20 women are absolutely beautiful in its "40"

These women are admired by millions. Their amazing talent and beauty, seem timeless. They have over 40, but they still look great and feel great.

Website admire these beauties, which over the years have become only more luxurious.

Monica Belluchchi50 years

Italian diva remains the standard of femininity and beauty. Surprisingly, the actress does not sit on a diet and avoids party clubs. "I love myself too. So I can not torture yourself in sports and hunger. You love yourself, and you will not need any lift or cosmetic surgery ».

Halle Berri48 years

Since she became "Miss USA-1986" has been more than 20 years. Although diabetes and late motherhood, in 48 years the actress manages to look great.

Meryl Strip65 years

The actress never fanatically did not apply to their own appearance. Streep believes that we should wisely approach to beauty and health. The secret of the legendary film star - a positive view of the world and moderation in all things.

Penelope Krus40 years

"I never tried to hide his age. When I look at the actresses whom I respect, I understand that they are never shy of his years. Women like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, grow old beautifully ».

Salma Hayek48 years

As she says Salma, care for themselves, she learned at an early age from her grandmother, who worked in the barbershop and granddaughter planted a sense of beauty. "She was an alchemist and magician in one person - it was from her I learned many of the secrets of beauty».

Renata Litvinova48 years

"Sometimes I look at your pictures and think," Wow! As I grow old beautifully! "In 48 years, it looks much more impressive many twenties girls.

Angelina Dzholi39 years

The actress has repeatedly acknowledged the most beautiful woman in the world. In June it will be 40 years old, but her full lips, sharp nose, and perfect eyebrows, as well as the image as a whole, continues to excite still.

Julia Roberts47 years

While all argue role in flawless beauty Julia played genetics, and some fillers and Botox injections, the actress talks about a balanced diet and active physical activities and believes that the main thing in life - peace of mind.

Madonna56 years

Despite his age, Madonna continues to look great. And this is especially true of her figure. Singer devotes a lot of time playing sports and watching his diet.

Jennifer Lopes45 years

Lopez does not get tired to prove that it is still in perfect shape.

Cindy Krouford47 years

While many models end his career at 25, supermodel 90 still incredibly in demand.

Kate Blanshett45 years

Tall, slender, with porcelain skin. Not surprisingly, in 1999, People magazine included the Oscar-winning actress in the list of the most beautiful women in the world. The secret of his miraculous recovery she called genes and the joy of motherhood.

Gwyneth Peltrou42 year

"And you know, I love my wrinkles, and I like the way I look. Of course, sometimes I run into criticism and start to worry about it, and for that, but actually I try to ignore their possible shortcomings. I value my life and the years that I have lived, as well as appreciate the experience gained ».

Carmen Dell'Orefays84 year

This 83-year-old model at the peak of popularity to this day. It is, surprisingly, the popularity of some of the young models.

Eva Mendes41 year

All photos actress looks great. Even in the photo without makeup. By the way, according to most of Eve, it absolutely does not care how it looks on the big screen.

Ingeborg Dapkunayte52 year

"In 50 to be in shape and look happy? Yes, this is possible! Main - entourage loved ones and favorite work ».

Heidi Klum41 year

Klum has retained so curvy figure, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the ex-supermodel, TV host and mother of four met with 27-year-old man.

Demi Mur52 year

Always well groomed and fit, it does not look his age. The secret of youth Demi - stormy personal life. She was always more interested in men than diet.

Charlize Teron39 years

Despite his age, Charlize continues to build an active professional career and sign multimillion-dollar contracts with the leading cosmetic brands. Her secret - in an active way of life: she runs in the morning and tries as much as possible to go on foot.

Sophie Loren80 years

Italian cinema legend Sophia Loren for 80 years, and she still can afford neckline and slinky evening dresses.

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