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I've been thinking about how to publish a memoir of our staff. About what happened in the Caucasus, wrote many articles and books, filmed documentaries and feature films. Maybe someone will be interested to read the experiences of a man who was there. SWAT police officer for the city of Moscow, describes the events that took place in 1999 in Karachaevo-Cherkessia. Photos in this recording made in the North Caucasus region at different times of the Moscow OMON officers. Permission to publish this material received. Under the cut a lot of text and many photos from the personal archives of our soldiers. All materials published for the first time. More material, so it will be published in several stages.

This Learn a few posts will be laid out only the first chapter of the book with the working title "Diary of Major Ivanov." I would like to just pay attention to the fact that all the names and the names of settlements in the book changed. This book can not be the documentary evidence of any events. We will consider it as fiction author. Therefore, all of the events, which will be discussed, invented, and any matches are random.

Flies in Karachaevo-Cherkessia us early, sunny morning, a third in September 1999. At the airport "Chkalovsky" in anticipation of the aircraft bus with a loudspeaker twisted songs about the riot. Our "Chef" Colonel K., together with his deputies, something discussed with the commander of the unit Lieutenant Colonel consolidated Kirilov. As always, his arms crossed, frowning and squinting his eyes, Karl gave him a last farewell.
One of the deputies, "chief" will accompany us to the LDPE.

Meanwhile, the entire staff of the battalion came out of the vehicle and are arranged in groups around concrete strip.
Weather and environment acted at all positive. Home care receded into the background. The mood was excellent.

All management of the second company was assembled. While there were no teams, we decided to take a picture on the background of the airplane. In the middle stood the company commander Titarenko. I political officer on either side of him. Seryoga Maximov, as always otmochite some joke, and everyone laughed. So also sealed us, a photographer with a smile from ear to ear. Not yet had time to abate the noise from the shutter of the camera, as the team built sounded. Rota with arms and knapsacks began to line up in two columns, according to their numbering. The first, second, third. Another team, and here in the belly of the aircraft comes first company. "Faster, faster guys" - hasten their commanders. We are waiting for their turn. When it comes, the dispute over the ramp to climb aboard. For us fill space fighters "treshki." All full box. We sit very tight. The roar of the engines and the vibration of the body. Takes off.

Immediately drew attention to themselves and the air. It differed from the Moscow atmosphere, some net density. Breathe very easily and freely. The men were talking in a low voice, exchanging impressions about what they saw.
The companies have built and led to the end of the runway. Soon arrived some people in uniform and began to talk with Colonel Kruglov. The conversation lasted about twenty minutes before the formation of the battalion. After their departure, we disbanded. All seated on the grass, divided into groups. Who something chewed who just poisoned history. I lay down on the grass began to turn yellow. He crouched next to a piece of chewed with relish zampolit Krakow sausage. Having finished with her, he reached into the depths of his haversack for the next soldering. I refused the offer of a sandwich, I'm adjusting the backpack, put his hands behind his head. I do not want to talk too. Roam in the sky clouds freakish forms captured my attention.

At the airport we protorchali about five hours. Just when it was getting dark approached the buses. During this time, several aircraft landed with personnel from different regions of the country. The column, followed by traffic police cars, set off. It was dark, and look out the window was useless. We drove for a long time. His eyes began to droop already when the "Ikarus" drove up to the three-story building behind the iron fence. More awhile Troop Command allocates space for offices. Our company of got second floor. The commander of the "two" Major Titarenko, and we are his two deputies took the extreme left of the room down the hall. In it, as well, in addition to other debris on the concrete floor was nothing. There used to be a boarding house, but now he's cast as half of such facilities across the country. Quickly swept debris and spread out sleeping bags on the floor of the batting. Everywhere was bustle of everything. It was half past midnight when I was summoned to the headquarters. Going down to the first floor where the brain housed our party and supporting services, I knocked, entered the office Kruglov, and was given the task to go to lead a field kitchen stodvadtsatipyatku. My statement that I have in this damn thing do not understand, made him an attack of rabies.

So I went angry and berated for this kitchen, whether it is not right. After half an hour we stopped near some boxes. Darkness was, though if the eye. Unfamiliar tylovikov, privёzshy me here, opened the garage door, and include a flashlight lit kitchen. She was new. Even grease has been removed from it. "Well, let's assume," - said, yawning, my guide. Now it was not to sit in a puddle. So I asked, and began to take an inventory of everything in fact. That is clearly not count on it, thinking that I just sign the paper and pick it. But there it was. "Scoop. Two pieces "- was read out loud, I list and waited for him to put next to me called me things. All prichindalov were many. Something as always lacked. These things I have the list of course does not have any reception. We finished all take an hour. Tylovikov angry but could do nothing. I signed for the property, and contacting the base, wait a car. The officer handed me a field kitchen, closed the box and left. I was left alone. It gradually got used to the dark eyes, and I looked around. There was a courtyard littered with junk all. Over brick wall someone placed. From there came the muffled voices and the clank of weapons. Waiting machine delayed. Time passed unbearably slow. The clock showed twenty-five minutes of the third, when headlights appeared in the distance. This was our "loaf". Smeared with grease, we hitched a kitchen with a driver to the car and dragged her to the camp.

Returning, I reported to Colonel Kruglov that the job is done. He ordered the cooks to raise and put them the task to eight in the morning to cook a hot breakfast. While the officer woke Povarskaya brethren, I went down to the street. He passed me a pair patrol. Soldiers, slowly, avoided building. Patrol strengthened positions of the perimeter on our PST (point of time dislocation). Ten minutes later, wiping his eyes were sleepy cooks. They were able to sleep no more than one and a half hours. I called the elder, and they brought to the kitchen, he began to pass this economy. He tried to move the process in the morning, but I am sternly mentioning profanity, insisted on immediate acceptance.

Only after I put in his pocket a copy of the receipt that I have everything taken without comment, could go to rest. It ended the fourth hour of the night, when I finally stretched out on a sleeping bag. Roommates were asleep. It was "easy" snoring. Despite the fatigue just could not sleep. Hard concrete floor and a strong draft on the floor are not allowed to sleep. Finally I went to the side, put his hands in armpits and legs crossed in the tibia, is canceled. I woke up screaming from the battalion commander. After rising at first I could not understand what had happened. Glancing at the clock, saw that only six in the morning. Before consciousness, finally realized that we have in the company "two hundredth". It proved to be a fighter S., a member of a group of software. He was found dead on the couch. "Cardiac arrest in a dream", - stated the doctor. His last saw Cook, with whom he was preparing the kitchen in the morning.

Everyone was depressed. The first night, and we had lost a man. Deputy Human Resources after the preparation of the necessary papers took the body home, and we have started the service. At the meeting of commanders of us we brought the situation in the Republic. It was the following: in a lot of weapons; people in an aggressive mood. A lot of provocation. On both sides there are dead and wounded.

My first task was to lead the group and put a cordon on the edge of the post of GAI. Conditional its designation of "Mayak-10". Total under my command eleven people including me. Briefing before going on the service in the Interior Ministry KCR. He conducted his own interior minister by the name of Wolfhound. "The strong name of the guy" - said to myself. "The main task is not to miss the city arms, and to do this the hard examination of transport, regardless of the person", - the Minister summed up at the end of the conversation.

The hostility between the people of two nationalities came here so far that local police is also divided along ethnic lines. Karachai and Cherkess together to perform the service can no longer be. Although both are Muslims. I already know that the Circassians in their struggle joined the Nogai. Russian holding neutrality. For their loyalty between rival ethnic groups in the country at war. Everyone wants to win them to his side. We must be impartial in this conflict, and standing right in the middle.

The head wandering thoughts: "Karachays pander to the Germans during the war and they were deported by Stalin in the Kazakh steppes. The Circassians did not go en masse to the enemy. This fact is a little inclines me toward the latter. Although Russian were among the traitors like Vlasov, "- I say to myself. These facts revolve in my mind until we go to the place of service. On every street corner there are a group of people for fifteen, twenty people. They are sullen and tense. We were obviously not looking kindly. Perhaps with them will have to fight, and I look to the "potential adversary." The fact that a number of the weapons in the houses, which team will be in their hands, I have no doubt.

We arrived. The bus that brought me and men, turns and walks away. Now we are relieved only here at twenty-one hundred hours a night shift. Suitable senior officer post of GAI - lean average growth Circassian with epaulets of lieutenant. Health, calls his name. On the face of "stuck" false smile. The answer is the same to him and call his name "Sasha". The first step is to assess the situation. To the left along the road is a deep ravine. "It is necessary to put the secret" - I kept going. To the right, on the contrary, a hundred meters from the post of High Hill, covered with stunted and dusty grass. There immediately send three people. Heavy Zhukov with the second number, and the sniper Petrova. The task of equipping position and to monitor the road, the surrounding terrain, and if necessary, to cover us with fire from above. The remaining six people working with me on the road. Traffic cops are watching our actions out of the booth. They do not go out on the track. The direction of the city from this side comes from the Circassian villages.

The four fighters with me stop the car and check the documents and the cargo. Two for the cover-up of the blocks stacked along the road. Work hard. It accumulates huge tail transport. All dissatisfied. But we calmly do their job. Every hour grows on a mountain road fittings and baseball bats confiscated from local people. It brings something that serious. Guns without registration, converted by live ammunition gas pistols and revolvers. Their owners are passing operational groups that drove up to us from the Interior Ministry. It's getting hot. And the weather and the situation is heating up. By lunchtime, we are like a Negro from the dust of the road. The water in jars coming to an end.

Hot Caucasian guys start impudent. Many high-ranking officials find themselves in the position of the untouchables. Go to the oncoming lane and try to slip through without inspection. They stop causing them a lot of emotions. Such shameless people disgusts me. I give the command a fighter Ionov on the right track with spikes stretch. Just five minutes later a hot young rider, who tried to bypass us proparyvaet at his nines all four wheels. Zipper and his overdressed machine froze helplessly on the rim. Creek, noise, curses to the heavens. We are hiding a smile, as if nothing had happened, continue to work. We do not relate to his problems. Finally out of the booth traffic police sergeant appears. "Who allowed you to put a barrier on the road. This is done with the permission of the duty in the city "- he asked menacingly. "I allowed. Here, I make the decisions "- to tell him nonchalantly. Looking at me, policeman, discouraged by my words, and goes to his arrogance and calling someone on the phone.
Drivers, realizing that it is useless to argue with us and you can break only at the cost punched wheels obediently waiting for their turn. Some machines, before reaching us, turns and walks away. Rather, they drove into the city, something forbidden.

"Twentieth Anna" - asks me on the radio sniper-observer. "Connected." - I tell him. "On the bridge over the counter is a convoy of five jeeps", - he reported. "Serious people go. As for adults, and they have to meet, "- flashed in my head. "Attention all ready" - the team I saw approaching kortetdzha. Two of my soldier beside me throw their guns and aim at the windshield of the first vehicle. It is an American SUV "Hammer". For a moment, he changed his mind, he begins to drop the course and stops in front of us, but for him and his entire column. Immediately the door and clapped from all sides of the machine, armed men appeared. They are dressed in expensive suits and carrying their guns and pump action shotguns. "What kind of people?" - I ask myself the question. Next comes the white-haired man. In his behavior it can be seen that it is the most important in the company. Everything about him says, "Who dares?».

I grimly waiting for his approach. The conversation begins at once in a raised voice. Stopped national of sibling first-person fighting for power in the KCR. "Look, Major, whom you stopped," - he pokes me a license. At first I was trying to explain to him that I had ordered the Minister of Interior of the Republic not to let anyone without inspection. "Check your machines and people on the right to bear arms and release" - cram it. "Let your men to drop their weapons. Even if they are the first to open fire you will not leave. Take a look at the hill. There's a sniper and machine gunner. You have no chance, "- explains the gray-haired master. Seeing is lying on the hill fighters, ready to make a hole in them all together, he said, gritting his teeth, ordered his men to allow the car to inspect and verify documents. I nod soldiers and two stone-faced Dmitry begin testing. But Mr. did not let up. Begin threats in my address. "Listen, man," - I say it is not loud: "I am a person serviceman. I do not care who you are. It will be said to protect your person, I will defend. They will say to shoot, shoot. " In my expression, he sees that I'm not kidding.

At last check is complete. Before boarding the vehicle ringleader looks me in the eye. Our duel lasts five seconds - ten. He then quietly shuts the door and the car, with slip, showering us a heap of dust, break off. The rest of the motorists who saw the disassembly is not grumbling for inspection. They made sure that we do not make exceptions for anyone. After ten minutes the policeman approached me. "Get away to one side. There is talk, "- he nods to me. "How much did you get?" - It comes from afar. Grinning, I answer: "In life enough." "Throw us all state pays crumbs" - he continues. "In short," he pats me on the shoulder: "Five thousand green. Vodka, food. Do you want to bring your women, "- smiling, finishing policeman. "What in return?" - Asks me. "Do not stop the car, which will show. Just a mess. Well, on the hands? "- He holds out his hand to me. Also, a friendly smile in response, said to him, "No, man, we do not sell." Turning, going back to the workplace. But the conversation is not over. After a while the policeman is already dry, formal tone with an angry face requires lists of personnel are serving with me in this position. My answer leads him to indignation: "And who are you, to give you a list," and then the text. Through the glass in the booth see him again, someone is calling and waving his hand, talking on the phone. It seems to me that from his mouth fly spray. It extends the waiting time. Half an hour later, my radio "comes to life." Combat requests that have happened. I will briefly explain. After a moment's pause, the commander gives the order to dictate our names to these features. Beckons Sergeant Mikhailova, "Go, tell policeman" our "family. Just think up their posmeshnee "" - I am his farewell. When he returned, he reported: "Your orders executed. Surnames obhohochetes. It turns out we even here there was cold Stepanych jacket. Policeman shaval all. " "Good" - stand him his promotion.

Before the evening is no more adventures.

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