Honest Slogans

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Really liked the selection of alternative slogans.

Sometimes ads deceitful and unjust embellishes advertisers. Estimated proved that advertising works, even when she did not believe it or annoying. But why, I wonder, no one has tried to calculate what effect on the consumer shocking truth?

We decided to fix this unfortunate misunderstanding and asked readers to submit their own versions of well-known companies slogans, revealing the essence of and the basic advantages and disadvantages.

That such by users must be true slogans known companies.

Room 1 (12nih will not be).

Russian Post
Post of Russia. This is what we came up with raisins, dried apricots! (see below about Kirieshki)
Post of Russia. The letter should be welcome.
Post of Russia. And let the whole world wait.
Post of Russia. There have DHL!
Post of Russia. Every person - one by one.
Post of Russia. I'm all so unpredictable!
Post of Russia. You a lot, and I'm alone.

p.s. Pictures tried to pick up the topic, pictures boyanistaya, large take away, because retained in the evening for the post is a compilation of logos, but stsuko ... in c: \ temp \ that would not be hung ...


Sberbank. They asked not to occupy!
Sberbank. Go to fight some old people!
Sberbank of Russia. Always turn.
Sberbank. 170 years of the bureaucracy offers.
Sberbank. Create a queue since 1841.

Gazprom. Divide and Conquer!
Gazprom. Who if not us.
Gazprom. World Is Not Enough.
Gazprom. Gas is, there is no alternative.
Gazprom. Dreaming is not bad.

AvtoVAZ. To understand and forgive.
AvtoVAZ. Not ssy - doedem!
AvtoVAZ. Finish himself!
AvtoVAZ. You know in all the services the city!
AvtoVAZ. Bear is Russia.
AvtoVAZ. Simply imagine.

RUSSIAN RAILWAYS. Discover Russia and wet the bed.
RUSSIAN RAILWAYS. Toilet closed, the windows do not open.
RUSSIAN RAILWAYS. Do you want to be good to go?
Railways: Roll to hell!
Logo My

McDonald's. Neither fish nor fowl.
McDonald's. The best network of free toilets.
McDonald's. I`m loving shit!
McDonald's. '71 Successful opposition nutritionist.


Megafon. Future pshpshpsh depends, pshshshshp from you pshpshpshp beep-beep.
I do not have the phone rings. Where to buy? In Megafon!
Megafon. The privacy of correspondence? No, not heard.

IKEA. Pull yourself together, rag!
IKEA. Instructions can not tell.


Aeroflot: Maybe better Railways?

And by Topics:

Aeroflot: Those still whores!

Then divide the Jam, and still break off ... That's what it was, and still liked:

Ostankino sausage. No cow is not affected.

Maggi - is sodium glutamate. In our family, everyone is glad it!

Condoms Vizit. Break through!

Kirieshki. As in the tooth foot.
Kirieshki. We came up with Russian Post!

Assets. Pushes the stool.

And I did not like it, but it was:

MTS. Changes in the egg.
MTS - Revenge You heard.

Forbes.ru. Who Lives Well in Russia?
Forbes. They live the same people.

Moscow Metro. Place.
Moscow Metro. We bring people together.

ZEWA. Paper will endure.

In contact with. Thousands of terabytes of pornography.

Yandex traffic jams. Stay home.

Sprite. Clear all.

Herbalife. Health buy.
Oriflame. Zakolebi all friends!

Bonaqua. Just expensive water.

KFC. Chicken is not a bird.

Coca-Cola. Without whiskey - money down the drain.

YouTube. This results in drunkenness.

Google. And you're a scholar in ICQ!

Baltika. Russia under the lid.

Hammer. Freud warns.

Kirby. Neutral cleaner for the price of the car.

Doshirak. Now picture to whet your appetite!




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