Gazprom: the dreams did not grow together. Dismantling of the "South Stream"

Some know, others suspected that the Crimea "take" for cheapening the project "South Stream". And then suddenly it turns out that all in vain. Awkwardness happened. Bulgaria made out of the pipe. Kuzia is now "blue" stream disappear?
& Quot; ... Bulgaria dismantled in its territory pipe pipeline "South Stream" with the first weld. This was on Thursday, April 17 write Bulgarian media.
"This happened after the European Parliament has decided that the project" South Stream "should not be implemented," - said the publication "Bivol».
Recall first weld as a symbol of the beginning of construction of the Russian pipeline through Bulgaria was made in October 2013 with the participation of representatives of the Russian company "Gazprom».
April 17 The European Parliament is going to consider a resolution that provides for the termination of the project "South Stream". She prepared the representatives of the European Gazprrrrnarodnoy Party of European Socialists, Liberals, Greens and Conservatives.
Synopsis: "South Stream» (South Stream) - Russian-Italian-French-German gas pipeline project, which was to pass under the Black Sea from Anapa district in Bulgarian port of Varna.
Next, it will go through the two branches of the Balkans to Italy and Austria, although their exact routes have not yet been approved. Construction began December 7, 2012 and were scheduled to end in 2015. The planned capacity of the "South Stream" - 63 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
Estimated project cost - 16 billion euros. "South Stream" was created to diversify the supply of Russian natural gas to Europe and reduce the dependence of suppliers and buyers from transit countries, in particular from the Ukraine and Turkey. "South Stream" was considered a competitive project planned gas pipeline "Nabucco", which should go directly to the south of Europe and Russia who support the EU and the US.
As reported MFN, April 10 EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said the EU decided to suspend negotiations with Russia on the construction of the gas pipeline "South Stream" under the Black Sea.
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