24 good habits, will change your life

List of truly powerful habits that if they perform daily - will completely change your life!

First we create our habits, then our habits create us.
~ John Dryden

When you every day to do something, over time it becomes a habit. This list is really powerful habits that if you stick to them completely change your life.

Waking up early in the morning. For me to get up at 5 am and paid for myself a lot of time to work - a pleasure.
Exercise. Once I set a goal - 4 times a day to engage in physical activity. But in the end often put off everything for tomorrow. And then I realized that I'd rather play sports once a day, but it will become my habit.
Revise and rewrite its best purpose. Every day I try to get closer to their targets. The fact that I start the day with a review of its objectives, says that during the day I realize more and more what I want to achieve. Says Canadian writer Robin Sharma: "The higher your awareness, temluchshy choice you can make. When you delaeteluchshy choice, you see the best results ».
Listen to music and read books that will motivate you, because in the morning the whole day seems limitless possibilities. I motivate myself in the morning, listening to an audiobook or reading a book that can inspire me.
Visualize your upcoming day. I like a few minutes to close your eyes and imagine that I wanted to happen today. Surprisingly, it often works.
Write a list of what needs to be done. I often write in his diary a list of important tasks to do during the day. When I do a particular task, then I cross out in front of her and put a check to a certain point. It's easy, but believe me - very effectively.
Check the headlines. I think it is very important to understand and know what is happening in society and the world at large. In the end, you should be able to maintain a conversation on any topic. Otherwise, sometimes you have to feel completely uninteresting interlocutor.
Blog: I think that blogs have a lot of useful information. Start blogging and it will help you to develop your creativity, make new friends, and sometimes even be able to bring you some income.
Take the time to look good: the realities of life - the people around us really is judged by appearance. I always check before leaving, how good I look today.
Smile. Most likely you have heard about how important it is to smile, but as they say: "common sense - the phenomenon is very rare." I try during the day is always smiling. And believe me, it's not just me making happier but also helps other people smile.
Highlight the most important thing. I try not to focus on the tasks that must be performed immediately, but are not significant. The first thing you need to do the most important tasks. Learn how to set your priorities.
Do not let too many promises, just do better. At work, I try to do everything to the maximum, pay attention to detail and the detail that many overlook. Before each mission, I put some deadlines, and where possible, try to cope with all the advance.
Be active. Being active means to be proactive and take responsibility for what happened. Whenever I want something to happen, I ask myself: "What can I do to make this happen?».
Eat well. Replace potato chips, sweets and chocolates fruits, vegetables (carrots, celery, by the way, well chewed) and nuts.
Be closer to nature: for a perfect state of health is good to spend time outdoors. On weekdays, I try to walk at lunch.
Keep in touch with your friends. I try every day to send SMS to your friends. It seems to me, a great way to keep in touch, even if we are all very busy.
Accumulate. At least 10% of salary, I try to postpone. The best way to save money - is to cut its daily limit.
Always found time for his family. I think to be home most evenings - this is extremely important.
Take time for yourself. I also believe that it is important to devote time and for himself. To do something that I love: read, watch your favorite movie, meditate, do yoga, listen to music or go to the gym.
Responsible for cleaning: a house that is full of trash, can cause confusion in the mind and confused thoughts. To stay on top, you need to live clean.
Distracting. I try to turn off the computer and TV for 30-60 minutes before going to bed to rest the brain. When I do this, then I am sleeping a lot calmer.
Review your day. I think it's a great way to control how much closer I became to their targets. I fulfilled all the tasks in your list? Passed if my day as I had planned? If not, what is the reason?
Confess your love. It is not necessary to assume that all members of your family, and so they know that you love them. Personally, I say words of love to his wife and sons, at least once a day.
Go to bed too late. The first good habit in this list (to wake up early in the morning) starts with going to bed too late. Then you are guaranteed a good night's sleep.
Peter Clemens


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