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Site cobral most doubtful Russian slogans, interviewing professionals rynka.V Russia continues while mediocre slogans collected from the word "guarantee", "quality", "low prices." It is difficult to say what they think brand owners with the slogan "Build the future of soul warmth" and "For those who are well-married", they all aliens living in a different paradigm of life. And there are strange people around us more.

How else do you explain the slogan "Easy lace movements in Parkinson's disease" in preparation "hexane»?

Of course, not all that bad. There are many slogans that are "removed" from the production of advertising, but continue to live in everyday speech - such as "Sweet Couple" or "How to hang in grams?". Dear advertisers, remember: the problem of a slogan - not striking for its originality, and cling and make consumers remember the product name.

In this article we have tried to collect slogans that can be entitled as "If you do advertising - do not smoke marijuana».

Small business

We obuem the country «Shoe Factory»

Spread and relax From advertising sofa bed

For large and small businesses «SANTECH»

Eggs valiant knowingly so called: the taste is not forgotten! OJSC «Soligorsk Poultry»

Know that the world has not all open, read "Ural pathfinder»! Journal of Yekaterinburg

Your feet will walk like a Swiss watch Compression underwear

Your ass smiles Sudocrem.

Taxi "Saturn" - are fighting for every customer!

Shop "Versailles" - there's always cheaper

your teeth choose "Rus»! Dental Clinic

quality - super. Price - very! B> «Astera»

In! logodskaya in! order "Feast." During! B>

Rendezvous with myself «Ideal cup" coffee shop

Do not hoe, but "Metis»! «Metis" Shop

If it saw Ivan, then you need to drink and you «Ivan Poddubny," dairy products

tights Serenata. Lift him up. B>

No Hryunov currently dumplings! «Three Little Pigs", dumplings

You eggs "Notable" allow to get used to the role of the royal! 1st Minsk Poultry

blockquote> Global Brands

Hair Dryer, which dries Panasonic

Toilet - face hostess! Harpic, means for plumbing and tile

Gallina Blanca - bul-bul!

Triaktivnenko «Imunele»

Tune in cleaning! Danone Activia

caught the ubiquitous toilet? «Gentos»

There is no chance of flatulence! «Espumizan»

With "Mister Proper" fun in the house clean 2 times faster!

Do not hurt your Hippo tummies Plantex

Osvezhays Stimorol Ice

Best friend mouths Dirol

Rapture hybrid rewrote history BMW

Bright taste of your range Warsteiner

The look that kills L`Oreal

Spend time with friends, not with the ball «OB»

So soft that it can be trusted with the most expensive Zewa, toilet paper

blockquote> Major brands

My husband drinks, but I calm him «Aquaphor" (photo)

buy in "Dixie" - vacationers GRANIKSI! «Dixie", a chain of stores

Rates are low, as the golden pancakes «Pyaterochka", a network of food stores

«Dlyanos" Pope breaks his nose! means from a cold

I supple, like eggplant! Buy "Tan Ayran»! B>

Ovalchik - yum! Mikoyan meat processing plant

Not wasting any time, lose years «Mirra-lux", cosmetics

Now I am happy life again, I was hearing a hearing aid back! «Melfon" center of hearing correction

Do not let each other die in beauty salons 'Charm'

Banana Ate - saved the world «Bonanza»

And now we eat "Topic»! Baby food

In the wood with vodka Drova

He's like me, only the bank «TRUST»

Try to wind the taste «Cranes", vodka

If an individual crouched helps "Chondroxide»

Do not let the console cool «Your TV», cable TV

Your strength - our eggs! «Soyuz», poultry

PriKlin «Klinskoe" beer

blockquote> Out of competition

Read the burning bush, and service 01 Fire Moscow

blockquote> The failed slogans «Build a warm soul the future». Not only cumbersome and carelessly uses the metaphor (the heat of the soul - not a building material), but unsuccessfully expresses USP: where is the oil, mayonnaise and margarine?

«Oh, how refreshing!» This slogan has left the people as a synonym of bad taste and delirium with the light hand of Ina Kochetova, vice president of marketing for "Ochakovo».

«refreshing lightness of being»
«Feel a sense of purity»
«Because the phone can not see eye»
«For those who are well-married». Under this slogan touted mayonnaise "Sloboda", which is positioned as a product that men buy for their caring and loving wife.

«One time," Persil "- always" Persil "». This slogan has long been a proud answer to the conventional popular phrase "once - not ..." Russian reality does not condone the use in communications allusions to sex .

«Ochkuesh, comrade? With anxiety in cash? » B> This slogan used Ekaterinburg SKB-Bank, in its post-crisis outdoor advertising. But street slang and financial services is hardly compatible.

A few interesting facts about the slogans: The famous slogan « " Euroset "- prices are just about Th ...» expressed the price positioning of the company, but a very shocking way. As a result of the advertising campaign under the slogan that the proportion of "Euroset" in the Moscow market distributor of cell phones has increased from 2% to 5%.

Chocolate industry giants Nestle and Mars sued in Russia because of the copyright on the phrase «Have a break» («Coffee Break"). These three words have been used in commercials both companies. At Nestle - around the world in advertising chocolate KitKat («Have a break, have a KitKat» - «paused eat KitKat»). At Mars - in Russia for bars Twix («Coffee Break - eat Twix»).

Volkswagen for 10 years without success trying to promote his "bug" in the US market. In America, then we valued powerful, bulky, "manly" cars. And the German company decided to focus on the fact that it is easier to park a small car, it is economical and ideal for the wife-homemaker with a child. This idea was expressed in the slogan «Volkswagen - the best second car for the American family»

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