Russian sniper - it's something terrible

As I remember, ten years ago, the "round table" of the popular television program a former student of the Central School of female sniper training A. Shilin told:

"I was already an experienced fighter who had 25 on account of the Nazis, when the Germans started up" cuckoo. " Every day, two or three of our soldiers not. Yes shoots something aptly: the first patron - the forehead or temple. Caused a couple of snipers - did not help. On any bait is not. Ordered us as you want, but must destroy. We Tosey, the best friend of mine, dug in - place, remember, marshy, around the bumps, small bushes. Began to conduct surveillance. Day lain waste, other. On the third Tossia says: "Let's take. Do stay alive, no - do not care. Soldiers of something falling ... »

She was shorter than me growth. A shallow trench. Takes the rifle, bayonet fixes, it puts on a helmet and starts to crawl, run, crawl again. Well, I look out for. Voltage great. And for her, that experience, and the sniper to be missed. See bushes in one place like a slightly parted. It! Immediately took him on sight. He shot, I immediately. I hear a good cry, girls, cheers to you! Crawls to Tosya, look - blood. The bullet pierced his helmet and ricochet grazed her neck. Here platoon arrived. Raised it - and the medical unit. Cost ... And at night our scouts pulled this sniper. Mother had, about a hundred of our soldiers killed ... »

In practice combat Soviet snipers examples are, of course, abruptly. But began with the fact, which told Frontovichka Shilin, is no accident. In the previous decade, with the filing of the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich some writers and researchers in Russia are trying to assert a public perception that the sniper - too inhumane frontline specialty, making no distinction between those who set a goal to destroy half the world's population, and those who resisted this goal . But who can blame Alexander Shilin for the fact mentioned at the beginning of the essay? Yes, Soviet snipers face to face with the converged soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht at the front, sending a bullet in them. And what else? By the way, the German aces fire opened his account much earlier Soviet. By June 1941, many of them killed several hundred soldiers and officers - Poles, Frenchmen, Englishmen.

... In the spring of 1942, when the fierce battles for Sevastopol, the sniper of the 54th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Division of the Maritime Army Lyudmila Pavlichenko was invited into the next part where Hitler brought a lot of trouble shooter. She came into the fight with the German ace and won it. When looked sniper book, it turned out that he had destroyed 400 French and English, as well as about 100 Soviet soldiers. Very humane was shot Lyudmila. How many has kept it from bullets nazi!

Vladimir Pchelintsev Fedor Okhlopkov Maxim Passard ... During the Great Patriotic these and other names snipers were widely known among the troops. But who won the right to be called an ace sniper number one?

The Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Russia, among many other items stored sniper rifle Mosin sample 1891/30 biennium. (Number KE-1729), "the name of Hero of the Soviet Union and Andruhaeva Ilyin." Initiator sniper movement 136th Infantry Division of the Southern Front politruk Husen Andruhaev died heroically in the heavy fighting for Rostov. In his memory, established a sniper rifle in his name. In the days of the legendary defense of Stalingrad it reeks of the enemy of the best sniper Guard Petty Officer Nicholas Ilyin. In a short time he was with the Nazis murdered 115 extend their lead to 494 and became the best Soviet sniper during World War II.

In August 1943 near Belgorod in melee combat with the enemy Ilyin died. Rifle, now named the two heroes (Nikolai Ilyin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, February 8, 1943-go), traditionally given to the best sniper of the sergeant Athanasius Gordienko. He brought his account of it to 417 killed Nazis. This is an honorable weapon out of order only if it was a shell fragment. A total of this rifle affected about 1,000 soldiers and officers. Nikolai Ilyin made her 379 accurate shots.

What was characteristic of this twenty sniper from Lugansk region? He was able to outwit the enemy. Once Nicholas stalking an enemy hand all day. Across the felt: a few hundred meters away lay a seasoned professional. Removing the German "cuckoo"? From his jacket and helmet he made a scarecrow and slowly raise it. No sooner had the helmet up and half, almost simultaneously two shots rang out: Hitlerite flashed bullet stuffed and Ilyin - the enemy.

When it became known that the front near Stalingrad profit sniper school graduates Berlin, Nikolai Ilyin told colleagues that the Germans - pedants, classical techniques learned for sure. Need to show them the Russian mind and take care of the baptism of the Berlin beginners. Every morning under artillery fire, bombed he stalked to the Nazis on a sure shot without a miss and destroy them. Stalingrad account Ilina increased to 400 killed soldiers and officers. Then there was the Kursk Bulge, where he again flashed ingenuity and wit.

Ace number two can be considered Smolyanina, Assistant Chief of Staff in 1122 th Infantry Regiment 334 th Division (1st Baltic Front) Captain Ivan Sidorenko, destroyed about 500 enemy soldiers and officers and to prepare for the front of about 250 snipers. In the lulls, he hunted Nazis, taking with him to "hunt" students.

The third in the list of the most successful Soviet sniper sniper aces is the 59th Guards Rifle Regiment, 21st Division (2nd Baltic Front) Guard Sergeant Michael Budenkov, just 437 Nazi soldiers and officers. Here's what he told me about one of the battles in Latvia:

"On the way turned out to be offensive to some farm. There entrenched German machine gunners. It was necessary to destroy them. Short dashes I managed to reach the top height and kill Nazis. Before I could catch my breath, I see - in front of me on the farm runs a German with a machine gun. Shot - and Hitlerite fell. After some time after the second run with a machine gun box. It suffered the same fate. A few more minutes out of the village ran a hundred and fifty fascists. This time they ran for another, more distant from me the way. I shot several times, but I realized that many of them will still disappear. Quickly ran to the gunners killed, the gun was defective and I opened fire on the Nazis of their own weapons. Then we counted about hundreds of dead Nazis ».

Amazing courage, endurance and resourcefulness differed and other Soviet snipers. For example, Nanai Sergeant Maxim Passard (117th Infantry Regiment of the 23rd Infantry Division, Stalingrad Front), which account for 237 murdered Nazi soldiers and officers. Hunting down the enemy sniper, he pretended killed and the whole day spent in the neutral zone in the open field, among the dead. From this position, he sent a bullet in the fascist Arrow, who was under the mound, in the pipe for water drainage. Only in the evening Passard able to crawl to her.

10 the first Soviet sniper aces killed over 4,200 enemy soldiers and officers, the first 20 - more than 7500 (see. Table).

Americans wrote: "Russian sharpshooters showed great skill on the German front. They led the Germans to manufacture on a large scale optical sights and training snipers ».

Of course, we can not say how the recorded results of Soviet snipers. It is appropriate to refer to the content of the meeting, held in the summer of 1943, at the deputy chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the KE Voroshilov.

According to his ace sniper Vladimir Pchelintseva present at the meeting proposed to introduce a single, strict accounting treatment results combat operation, common to all "personal book sniper", and in company of infantry regiment and - "logfile combat activities of snipers."

The basis for the account of quantity destroyed Nazi soldiers and officers shall serve as the report of the sniper, eyewitnesses confirmed (company and platoon observers, artillery and mortar spotter scouts, the officers of all ranks, commanders of units, etc.). When calculating the Nazis murdered every officer is equal to three soldiers.

In practice, mainly accounting and kept. Was not observed, perhaps, the last paragraph.

Separately, it should be said about snipers women. In the Russian army they appeared during the First World War, most often it was the widow of Russian officers killed in the war. They sought to take revenge on the enemy for their husbands. And in the first months of the Great Patriotic worldwide became known the names of female sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Natalia Screener, Mary Polivanova.

Lyudmila in the battle for Odessa and Sevastopol destroyed 309 Nazi soldiers and officers (this is the highest result among women snipers). Natalia and Mary, which account for more than 300 Nazis glorified their names unparalleled courage August 14, 1942. On that day, near the village of days (Novgorod region) Natasha bucket and Masha Polivanova, beating the onslaught of the Nazis, were surrounded. Last grenade they blew themselves up and are surrounded by their German infantrymen. One of them was 22, whereas the other 20 years old. As Lyudmila Pavlichenko, they were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Following their example, many women decide to take possession of sniper skills to participate in fights with weapons in their hands. They were trained sverhmetkoy shooting directly into the military units and formations. In May of 1943 to create a central female sniper training school. From the walls of her left more than 1,300 female snipers. During the fighting pupils destroyed more than 11 800 Nazi soldiers and officers.

... At the front, Soviet soldiers called them "ordinary without a miss," as, for example, Nikolai Ilyin at the beginning of his "sniper career." Or - "sergeants without a miss," as Theodore Okhlopkova ...

Here are the lines of the letters Wehrmacht soldiers that they wrote to their relatives.

"Russian sniper - it's something terrible. You can not hide from it anywhere! In the trenches can not lift his head. A moment of inattention - and immediately get a bullet between the eyes ... »

"Snipers often lie for hours in the same place in ambush and take aim at anyone who seems. Only in the dark, you can feel safe ».

"In our trenches hang banners:" Caution! Russian sniper shoots! »

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