This strange logic of the movie

In any film (not only in science fiction), there are times when action heroes or developments are subject to some special, cinematic logic, not peculiar to our real world. For example: If you are the hero of the blockbuster, which takes place in Paris, then in any frame behind your back will rise Eiffel Tower.

When a movie (especially in stressful moments) light turns on, then for some reason he starts making quite loud noises.

If the movie you shot in the arm or leg, it is enough to tie shot through a limb torn from a shirt flap - and you can continue the fight.

If you need to access your computer any movie hero, you (usually) enough to remember the nickname of his (or her) a pet.

If the movie appeared the helicopter, then it is sure to explode. No options.

If you shoot a movie in the car, it explodes, creating a giant fireball.

No one in the movie does not use a computer mouse - only the keyboard.

If a movie is tied fight between the protagonist and the crowd, "the bad guys", the latter attacked one by one to make it easier to win them heroically.

Tough guys never look to see the explosion, which they had just staged.

And even tough guys do not feel pain when they brutally beat other tough guys. But when injuries to touch the delicate female fingers, their faces straight warp from suffering.

If the movie someone from the store carries a paper bag shopping, then it certainly sticks French baguette.

All films about evil supercomputers seized power there is a system that allows you to disable it manually. This system is usually located in the most dangerous and absurd to a remote place.

In the movie, where the laws of physics do not apply, the spacecraft could explode and form a giant fireball.

In the movie, the laser beams somehow much slower speed of light.

Each police during the investigation film must necessarily visit the strip club.

If the movie takes place, and the pursuit of the hero finds himself in the center of town, there is sure to be a carnival or any procession.



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