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Thank Russian weapons knows no boundaries. Russian soldiers suffered what never suffered and will suffer the soldiers the armies of other countries. This is evidenced by entries in the memoirs of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, where they admired the actions of the Red Army:

"Close contact with nature allows the Russian to move freely at night in the fog, through forests and swamps. They are not afraid of the dark, endless forests and cold. They are not a novelty of winter, when the temperature drops to minus 45. Siberian, which partly or even completely possible to consider Asians, even tougher, even more ... We have already experienced it myself during the First World War, when we had to deal with the Siberian Army Corps »
"For Europeans, accustomed to a small area of ​​the distance in the East seem endless ... Horror intensified melancholy, monotonous nature of the Russian landscape, which is depressing, especially gloomy autumn and painfully long winter. The psychological impact of the country on average German soldier was very strong. He felt worthless, lost in these vast expanses »
"Russian soldiers prefer melee. His ability, without flinching, to make a true deprivation causes surprise. This is a Russian soldier, whom we have learned and imbued with respect to which a quarter of a century ago. "
"It was very difficult to make a clear idea of ​​equipping the Red Army ... Hitler refused to believe that the Soviet industrial production can be equal to German. We had little information concerning the Russian tanks. We had no idea about how many tanks per month is able to produce the Russian industry.
It was hard to even get the card, as the Russian held them in great secrecy. Those cards, which we had, were often incorrect and misleading.
On the combat power of the Russian army, we also did not have accurate data. Those of us who have fought in Russia during the First World War, believed that it is high, and those who did not know the new enemy, tended to underestimate her. "
"The behavior of Russian troops even in the first battle was in striking contrast with the behavior of Poles and Western allies in the defeat. Even surrounded by Russian heavy fighting continued. Where roads were not, in most cases, Russian remained inaccessible. They are always trying to break through to the east ... Our environment Russian rarely successful. "
"From Field Marshal von Bock to soldier all hoping that soon we will be marching through the streets of the Russian capital. Hitler even set up a special demining team, which was to destroy the Kremlin.
When we came close to Moscow, the mood of our commanders and troops suddenly changed. To my surprise and disappointment, we found in October and early November that the Russian defeated not ceased to exist as a military force. In recent weeks, resistance intensified fighting and tension grew with each passing day ... »
Chief of Staff of the 4th Army Wehrmacht General Gunther Blumentritt

"Russian do not surrender. The explosion, another, all is quiet for a moment, and then they opened fire again ... »
"With amazement we watched Russian. They seem to be the case and was not up to the fact that their main forces crushed ... »
"Loaf of bread had to cut down with an ax. Several schastlivchiikam managed to acquire Russian outfit ... »
"My God, what are these Russian conceived to do with us? We all shall die here! .. »
From the memoirs of German soldiers.

"Russian from the very beginning showed himself as a first-class soldiers, and our success in the first months of the war were due to a better preparation. Having gained combat experience, they have become first-class soldiers. They fought with exceptional tenacity, had amazing stamina ... »
Colonel-General (later - Field Marshal) von Kleist

"It often happened that the Soviet soldiers raised their hands to show that they give us into captivity, and after our Marines approached them, they again resorted to arms; wounded or feign death and then shot in the rear of our soldiers. "
General von Manstein (also a future field marshal)

"It should be noted the persistence of certain compounds in the Russian battle. There have been cases where the garrisons of pillboxes blew himself up along with pillboxes, not wanting to surrender. " (Record of 24 June.)
"Data from the front confirms that Russian everywhere fighting to the last man ... It is striking that in the capture of artillery it.p.v prisoner shall be few." (29 June.)
"The fighting with Russian are purely stubborn. It captured only a small number of prisoners. " (July 4)
Diary General Halder

"The originality and uniqueness of the character of the country gives the campaign a special Russian specifics. The first serious opponent »
Field Marshal Brauchitsch (July 1941)
"About a hundred of our tanks, of which about a third were T-IV, took the starting position for a counterattack. On three sides we fired on Russian iron monster, but all in vain ...
Layered on the front and the depth of Russian giants came closer and closer. One of them approached our tank, hopelessly stuck in a swampy pond. Without any hesitation black monster went around the tank and press it into the dirt tracks.
At this moment arrived 150 mm howitzer. While artillery commander warned of the approach of enemy tanks, guns opened fire, but again to no avail.
One of the Soviet tanks approached the howitzer of 100 meters. The gunners opened fire on him point-blank range, and made contact with - is like lightning struck. Tank stopped. "We knocked it" - relieved gunners. Suddenly, someone screamed hysterically calculation tools, "He went back!" Indeed, the tank came to life and began to approach the gun. Another minute, and shiny metal tank tracks imprinted like a toy howitzer to the ground. Having finished with the gun, the tank continued on his way as if nothing had happened »
The commander of the 41st Panzer Corps Wehrmacht General Rayngart

Courage - a courage inspired by spirituality. Perseverance, on which the Bolsheviks defended in their pillboxes in Sevastopol, akin to certain animal instinct, and it would be a profound mistake to regard it as a result of Bolshevik opinion or education. Russian has always been so and will likely always remain such »
Joseph Goebbels

 - Well, Hans? Where is your vaunted Russian soldiers? - Carl grinned. - The German army for a week tramples great Russian plain, and so far we have not met a decent resistance.

The one named Hans, his lips turned away. Is it the deputy's right? They have weekly march on Russian soil, killing and maiming of children and the elderly, to the west of the crowd hijacking bodied Slavs. Where are the invincible Russian, which they are still students, a year ago, admired, studied history at the University of Russian civilization?

Not considered as a stronghold of resistance to the small fortress, standing in front of a hill? Hans again looked fortress look. No nothing notable gray stone walls, black loopholes, spitting fire every time the German infantry goes on the attack. Based on the classification, which forced them all to learn Lad Camp, the garrison is somewhere three hundred people.
A lot or a little? Hard to say. But these three hundred five thousand forced to stop a column of German troops. Another day of delay and the authorities appeared to questions. It is good that this day would not have Russian. Hans spat, pulling the chain, pulled from his breast pocket watch, a gift from his father, his pride. Glancing at his watch, Hans reassured soon.

And as if echoing his thoughts, the horizon began to grow dim at first, but growing rumble. "Here it is, the power of the Reich, aviation," - Hans smiled - "from this krepostitsy soon will be over, and then the German machine rolled on in the heart of Soviet Russia».

The roar of engines grew louder, drowning out the now-familiar sounds of Russian forests. They fly over the heads of the German planes roar shelves greeted friendly. Hans is realized through open mouths in the cry, the soldiers stood aside. He himself, except for the roar of engines, did not hear a sound.

But in a native drone bombers diverging oblique cross on the wings, on the verge of audibility wedged foreign sound. Hans has not yet realized the essence of sound mind, intuitively understood Russian.

Turning to the fortress, he saw a handful of Russian soldiers, throw in a suicide attack on a pullback from the fortress condemned the German positions. How many of them? Almost three dozen typed. Platoon. Russian platoon, two days held back five thousand German soldiers ?!

Before the hearing has clearly could hear the strange Russian "Hurrah," which, nevertheless, to the bone. What is it? Is crept into the heart, there is no fear, only its echo, but ... Hans looked around.

Slim ranks of German soldiers, fascinated looking at the rapidly approaching Russian troops. Carl stared in amazement at the handful of brave men going to their death. And behind the fleeing Russian fortress, flying debris in a hail of German bombs. Fascinates with its surreal picture. And flying over it all the famous Russian "Hurrah» ...

There was a roar, drowning out the battle cry of Russian, forced Hans flinch. And then, among the running attack traces breaks up, thrown into the air clods and a cloud of dust.

 - Wow - barred thought Hans. - The artillery, which we were waiting yesterday, finally got into position. And I did not notice.

Cannon also like to touch, they continued to plow clearing here and there throwing bursts of Russian land ...

Hans shook his head than only intensified tinnitus, echoing in my head. It's been about ten minutes after the cannonade, but the dust has not yet had time to drop the veil on to became a mass grave of Russian soldiers clearing.

Carl glanced at the commander and, after waiting for a nod, gave guttural command. A platoon of German infantry moved forward. Hans as if something pushed in the back and he walked behind, although the statute ordered the captain to stay on the appointed positions.

Coming up to the crash site of the Russian soldiers, Hans involuntarily moved forward. Dusty slurry still hung in the air, forcing him to squint, trying to see anything. Behind him stood his men with weapons at the ready, each controlling its own sector.

Suddenly, for a moment, ran a sharp gust of fresh wind and scattered remnants of a dusty curtain, saw not far miraculously survived Russian fighter Hans involuntarily stepped back. Tunic torn, blood-drenched clothes and the knife clutched in his hand. Leg excised fragments, forced him to limp with every step, grinding his teeth. He seemed not to notice around completely focused on moving. It was only the sound of dozens of distorting closures forced him to stop and look at the squad.

All this said Hans edge of consciousness, fascinated watching the Russian clutched in his hand with a knife. Where's his weapon? Does he went on the attack with a knife? And just making sure that no Russian weapons have gone, Hans looked up and locked eyes with this unknown Russian.

No wonder they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Hans, but good knowledge of the history, teachers have invested good knowledge of psychology. So he was ready to see everything: fear, unbearable torments of hell, even the silent pleas to spare him from suffering. And so it was surprisingly found hard look wounded Russian soldier. Russian guessing it commander, he looked at Hans, keeping eyes for a second.

And in the view Hans some sixth sense felt something irrational, something that is not taught at the universities, and that you will not hear from the incessant Charles. It was a look full of courage, cold eyes mangled, barely standing on his feet soldier exuded such strength of spirit that Hans involuntarily looked away.
What is it? Was he afraid of it .... this Russian ?! How dare this warrior so I look at the soldier invincible German army? As if that was not wounded, he stands on the site of the death of their comrades, and not in front of him are five thousand enemy soldiers. No, that Hans, a German infantry company commander, is on the field of his victory, and that his shoulders are another five thousand. Arguing similarly, Hans stepped forward and looked at the Russian challenge.

And he met his gaze ... smiled corners of the lips, and Hans felt as if falling into the abyss of the cold look. And he saw something that did not tell anyone in his life, fearing that he would be considered for the next gone mad on war soldier.

Hans saw behind only surviving defenders, one after another grow disembodied shadows ... Silent ranks disembodied Russian soldiers appeared behind the fighter as if from nowhere. And if the first number of fighters was the usual form of a Soviet soldier, then for them to think of Hans, a historian by training, snatched absolutely impossible picture. Here stand shoulder to shoulder and the red-Whites, though there was a civil war between them, fixing them in the sky shining tip bayonets affixed to rifles, the soldiers are victorious Napoleon's army. Then the soldiers of the army of Peter rose as if from a place ready to go to the arena ... the Battle of Poltava.

The hussars and guardsmen, militia and guerrillas, the Marines and sailors, Vikings and Knights ... Thousands of Russian soldiers rose behind only surviving defenders. And their eyes were crossed here on a single enemy army commander, who has not thought about the five thousand body behind her, but felt rising from the depths of the souls of fear and helplessness ....

Hans blinked and glamor was gone. Before him there was only one Russian soldier, rushed at him his steel gray eyes. Obsession was gone, but from that moment the commander of the German soldiers left a clear understanding - they do not win this war ...

Sharp slap in the face, forcing Hans wince and turn his head, a shot rang a dozen trunks. It Karl, seeing that his commander that something was wrong, gave the order to open fire. The body of a Russian soldier flourished dozen red divorces.

Hans, with some lurking hope, turned sharply to the Russian, and he was not looking away. Only by looking into the eyes of the commander of the German army, and if something they read, the Russian smiled ... and fell to the ground plowed by explosions Russian.






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