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I went there with my son talk that because of a computer patsanva forgotten how to entertain herself. Okay, that have less to read, write off the fact that the speed of the flow of information through the "reading the eyes" for today's teenagers are too low. Read them boring and slow ... But in general, have forgotten how to play with each other.
He began to remember what we did as a child and wondered how it was diverse and fun ...

In the courtyard: dogonyashki, hide and seek, cops and robbers, three-fifteen in the goat-ass-and watchmen in the elephant feet above the ground, Seth, Hali-halo, and so on and so forth. That's not counting the classic football and hockey. In the presence of girls in the yard in another bonus received: classics rezinochki, ring-ring, go out on the porch, edible-inedible ... plus a small set of games, where the boys do not call or they play a shy ...

Houses, forgetting about chess, checkers, bingo, dominoes and various nastolki and using only paper and pens, pencils: blockhead, tic-tac-toe, hangman, number, football, racing, tanchiki, airplanes, sea battle, squiggles, and so on.

Therefore, to start the game ...

If you have small children living at home, then perhaps they like simple little game of eye estimation called "Tank Battle" field size can be anything important - that it can be divided into two halves, and then bent in the middle.
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When the future theater of war properly leveled on the field are driven formidable armored vehicles - in any location and any (but the same for the players) numbers.

The tanks, as we know, methane grenades. & Nbsp; First, we draw a grenade in his field at a distance from the center of the field, which, in our opinion, is the distance from the center line to the enemy tank on the opposite side of the field.

Then we bend the sheet in half:

And the outlines (you can just rub the second side of the handle) on the reverse side of our grenade so that it is printed on the inner box of the opponent.

Unbent sheet and see: Dima surname - Kasatonov. It did not reach a grenade to an enemy tank almost as much. Lectured about the need to eat porridge in the morning to throw away a grenade.

Meanwhile, a grenade prepared Vova!

We perform the procedure again for bending sheet, only now Bends on Dima's Vovinam half. Describes the outside of this deadly object ridiculous like safe inkblot. Unbent sheet ...

Bang !!! Dima so glowing!

But never mind, we still have seven tanks and a huge warehouse of grenades ...


Some of the boys does not recognize ground battles. Aviation - that's what makes a children's fantasy gurgle and bubble. In the sky because the sky ... airplane.

However, as on the ground - and in the sky, so the golf tanchikov is fine, the only thing that it does not need to bend in half ... So, in the sky - a court martial.

All the boys know that the nose of the aircraft mounted machine gun. So, we choose any plane, put it on the fuselage and the handle (click on the trigger) to let her go in the direction of the enemy so that the (burst) trail from the bar rushed to the foreign ship.

We fix the end of the line is a dot.

Meanwhile, the enemy also produces a shot.

Dima next shot can be done either from the point where he stopped all past, or with any other aircraft. Dima prefers the first option.

Shot! Tuh-tuh-tuh Queue ... pierces the body ... The enemy aircraft shot down and goes into a dive ...

In case if your first shot Vova made a downed plane, he could not continue to fire from the end point of this shot, and would be forced to launch an attack with their next airplane.

Dima also shot down the aircraft can continue to shoot with the point of the last shot, as long as its aircraft also podobyut ...

Feudal lords

If suddenly someone forgot, the game "feudal lords" (in another version - the "City") aims to put rivals, as befits all ancient satraps, land grabbing. Cruel, senseless and merciless. The said the seizure is carried out surrounding the enemy. But let's order.

We have an exciting field of arable land on which we can anywhere (organize outpost) to put an end ... But then the enemy, too, can put a full stop!

And this outrage will continue until such time as a series of dots of one of the players does not form a "ring" with the space between buildings no more than a single cell. Approximately like a gentleman in the blue pants in the picture below (distance in a single cell is considered to be both vertically and horizontally, and diagonally):

In this case, the noble player shamelessly surrounds the occupied lands and moat (sows hemp) in their ancestral shades of color ...

Later feudal seeks as much to continue to take over new land and his neighbor, respectively, to win back-to encircle been captured ...

And it happens is that newly Baron Bluebeard suddenly washed down, or the coat of arms fell on his head, or strife distracted, in general, this fellow blue blood corny provtykal and did not notice how his own, already has become home, land plot was surrounded, so will the law immediately alienated unscrupulous neighbor ...

The game ends when both of the Emperor of all the pages of a sudden realize that there was nothing to grab. The winner is usually determined on the eye - who occupied territories more he and (Hitler) and the Arch of Triumph builds, but sometimes the cause piling quirky medieval lawyers and offer a starting point the very point and take, namely indication of victory considered not ha and Acre, and the number caught in the occupied territories of enemy positions. And starts at the shaded objects klyaksochki their own and others count ... The guided - there can think for yourself - your lawyers, you and dig ...


Of course, my generation knows this game, but as it turned out, the same can not be said of the freshly grown Dubki and birches. Therefore, I would venture to recall the rules of those who have forgotten, and tell them to those who did not know ...

Game - by inventing words. To start traceable square box at top of our size (depending on the amount of free time) and fits into the center of the field first came to mind noun longer. It occurred to me capacious and juicy agricultural word "mechanic". I do not know why, I'm not Freud ...

Near Lina the speakers two to record typed balls and leave space for fixing invented words.

Using an existing set of letters, by adding one new letter anywhere in the field, creating new words. Come up with: any noun in the singular and the nominative except for proper names (just in case: Nikanor Ivanovich, Zhigulevskoe and Kentucky - are they - the names of their own - and there).
Tags can be read in any direction, horizontally and vertically as from right to left and from left to right from top to bottom and bottom to top, in any sequence. But! Diagonal - this is not our format!

So, we have an example appends the letter "a" and get another specialty: mechanic. Deemed to have received a new word the number of letters. Their seven. Seven fits into the column and the word - anywhere from the edge of, not to be forgotten, for twice the same word can not invent.

The same letter can not be used twice in the same word. Not in the sense that you can not come up with the word "cow" because there are two "o", and that written in the same cage the letter can not be used twice, returning to her in a circle, like in the word "clubfoot" in the example below.

Meanwhile, our opponent has failed to come up with words longer than "Lasik", adding the letter "p" (you can discuss the game before the ban on diminutive). Accordingly, in a column he wrote the number "five", because that is how much the letters in the word they invented.

I think the logic of the game is already clear, but simply to consolidate ... The first player strained brains, and begat the word "cousin" of six letters. What and recorded in the table.

The game can be terminated at any time, but usually is carried out to fill the entire playing field. After the game counts the total number of points.

Something like ... you interesting evening!



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