Wish fulfillment: how to set Your mind and heart

The universe is a "machine for the execution of desires", and without exception, operate on this machine. In simple words, we together create our experience. But how exactly do we "work on this machine"? As we turn into reality every single particle of matter, which manifests itself in our lives? The answer is that we use two powerful centers: our mind and heart.

The process goes something like this. Imagine a fisherman throwing a net in the ocean. You ‒ this fisherman, and the network is the electromagnetic field of your mind or heart. The fisherman (you) is waiting, and feeling the movement, choose your catch. All fish caught in the net, symbolizes your reality. One of the fish may be your partner, the other your job, another home and so on. And just like a fisherman throws the net before he catches the fish, your mind and heart beforehand prepare the situation in order that you eventually get.

Considerable attention was paid to the important role of reason in the materialization, especially after the Law of Attraction was popularized in such books as "the Secret." The mind is a remarkable phenomenon, which is a complex electrochemical network, at the same time it is an extremely powerful device for the fulfillment of desires and reality what he wants. But what if we said that the heart is even more powerful device?

According to the Institute of mathematics of the heart, this organ has the strongest electromagnetic field in the human body, 60 times stronger than the brain. And yet, we give our mind a lot more rights in the decision-making process relative to our life and consequently our reality.

The mind can make a reality of a lot of problems and worries, and suffering, if we let him. The heart does not. The embodiment of a reality that is supported and nourished our heart never leads us astray, because the heart center is our connection with the Universe and our higher self. Our heart knows exactly what we need to do in this life if we will only heed him. On the other hand, the mind carries that baggage which defines what we believe, what we think and, ultimately, what we allow to materialize in our lives. So if the heart is really much more powerful than the mind, and if it knows what's best for us, why do we not listen to him anymore?

Yes, simply because it's easier. Our minds are easily drawn to those experiences that creates our mind, especially if generated thoughts cause fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and can easily attract your attention. The heart speaks to us through emotion, instinct, intuition or "inner sense". It does not communicate with words as our minds. Thus, our reality is much more adapted to the system of materialization based on the activities of the mind. But this could all change in an instant.

The sequence of morbid events that can lead the mind, in the end, can help you connect with your heart center and allow it to control your life experience.

In life some people the mind plays a crucial role. Yes, indeed, he can materialize some wonderful events in your life. However, it embodies and rather painful experience. One day you can Wake up in the night and think: "there Must be a better way". And it is. At some point you will instinctively begin to meditate without even knowing exactly why did you take this practice into service. At first your mind will protest. Most of us do not belong to the type of people who like to "waste" time on such "useless" things like just sit quietly with your eyes closed. How can you, if you want to do so much? And yet, somehow miraculously, you will begin to meditate every day. The first three or four minutes at a time. But over time you will notice yourself in a radical change. Your mind will gradually calm down, and instead of the incessant chatter, you will feel that your Breasts fill the love. "What is it?" ‒ you might think. Nothing, just you speak your heart. And from now on you will no longer allow your mind to take the place of commander-in-chief. This role will belong solely to your heart.

Many people wonder how to incorporate this extraordinary connection with his heart. Here is the answer to this question:

1) Quit your mind.

No matter what way: this could be meditation, yoga, Jogging, Jogging on the beach, walks in the woods. Search bliss helps to drown out the endless voices in our heads. For someone salvation might be meditation, for others it is something completely different.

2) Tune into your heart.

With a decrease in the chatter of the mind will be a wonderful silence and sense of space within you. You will begin to feel their Breasts. You will literally feel the love, compassion and kindness... in your chest! Try to get used to the language of your heart and listen to him. Sometimes, for example, can help the visualization: imagine your heart chakra (the energy center located just above the breast area), which emits green light. And sometimes you can become aware of your feelings when you look at someone you love, or see a wonderful view of the sunset. Then you find that your chest just bursts with love.

3) Use the power of your consciousness to become aware of the synchronicity.

This is important. The synchronicity or synchronicity is the result of what your electromagnetic field thrown in front of you. They're like fish caught in a net of a fisherman. When you are constantly conscious – when you live in the present and not focused on the unrest of the mind ‒ you will likely be able to see this synchronicity (simultaneity between events).

4) the Impact on the synchronicity.

And here begins to act reason. We have a powerful mind. But now he knows his place. We use your mind as a tool that helps us to translate into reality the desires of our heart. The heart gives a command, and the mind follows it. It was at this point must use all your creative thinking. When your heart gives you the experience and the creative principle that orders the events, your mind helps to make a reality of these initial desires.

If you allow your heart to guide your life experience, everything changes. Once you learn the language of the heart, you will cease to ignore it. And soon enough you will reach your goals in life. Because it turns out that only your heart knows what it lies.


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