Polar bear sees snow for the first time (video)

It is obvious that not only human babies react to snow so they admire and so are directly enjoying seeing him for the first time. Although polar bears live in icy environs, their young are born in relatively warm dens and have their first experience of interaction with real snow, only when they are solved for the first time to go outside. The video shows the little bear caught a glimpse of who saw the snow covered world around him, and his reaction is very similar to the reaction of the child who first saw snow.

Bear was sitting in the den for the first few months after birth, and then decided to come out. Very much as the environment impressed him, confused. But not alarmed and not afraid. You can try to imagine how strange it must be for a little bear, suddenly seeing the big, white world around him, after a stay in the den from birth.

Beautiful, strong bears are in very great danger because of climate change: sea ice, on which they depend, which affects their survival, is melting at an alarming rate, and their habitat and food sources, are also at risk as a result of pollution and oil drilling in the Arctic.


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