Moscow - dirty city

Ilya Varlamov writes:

Recently, my friend came to Moscow from Europe. In Moscow, it was the first time. For 4 days he performed the standard tourist program (the Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, High-rise buildings, Sparrow Hills, day in St. Petersburg, etc.). "Well, as you Moscow?" I asked him in the end. "Very dirty city!". Bolnstvo our people are dirt easily. Puddles, broken roads, dirty dirty streets - all this must be. Change shoes several times during the season, to walk with wet feet, fall and break his hands on icy sidewalks - it's a tradition. What do you think when you see a puddle? In fact, a puddle - a marriage of pavement. No it does not think. Therefore, the authorities and spit on pedestrians.
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Our cities are in a terrible state. Utilities are mired in corruption. Streets engaged in low-skilled migrant workers. New roads and sidewalks are designed with violation of the technology. They are not perceived by anyone as a pedestrian zone. The pavement turned into a kind of buffer zone on the roadway that everyone uses as he pleases. Motorists put there their clunkers, utilities pile snow and ice there is, the owners of the cafe set advertising design, city officials cluttering the sidewalks assault rifles, stalls and pillars. It is known that pedestrians can endure. Attitude to them appropriate: "Water finds herself the way».

With the advent of the new mayor of the situation has not changed. The city has been in a terrible state, and stayed. And the situation will not change until the capital's officials will be driving around in their armored Mercedes. Today I invite the officials to go on a virtual tour of the very center of Moscow.

The letter to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin:

"Dear Sergey Semenovich! We have, in Moscow, there is a small problem - for it was impossible to walk. Sidewalks are made to machines or advertising designs, your tile has been laid so shitty that after the winter it is necessary to shift, and the sidewalks for some reason is not removed. I do not understand why, in the center of Moscow is impossible to go without damaging the shoes and getting your feet wet. Why should I jump over puddles and I have good shoes each season?

Unfortunately, the problems of Muscovites see out the window of his armored Mersedasa impossible. Sergey Semenovich, you have ever walked through Moscow?

What a mess dick ?! I feel ashamed in front of guests and tourists. »

Why Moscow? I'm sure most readers in the comments accuse me that the problem of Muscovites simply ridiculous, in all regions, much worse. Maybe so, but not always. I travel a lot in Russia and many of the city is much cleaner Moscow. Then Moscow - the capital. Tourists come here. I am ashamed, when almost all foreigners visited Moscow, they say that we are very dirty. Although, of course, each city should be in order. On this day we'll talk.

01. Let's start with the main problem of the Moscow sidewalks.

02. As a result, people are forced to walk on the carriageway. For drivers of their mother, but nothing can endure pedestrian.

03. Yesterday I was about 5 km to the center of Moscow. I could not find a normal pedestrian crossing! Most of them are engaged in cattle-wagons parked.

04. Common pedestrian crossing in the center of Moscow.

05. The picture is hard to see, but there is a transition flooded. The water level is about 15 cm.

06. The standard pattern. The Russian did not think about the water. I do not know what causes it. In Soviet times, the culture of construction was much higher. Now the road work takes low-skilled workers, who are not doing the right gravity layer of pavement. As a result, even on freshly laid asphalt formed puddles. Remember. Pools should not be! Any puddle - a sign of marriage at road works. Storm sewage in Moscow is also in poor condition - arrays is not enough, they are often clogged.

07. Muscovites are trying to cross the road.


09. The standard pattern. Let's look closely. And without that cluttered the narrow pavement pillars. On a crosswalk is someone clunker, a person is forced to cross the road in the wrong place. Road terribly dirty, apparently it has not been cleaned for a long time. Note that the water flows from the pipe onto the pavement. Despite the fact that this is a new pavement (it did last year, when I was all tile), the workers did not make grooves for water drainage. As a result, the pavement is covered with ice, and simply dangerous.

10. Pedestrian crossing busy as usual machines.

11. Public transport. A striking example of disregard for the city authorities to the people.

12. Butcher Street, the center of Moscow. Awful dirty streets. Just pleasant walk.

13. 2 hours walking in the center, I met only one wiper. In Europe, the wipers 10 times more and they work. In Russia, the wipers work mainly Tajiks lazy. Why is that? Very simple. The salary of a janitor about 35 000. Officially, the wipers operate normally relatives chief DEZa. Upon hiring disenfranchised migrant workers who perform work already 5-10 thousand rubles a month. Result underfoot.

14. Dirty broken roads everywhere. Walking on them is simply dangerous.

15. How much dirt on the roads? Basically with construction projects. Also carry about dirt on the roads here are assholes.

16. The only yesterday I met the janitor. Try to remember how long ago you saw the janitors or cleaning equipment on the streets? Now I do not even remember such cases. In the yards janitor still occasionally comes across, but in the center is not seen.

17. The result of the way.

18. The double mockery of the pedestrian. First he has to overcome enormous puddles ...

19. ... and then dodge the spray.

20. As we know, the city authorities love only themselves and money. Therefore, on the sidewalks appear here are advertising structures.

21. More than half the width of the sidewalk billboards occupy! It's hard to imagine how this could happen. This situation is everywhere!

22. Tactile tiles for pedestrians not clean. We simply do not have the technology janitors cleaning the ice with these strips. As a result of all the winter they are covered with a layer of ice.

23. We should also be said about the owners of cafes and restaurants. These assholes feel the pavement of his property and spoil it as they want. For example here is simply laid slippery tiles. Go in winter not possible.

24. The latest invention of the Moscow authorities. Rather than organize a normal storm drains, they just put in the gutters bags! There's going to water.

25. Where no bags - all in the ice. The sidewalk is broken.

26. A good example. The lack of normal rainwaters led to the fact that in a radius of 3 meters around the pipe pile of ice that no one cleans.

27. Maroseychka. Clean roof. Pedestrians are forced to walk the narrow path.

28. We should also be said about the trash. In the center there are practically no. Stop without garbage can - all soiled.

29. This is not some kind of gateway, is the center of Moscow's Boulevard Ring. Note the banana skins - apparently, they are here a month. The city is not clean.

30. Most people, unfortunately, pigs. If there is no trash, they just throw trash on the ground. As a result:

31. In London, the special urns for cigarette butts almost every 10 meters. In Russia okurski throw at his feet.

32. Clean, not where sweeping, and where there is not shit! Drivers that are thrown from the window of his useless waste of life need to burn right in their cattle-drawn carriages.

33. Sobyaninskaya tiles solemnly deserve a separate post. Tomorrow.

34. Another example. Unsettled sidewalk forcing people to walk on the carriageway.

35. Separate story deserves the advertising garbage.

On good, normal city mayor should apologize to Muscovites and resign. But we need the mayor to provide a high percentage of EdRu elections and nedlya order in the city.



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