It is impossible to make sense of life, meaning you need to find

"It is of paramount importance for understanding the essence of the person has a mental phenomenon, which I call semitransparently of human existence.

We are talking about that person in a life always striving to go beyond his personality, reaches for something greater, whether it is a destination that he needs to do, or love to another person.

The person is revealed to the service of their business or in love. The more he is given to his work or love to the neighbor, the more this humanity, the closer he is to himself.


In fact, man can find himself only through self-forgetfulness, self-denial. Is a healthy eye sees itself? No, this happens only with eye diseases. For example, with cataract, the person appears before the eyes of the shroud, caused by the clouding of the lens, and glaucoma, he sees a rainbow halo around a light source.

The more distinct these visual sensations, the worse a person sees the world."


"We are trying to convince you that aggression can be neutralized by sending it in another direction, or to sublimate. However, experts in ethology from the number of pupils of Konrad Lorenz proved that so-called harmless ways of venting his anger aggression — for example, watching certain kind of films — in fact only provoke aggression and perpetuate aggressive reflex.

Moreover, the sociologist Carolyn wood Sherif denied even a common belief that sports replace real war with bloodshed. Based on her observations of three groups of teenagers vacationing in the closed summer camp, sports are not removed, but rather stimulate aggression. And what is most interesting — for all time of stay in the summer camp, these Teens only once has ceased to behave aggressively, and it happened at a time when they had to work together to push stuck in the mud truck, which was carrying food lager. In the heat of this difficult but necessary work they literally forgot about their enmity."

"People are willing to kill their own kind when life seems to them meaningless". Indeed, the escalation of aggression occurs primarily where there is existential vacuum".

"The fact that sexual contact does not give the "effect" of happiness, if a person seeks only to sexual satisfaction".

"Einstein once said that the man who sees no meaning in his life, not only unhappy, but also probably unsustainable. And, indeed, the pursuit of meaning in some way is equivalent to what American psychologists call "survival factor". One of the most important lessons I learned in Auschwitz and Dachau, is thatin inhuman conditions is able to survive only those who are future-oriented, who believes in his vocation and wants to fulfill their purpose".

"It is impossible to make sense of life, meaning you need to find".

"To invent can only be subjective, that is entirely illusory sense or nonsense."

"The meaning is not only necessary, but also possible to find".

"The meaning is revealed only in a specific situation. The meaning is always directly related to "the moment" and must meet this requirement to a specific person. And each person is unique, and each individual situation.

Every day, every hour of your life has a special meaning, and for each person. Meaning can be revealed to everyone, but to each his own.

Therefore, the meaning of life varies depending on the situation and person. And yet all around is filled with meaning. Every situation gives us the opportunity to find the meaning of life and before any human life poses important challenges. Every opportunity for the realization of semantic potential is given to us only once in life, and each person who is given such an opportunity, unique."

"Revealing the meaning of life, man reveals himself."published

Books by Victor Frankl, "Suffering from the meaninglessness of life."


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