4 Children's stories, which is filled with a lot more sense than you think

Fragments from fairy tales, which contain much more sense than it might seem at first glance


The famous English writer CS Lewis, once wrote: "Once you grow up, and until that day when you start again to re-read a fairy tale." And it will take in any adult sense, picking up the children's book. Since the case that the fairy tale for children contain much more sense than it might seem at first glance. They can be re-read a large number of times, and each time turn up something new and even more profound.

1. "Snow Falling fine. There was a thaw, "Sergei Kozlov
And in the evening, when tea drinking, Bear said:
- I do not know how soon, but someday will certainly be better and better.
- still would! - Said Hare.
A Hedgehog thought:
"It can not in fact be that it was bad and bad - because once there must be good!»

2. "velvet Rabbit" by Margery Williams
- You can only then be present - says corduroy Rabbit reasonable Horse old leather - when someone for a long time love you. He does not just play with you, but really loves you.
- And it hurt? - Asked the Rabbit.
- From time to time, - Leather Horse gave an answer, as always spoke only the truth. - Although, if you are real, you'll be able to endure the pain.
- How does that happen? Once ready, and as you have got the key, or gradually?
- Little by little, - said Leather Horse. - You've become real. It will take a lot of time. That's why this is so is not often the case with those who simply mouthed, intractable or requests to his special relationship. Almost always, so by the hour is that when you're present, you will have already shabby fur, eyes fall out, unsteady limbs, in general, you have a very insignificant kind. Although it will not be smooth a score of little or no value, as the one who has become present, there are no ugly. Well, maybe only in the eyes of those who do not understand anything.

3. "The Winter's Tale," an animated film
- What are you doing here? - I wondered Bear.
- It is expected as soon as you get well - said the Hedgehog.
- How long?
- Whole winter. When I learned that you ate too much snow - just drag all supplies available to you ...
- And you spent a whole winter sitting on a stool next to me?
- Yes, I'm watering spruce belly broth and applied a dry grass ...
- I do not remember - said Bear.
- Of Course! - Hedgehog sighed. - You're talking the whole winter, and told me that you - a snowflake. I'm so afraid that you will be able to spring rastanut ...

4. "Hedgehog in the Fog", Sergei Kozlov
So it was every day in the evenings in the cool autumn light. And every evening with Bear Hedgehog gathered then Bear, Hedgehog, and then about something talking. Here and now, he said the cub Hedgehog:
- As all the same great that we have each other!
Bear in response he nodded.
- You just imagine: no me, but you're the one sitting there and no one to talk to.
- Where are you?
- And there is no me.
- It does not happen, - said Bear.
- I also think - said the Hedgehog. - Although unexpected here - I have absolutely no. And you're all alone. Well then you're going to do?
- To you go.
- And where?
- Well, how - where? Home. I will come and say, 'What are you hedgehog did not come? "And you will answer ...
- That's foolish! What did I tell you when I'm not?
- Once the house is not, then you went to me. I will go home. Ah, you're here! And then I'll start ...
- What?
- Bran!
- For what?
- Like what? Well, for what could not do, as we agreed.
- How to negotiate?
- Well, how do I know? Although you have to be, or I, or at home.
- But I was in fact not at all. Do you understand?
- Then you have gone somewhere and not returned yet. I'll run, search the forest completely and you shall find!
- You're already searched, - said the Hedgehog. - And it is not found.
- I will go then to the forest in the neighborhood!
- There is also no.
- Then everything will move upside down and find you!
- And I do not. No one.
- Then already, even then ... Then I have in the freewheel, - said Bear. - And I will shout: "E-ee-Ms-and-and-a!", And then you hear me scream back, "Medvezhono-oh-oh-a! .." Here.
- No, - said the Hedgehog. - And I have not a bit. You know?
- What are you stuck with me? - Angry bear. - When you do not, it means I have neither. Clear?…


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