Stylishly only in the movies

Today we will try to dispel popular myths about the weapons and techniques popular in the film.

Projection screen, as you know is a great storyteller, so that looks stylish in the film, in reality, would be a complete failure for you. Even if you were a professional, an attempt to throw a beautiful thing "like a movie" instantly would make you dead.

How to make the main character cool? Give him the gun! How to make a hero of the coolest Hard Boiled? Give him a pistol in each hand, and force them to shoot from the same time, it is desirable to also jump, yeah. Of course, the endless flight through the air during the shooting of a typical Hollywood exaggeration, but otherwise, it seems, everything is logical - if one gun can kill enemies, two, probably killed twice?

2 eyes - two guns simultaneously use two pistols during a firefight makes them useless. And then do not work arguments such as "Well, if the dude enough trained, etc." - hell, the case in biology. Namely: the impossibility of aimed fire. This makes getting two guns at the enemy possible except by accident.

The fact that our binocular vision in both eyes means in the direction of one point, so that the firing of the gun, we aim at only this one. It would look strange, because a second gun in this case turns out to be completely superfluous. Of course, anyone who shoots two pistols, aiming not at all, and as a result can not get almost anything at all (or has a unique form of strabismus). In a life with such a steep macho have murdered at the beginning of a firefight because of its complete safety, as if he was armed with a water bryzgalki. Oh, and one more thing. Cooldown. What do you think, why Neo during the famous massacre in the lobby just throws their guns as soon as they run out of ammo? Because he would have looked full jerk trying to insert a new clip, and while holding the other gun under his arm, or in the teeth.

Flamethrower Flamethrower looks real weapon of mass destruction. And what else is similar contraption Ocean spewed fire? Unlike double pistols, those are the things certainly used in the wars, is not it? Nothing could be steeper for this tough guy than to fry a couple of dozen enemies at one stroke with this ultimatum instruments of death.

Flamethrowers are useless in a fight in the first half of the twentieth century in all seriousness flamethrowers were armed. The implication was that the battlefield flamethrower can Tagged jet hit the enemy fire. And flamethrowers failed miserably. They were found completely unsuitable for the destruction of the enemy for one simple reason - opponents simply do not get in their kill zone bounded by two-three tens of meters (at best), that just looks ridiculous in comparison with the radius of destruction of any firearm.

Flamethrowers were useful only in the First World War, and even then only because of their psychological impact (as war elephants in ancient times). But after the second world their effectiveness has been steadily falling, yet do not come to naught. In the Korean War involving a total of 97 flamethrower, of which two-thirds were destroyed enemy, so no one and not killed, the others just thrown stupid contraption to escape from the battlefield, and were normal weapons.

Weight? Seasoned combat flamethrower sample weighs more than thirty pounds. Imagine what it was like to travel long distances to soldiers during forced marches, when he was hanging on the back of the heavy backpack! And if it was not enough of these problems - in combat flamethrower was always the most vulnerable, because they were unable to fire secretly, in the supine position - a flamethrower can shoot exclusively standing while firing seen not even a mile away, and a few (real gift for any sniper). In addition, the flamethrower enemy hated so fiercely that if a shooter falls into the clutches of the enemy, he could not count on the fact that the preservation of life, but even a quick death. In the end this senseless and demoralizing both sides of the arms at all was vetoed. Well, the last nail in the coffin flamethrower - ten seconds. It works as a flamethrower before he finished ammunition. In the end, flamethrowers began to apply solely as a means of stripping - shoot the enemy hut on occupied land. For this noble goal could do and ordinary matches.

Use laser sights Every amateur fighters knows that cool sniper necessarily uses a laser sight. Nothing is more eloquent than a bright dot on the forehead villain - we immediately understand that some people are now strongly not be good. Being a sniper is easier: you sit comfortably, putting a red dot on the villain and you press the trigger. Business somehow. Any fool can.

None sniper uses a laser sight in combat operations reason is simple: stealth. The most important thing for a sniper - go unnoticed. In this general sense of the whole work of a sniper on the battlefield. He is invisible by definition (and sniper detection - number one goal). But this bright red dot, first, immediately informs adversaries that they someone aims, whereby they will immediately seek shelter. It is time. And two: the sniper himself becomes visible to the enemy - a red mark on his arm turns into a target for shooters who will be happy to riddle it at the first opportunity. In a nutshell - the use of the laser sight in battle is simply suicide.

And just look ridiculous laser sights in the light of the obvious fact that they do not indicate the place where the bullet flies. Bullet, as practice shows, not flying in a straight line. First, it rejects the gravity, the more, the greater the distance. And of course, carries bullet wind (wind direction good sniper always take into account before firing to take appropriate pre-emption). And in such an environment can help straight as an arrow, ray? Bottom line: this sight not only deadly, but meaningless.

Fight in a suit and tie Hitmen and steep spies do not feed bread, but give thrash dozen other opponents, being dressed up in a nice business suit and impeccably stylish tie. James Bond never fights without such equipment, for it is the number one martial attire. A Statham in "The Transporter"? Agents in the "Matrix"? Hell, a business suit is similar to the best clothes for a good lesson massacre - even strange that coaches martial arts are not forced to leave his disciples in this way to the ring!

Business suit is extremely inconvenient in the fight These costumes are invented in order to look good. More on what they do not fit. And even more so they are not suitable for the situation in which you have to strike blows and kicks and defensive when someone gives you a deposit. The reason is simple - these costumes are quite stifle the movement. Actually, if a martial arts fight will begin in earnest in this suit, he very soon in tatters, torn strongly primarily in the armpits and groin - and the fighters will be forced to spend effort to break that will make it more vulnerable to enemy ( especially if the enemy and he is not a fool waving fists). Simply put, a business suit is a major negative factor in the fight for the one who wears it. But worst of all tie. This is not nothing but a thing, wrapped around your neck! That is - to engage the enemy in a tie, you are literally on a silver platter present your victory to your opponent, because this element is holding his wardrobe, your opponent can not just strangle you or hurt his neck - he is also able to get you out of balance. Any fighter knows how balance and coordination are important in the fight - knocking the enemy on the ground, his opponent may take the position that simply prejudge the outcome of the battle. In general, if James Bond in all seriousness prefers to fight with their fists in a suit and tie on Brijuni Versace, he just cocky dude, and not professional. One should not forget about the long hair, which often flaunt some pugilists in films (as well as the ladies who love to fight). Long hair is worse than a tie. They generally can not expect to win in a fight with a trained enemy.

Shoot the locks with the help of a gun if our hero gets to some locked castle, he misses no opportunity to fire off a pistol at him, why this is the castle with the ringing flies away. Actually, this is the easiest way to open it - and he is the fastest. Bullet in the blink of an eye pereshibaet shackle, and the trick is done. It is strange that someone else enjoys picks.

Break the lock can not be shot from a pistol enthusiasts tried. Whenever the bullet only scratched the shackle without showing the slightest attempt to pass through it. This is not surprising: the bow locks - a thick and strong enough metal, which is small and lightweight bullet can not do anything. But it may very well fly away from this bow rebound, and even get unlucky arrow, say, in the eye (yes even in the forehead, still pleasant enough). Shooting at the castle itself even more meaningless: open it from did not appear, but will break very easily. His mother and then the key can not be opened, it is necessary to undertake a hacksaw. From whatever side you look - shooting with a pistol on the lock will only complicate the problem of penetration of the hero in a locked room.

Use derringer more - the cooler, does not it? Close dude like Arnold Schwarzenegger did not agree to run with some kind of petty pukalki - to face him exclusively nevdolbennaya gun, leaving a hole in a target the size of a medium-sized woodpecker hollow. Who said size does not matter? Whether this is the case, a hefty "Desert Eagles" would not have been the most popular pistols cinema! Compact pistol is much more efficient large derringer shoot big bullets, and so they are more efficient? Nothing of the sort! In comparison with a miniature model of the big guns are losing on all counts. So much that even criminals prefer not to deal with them. Firstly, by weight. Fully charged "Desert Eagle" monstrous weighs two kilograms. And it is not the fact that Schwarzenegger is back-breaking weight, and quite different - how to keep such a weight so that the hand did not tremble? Hold a full two kilograms weight at arm's length, even Arnie feel how such a thing is inconvenient for aimed fire. In short, from this damn much easier to miss the mark to hit the target, more than a miniature pistol - and what's the difference what size were the bullets had gone into "milk"?

But he is also the length of thirty centimeters. That is, it does not even hide under clothing as it should - and will hang around all the bulge. Well, if it comes to shooting - a monstrous return of such weapons after each shot will lift up the barrel of the zenith, so I have to aim again. As for the shot noise - it can not absorb no muffler, so that for covert operations "eagle" unfit slightly less than full. And completes the analysis of the devastating fighting properties "Desert Eagle" semizaryadny his shop. Then he blows even outright standard "Glock 19". He blows it all on all counts - "Glock" half the weight and a half times less efficient and much easier to handle (not to mention the fact that it is cheaper). Actually, so is he is in service with the police, and not all there super-guns for tough guys. But despite the obvious failure of all these clich├ęs, they still continue to haunt the viewer from film to film. And when Jason Statham in a business suit once again go to fight the bad guys, taking with him a couple of "Desert Eagle" and a flamethrower with a telescopic sight, it will be possible to predict exactly what he did with the first got locked ...



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