6 children's fairy tales, the meaning of which is much deeper than it seems

We are losing the childhood time, but keep it in yourself. Perhaps that is why we love stories. Many of them are worth reading, not only in the young, but also in adulthood because they are filled with a lot more sense than we think as a child. < Website I have compiled excerpts from well-known fairy tales that are worth rereading.

"All of the Moomins," Tove Yansson

You can lie down on the bridge and watch as the water flows. Or run, or wander through the swamp in red boots, or curl up and listen to the rain pounding on the roof.
Being happy is very easy.

"Pollyanna" Eleanor Porter

Niece acquainted with the daily routine, Miss Polly rose from his chair and headed for the exit.
- But Aunt Polly! - Pollyanna cried in fright. - Aunt Polly! When am I going to live? You have left me quite a time.
- To live? - She raised her eyebrows Aunt Polly. - I do not understand what you mean, my child? We all live until the Lord priberet us to Himself. And you live, whatever worked.
- Well, yes, yes, Aunt Polly! Of course, all the time, while I'm watching and I do not stop to breathe or move. But this does not mean that I will live. That's because when I sleep, I do breathe, but I do not live. When I say live em>, Aunt Polly, I mean, I can do what I want.

"The Wizard of OzĀ»,
Alexander Volkov

Ellie was thinking and did not notice that the Scarecrow fell into the pit. He had to call friends for help.

- Why did not you walked around? - I asked the Tin Woodman.

- I do not know! - Frankly I answered the Scarecrow. - You see, my head is stuffed with straw, and I'm going to ask for some brains Goodwin.

- So! - Said Woodman. - In any case, the brain - not the best in the world.

- Here's another! - Surprised the Scarecrow. - Why do you think so?

- Previously, I had a brain, - said the Tin Woodman. - But now, when we have to choose between the brain and heart, I prefer heart.

- And why? - I asked the Scarecrow.

- Brains do not make one happy, and happiness - the best there is on the earth.

"However, we always?" Sergei Kozlov

- I would, you know, what would most like? - Thinking, Hedgehog said Bear. - I would most like to see each of your needle grown on cone.
- What would be increased later?
- And then you could become a real tree, and lived for a hundred years.
- It's good ... And how would you talking to me?
- I would climb to the very top and whispered in temechko.

"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Ekzyuperi

- I should not have listened to her - trusting little prince said to me one day. - Never have to listen to what they say flowers. You just have to look at them and breathe their fragrance. My flower fragrance watered my whole planet, and I could not enjoy it. This talk of claws and tigers ... They had to move me, but I was angry ...

And he admitted:

- Nothing I did not understand! It should be judged not by words but by deeds. She gave me her fragrance, lit up my life. I should not have run. Behind these pathetic tricks and ploys I had to guess tenderness. Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young, I did not know how to love.

"If I do not have," Sergei Kozlov

Every evening Hedgehog with Baby Bear going then hedgehog, then Bear and anything said. And today Hedgehog said the cub:
- How did a good thing we have each other!
Bear nodded.
- Just imagine: I do not, you sit alone and talk to no one.
- And where are you?
- And I do not.
- It does not happen, - said Bear.
- I think so, too, - said the Hedgehog. - But suddenly there - I do not have. You are alone. Well, what will you do? ..
- Turn everything upside down, and you otyschesh!
- No me nowhere !!!
- Then, then ... Then I stick out in the field, - said Bear. - And I scream: "E-ee-Ms-and-and-a!" And you will hear and scream: "Medvezhono-oh-oh-ok! .." Here.
- No, - said the Hedgehog. - I'm not a bit not. Do you understand?
- What are you bothering me? - Angry bear. - If you do not, then I do not. Got it?

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