Menace and Star Wars. Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Participating in the work on the films:

The Matrix (the whole trilogy);

Van Helsing;

Starship Troopers;

Galaxy Quest;

Bicentennial Man;

Peter Pan (2003 film).

In addition, Belechi shooting short films on his own script: in 1999, his short film Sand Trooper was presented at the International Film Festival "Slamdens».

By the "Mythbusters" Tories joined in 2003, working behind the scenes. On the screen, he appeared in the second season, and in the credits began to mention it since the third season. In 2006, he persuaded his friend, veteran ILM Grant Imahara participate in the transfer.

His collegiate Kari Byron and Grant Imahara often shift to the Tories the most dangerous part of the verification of the myth. It was he, for example, was a pen with the bull in a red track suit ("bull and red rag"), or lick the frozen metal pole ("Snow Myths»).

Buster - a dummy crash test to be used when checking the dangerous myths. As a result of these checks Buster chinilsya and reworked repeatedly, until finally for nearly the whole episode was not completely rebuilt. Buster 2 0 limbs boasts having more realistic movement angles, as well as easily replaceable wooden "bones", breaks with the same force as that of human bone. In addition, his new body was made of "Dragon Skin" - a special fire-resistant silicone. Sometimes Buster fitted with special equipment to make it new "capabilities": checking the myth of "The Fall of the bridge with a hammer," he was equipped with an accelerometer, and a special series "Shark Week" Buster was a device to kick the shark. Although inanimate, Buster is considered part of the team, and leading often turn to him with comic requests "to suffer a little more," "you're part of the team, we need you," and so on in the same spirit.

Accidents and injuries

Due to the nature of the tests, as well as the methods used for the transfer took place at different times of accidents, injuries and emergencies. Here are some of them:

Adam lower lip sucked into a vacuum cleaner running engine and scratched. Adam "checked" the engine, designed for the production of hovercraft (myth "Machine levitation"). Later, in a special series of "Exposing the Mythbusters" (eng. MythBusters Revealed), he explained his actions that he wondered whether the vacuum will draw the lip, but he thought of a rapidly rotating impeller inside the device.

Adam was completely burned right eyebrow and a little burnt hair in an explosion during a test of the myth "The cell phone as a cause of the explosion," about which he said his "catchphrase": "I know ... lost an eyebrow?» («Am I missing ... an eyebrow? »). This phrase is then often demonstrated in the opening video transmission.

Jamie almost fainted during inspection myth "stinking machine." Hermetically sealed machine with two pork carcasses inside the spending in this state for two months, accumulated ammonia in such a high concentration that Jamie nearly fainted when sat inside to remove the car with brakes.

In the process of checking whether a penny dropped from a tall building, kill the man on the ground (fall of penny), Jamie modified air gun staple for what to shoot a penny at top speed. The gun accidentally fired when it overturned and fell into one of the fluorescent lamps workshop. All were quickly evacuated because of the danger of poisoning by mercury vapor.

Adam and Christina received minor burns during the inspection of the myth "Blowing up the candy." Christina burned more - hot liquid toppings candy splattered on her face and neck. Adam later said liquid candy at 120 ° C «... like the napalm."

Torrie rolled on a bicycle when he tried to jump on it by wheelbarrow while checking myth "Car - pole vaulter," even though cycling is not included in the verification program of the myth.

Torrey also fell along with swings when they break the chains during the inspection of the myth "the sun on a swing."

When checking the myth "Blowing hair gel" compressed jet stream patterns exploded a second after Adam went past.

During the inspection of the myth "Confederate Rocket" Jamie and Adam have underestimated the power made them missiles, decided to test them in the room. As a result, Jamie was almost in the center of the explosion, and many items, including hovercraft Adam ignited. Almost all the rooms were filled studio thick smoke (possibly poisonous), and the entire staff of the workshop was temporarily evacuated.

When checking the myth of Babel batteries junior team for Electrofences generator is connected to the two gilded figurines of angels. As a result, Adam, touching him, received a strong electric shock.

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