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A remarkable article published today in the journal New Tams. It riot policemen tell all that had long been known. Under the cut, I gathered the most interesting quotes and dilute them with their photos. Meanwhile, an article has followed the reactions: "Today there are many who wish to denigrate the work units of riot police and show them in a negative form," - said the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Mikhail Sukhodolskiy, commenting on today's article.

"The elite squad of special police of the Moscow police - emergency situation. The division, whose main task - to suppress street protests of citizens, rebellion is brewing. Letters exposing already gone to the presidential administration and the General Prosecutor's Office. And the men of the 2nd Battalion, came to the office - told how to make police authorities, the essence of the business under the name of "public order" and how to overclock "Marches of Dissent» »

14 ph + text via Ilya Varlamov

"The letter was signed by 10 people, non-commissioned officers and senior sergeant. Copies are also sent to the Security Department of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor General's Office, the president's administration, the head of the Moscow police. But since no response, riot policemen came to the editorial office of the magazine "New Tams". In particular, they said that the battalion commander Colonel Evtikov with one employee requires a change at the end of the three detainees, if they do not, the employee loses the premium or premiums merovskoy salary. Evtikov created in the battalion its illegal part time - say riot police. According to them, the colonel often speaks to them, quoting from the New York Times: - "You are slaves and must do what I want». »

"In 2008, the Moscow riot police allegedly detained, delivered and fined 40 thousand. Citizens. It is a small town in the province! In early 2009, it was a conference call, which said: "This year must obtain no less than 40 thousand." 10 years later half of Moscow will issue. »

"Colonel Evtikov in 2005 said:" We do not need the Muscovites, they ask too many questions. We need a non-resident, loyal and stupid. " Nonresident obedient, they live in a dorm, that is dependent on the authorities, which means that too many questions to ask will not. »

"To become a company commander, battalion commander have to pay $ 5 thousand. The salary, according to those who paid, then it grows up to 4 times, from 25 to 100 thousand.»

"The battalion was converted to the structure to make money. The conflict with the leadership came out in the open stage after our whole platoon refused to disperse a rally of local residents at the shopping center "Moscow", where he moved after the close of traders from Cherkizovsky market. Check riot on the market it has been paid for. Come to us leaves a person in civil and says: "I am the chief of security. Guys, Now come the locals protesting against the market. Your task: to break posters, women and children do not touch it, and the men dragged directly to our territory. "... Mat-peremat on older, the next day, Colonel Evtikov selects his identity, he said:" You are the money has spoiled, stupid. " Senior lieutenant was fired. »

"There was a story after the pogrom on Tepliy market. In 2008 there was a conflict between the leadership of the county and merchants, then the colonel ordered Evtikov "Stagger the market. You give the go-ahead. " Riot policemen happy with sledgehammers ran, ran down the market, the order to detain someone was not. Then the parties have agreed, but on one of the riot police opened a criminal case. He was our colonel said, "fired. You're a thief, but I do not want a thief. " But he was following orders! »

"At Rublevsky highway, for example, our battalion guards the eight cottages. The plant in Fili. On the Arbat has an office of a Georgian mafia boss, he is also guarded. Now he is a businessman, and he likes that 90 riot police with his RUBOP pressed, now guarded. Two jeeps with riot police behind him ride. He negotiated directly with our colonel, one man pays him 12 thousand. Rubles a day, one soldier goes to 1500. »

& quot; «Gazelle" Moscow riot police to raid capture costs 50 thousand. rubles. The problem is usually simple: break, beat out the door, all the people from the premises clean. Computer equipment when just throw when plunder the employees themselves. After that, keep the room until they came to the new owner. & Quot;

"When the Cherkizovsky market closed, provided transportation trucks in the same shopping center" Moscow ". Take out a truck with the goods, accompanied by riot police managed in 100 thousand. Rubles. »

"If there are posters at the rally, where it says bad about the Interior Ministry, Medvedev, Putin - we must break immediately. Comrade Limonov take all where they see. A secret order: see - just delayed. And then sit operaї department and think what he sew article. »

"Leaders of all collects and explains that the" Marches of Dissent "," Russian marches "gay parades - all paid for by foreign intelligence services. They say that everything is bad in the country, the American special services want to destroy our country, and therefore are "dissenters" or gays who want to embarrass Moscow. So afraid of everything, and including the first channel or the second - all is well in the country. »

"We took a guy with a girl, they came from Voronezh to walk, he Evtikov long they explained that they broke, and they did not understand. To disperse the "March of Dissent", people usually send 300-400. Plus department documentation and surveillance, we call them "freeloaders." All the officers. They go to the civilian world, wedged into the crowd and tell who is where and who to take. »

"There was a case when a journalist took off his good stuff, especially since the person dressed in civilian clothes, and he pushed the journalist so that he dropped the camera. And another journalist's head smashed when "Ural" it shipped. Was punished anyone? There was no case to punish the employee. »

Riot police in Chechnya "are preparing to travel for two months, we go to the landfill. We were given 60 rounds, and we painted, if received 120. The other munitions left trade. »

"Profitable OMON in Chechnya to hold. It stands out even diesel fuel. Every day 2-3 "Ural" in readiness. If something happens, we have to push. Nowhere nobody put forward, and according to the documents it appears that we go. In 2005, the monthly diesel sold for 30 thousand military. Rubles locals. »



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