These Russian fairy tale you've ever seen

Photographer Yulduz Bahtiozina made a series of photos, which presented its vision of the heroes of Russian fairy tales. The work received mixed, but exciting, a little decadent and exquisitely beautiful. Yulduz pays special attention to detail and seeks to reflect the symbolism of which is inherent in the most important characters of fairy tales - Baba Yaga, Ivan the Fool, The Frog Princess.

Website offers a few minutes to forget about the usual and look at the Russian fairy tale through the eyes of an artist.

Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven bogatyryah

Ivan Tsarevich and his carpet samolet

Lick winter

Ivan the Fool and Firebird ptitsa

Ivan the Fool is far from simple. It seeker and dreamer. It does not come from the standard arguments of practical reason, and follows the intuition, looking for their own ways and solutions. They often contradict common sense, but, ultimately, bring success.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga - this is not just an ugly old woman. Her image in Slavic mythology and deeper and more significant - it is the mistress of the forest, lady birds and animals, guardian of the borders of the kingdom of death. In addition, it does not always do evil - sometimes it feeds, waters the hero and gives some secret knowledge: the glomerulus and other magical artifacts. Of course, it puts children on a shovel to fry. But this image is associated with the function of priestess conducting the teens through the initiation rite - they always run away and become smarter and bolder.

Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

Princess lyagushka

The image of the Frog Princess - is the archetypal image of femininity, a mysterious and unfathomable. A complex story of the frog in the final conversion Vasilisa - a symbolic act of turning a girl into a woman.

Enchantment and honey

Dairy reki

The image of the milk and honey of fairy tales goes back to iriyu, paradise of the ancient Slavs. It is an enchanted region, the underworld, where the souls of ancestors.

Princess lebed

Sleep prirody

Soul lesa

Fair maiden

Photo source: Website Yulduz Bahtiozinoy

Information about the heroes of fairy tales: Wikipedia, the magazine "sociosphere┬╗



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