20 exotic fruits, which we did not know anything

How many kinds of fruit on the planet? Very, very much, and our usual set of apple-pear-banana their list is not exhausted! < Website was the list of the planet's exotic fruits. Mmm, look appetizing!

1. Sugar apple (Annona scaly) h2> This fruit is native to tropical America, but it is also grown in Pakistan, India and the Philippines. Fruits something like a pine cone, a diameter of about 10 cm. Of the fetus having a light taste of custard, white flesh inside and a small amount of seeds.

2. Mammeya American (US apricot) h2> Mammeya American - is an evergreen tree native to South America, artificially planted in other regions of the world, including West Africa and Southeast Asia. American apricot - it's actually berries, which have a diameter of about 20 cm. Thick outer skin of berries and soft orange pulp inside, as a rule, is at the center of a single large seed, however, the large berries are about 4. The flesh is sweet and flavorful.

3. Cherimoya h2> cherimoya or custard apple is a deciduous plant that grows in the high mountainous regions of South America. The fruit of the tree has a rounded shape with 3 types of surface (lumpy, smooth or mixed). The flesh is very fragrant creamy, white and juicy. It is said that the fruit tastes like a blend of banana, passion fruit, papaya and pineapple. Mark Twain in 1866, said: "The cherimoya - the most delicious of all known fruitsĀ».

4. Plato wonderful h2> Plato - is a large tree (up to a height of 40 meters), growing in the tropical forests of Brazil and Paraguay. Fruits grow to the size of an orange, when you are starting to trickle yellow liquid. Inside the fruit there is white flesh, enveloping several black seeds, which has a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

5. Cocoon h2> Cocoon - is another tropical fruit that is found in the mountainous regions of South America. It grows on a small shrub and grows very quickly: the first 9 months from the seeds of the fruit can be obtained, and after 2 months they are completely ripe. The fruits are very similar to berries, and are red, orange and yellow colors. Externally, they are very similar to the tomato and the taste is a cross between tomato and lemon.

6. Breadfruit h2> Breadfruit belongs to the mulberry family and is native to the Philippines and from the islands of Southeast Asia. The fruit tastes like a banana, you can eat them raw, when they are fully ripe, unripe in the form they can be eaten only cooked. Ripe fruit is soft and sweet, immature - dense and starchy, as its name he received because of the fact that in the preparation of immature fetal taste it is very similar to freshly baked bread.

7. LANGSAT h2> LANGSAT or Dooku - two very similar fruit that can be found throughout Asia. They are the descendants of the same family, are almost identical in appearance and taste, with only one difference. LANGSAT rind contains latex substance, it is not poisonous, but because it is difficult to remove it, as Dooku peel easily separated. Inside the fruit has 5 segments, some of which contain several bitter seeds. This is a very sweet fruit that can be prepared in various ways.

8. Dakriodes edible h2> Dakriodes - it is an evergreen tree that grows in tropical rain forests of Africa, in northern Nigeria and southern Angola. Fruit, the color of which varies from dark blue to purple, also known as African pears, they have an elongated shape and a pale green flesh inside. These fatty fruit, it was argued, could put an end to hunger in Africa, since 48 percent of the fruit consist of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and triglycerides. Calculated that one hectare planted with trees these can be obtained 7-8 tons of oil, thus, can be used all the parts of the plant.

9. Dzhabotikaba h2> Brazilian grape tree - it is very strange plant native to the southeastern part of Brazil. Strangeness of this tree is that as it grows fruit. Initially, the yellowish-white flowers appear all over the trunk and large branches, then the flowers turn into fruit, has a diameter of 3-4 cm. Inside the round-shaped purple fruit contains a soft gelatin flesh with black seeds 1-4. The fruit is very sweet, it can be eaten just like that, but more often it is used for making wine or liquor.

10. Rambutan h2> Rambutan - a strange-looking fruit that looks like a fluffy strawberry. His birthplace - is South-East Asia, but it is widespread in other regions, especially in Costa Rica, where it is called "Chinese sucker." The fruits of 3-6 cm in diameter, have an oval shape. The flesh is a little stiff, but can be easily separated from the skin, the taste of sweet and sour rambutan.

11. Noni h2> This fruit is known by many names, including large moringa, Indian mulberry, and so on. E., His birthplace is the whole of South-East Asia and Australia, and it is widely cultivated in the tropics. The tree bears fruit all year round, but as a rule, when the fruit ripens, the fruit has a very pungent odor. However, despite the smell, the fruit is rich in high-fiber, vitamins, protein, iron and calcium, and is a staple food in many countries of the Pacific. It can be eaten cooked or raw with salt.

12. Marula h2> Marula - a deciduous tree native to South and East Africa. It is now growing throughout Africa, because its fruits are an important food source Bantu, and the trees appear throughout the their migration route. Green fruit ripens and turns yellow, and white flesh inside is very juicy and has a pleasant aroma. After the fall of the tree fruit almost immediately begin to wander, so the elephants and baboons in these regions are often in a light alcoholic intoxication. The fruits are also used for the production of a popular liqueur Amarula, which can be found in any shop Duty-free.

13. Cloudberry h2> cloudberry - this berry is the west coast of North America. It is found in the rain forests and grows dense thickets. The fruit is like a raspberry, but its coloration more orange color. They are very sweet, they are eaten as a raw or processed into juice, wine, candies and jams.

14. Baltic herring (snake fruit) h2> Snake fruit native to Indonesia. They grow in clusters and got his nickname because of the red-brown scaly skin, which is easily removed. Inside are 3 white sweet "segments," each of which contains a small black inedible seeds. Fruits have a sweet and sour taste, consistency reminiscent of apples.

15. Bail h2> Bail, stone or an apple, a native of India, however, it can be found throughout the South-East Asia. Bail - a smooth-skinned fruit with wood, which is painted in yellow, green or gray. The tough outer peel is so hard that before the fruit can be reached only with a hammer. Inside, the flesh is yellow with a few hairy seeds that can be eaten fresh or dried. From the ripe fruit is often cooked drink called sharbat, which also includes water, sugar and lime juice with pulp. It requires only one major piece of fruit in order to prepare 6 liters Sharbat.

16. Hrizofillum (star apple) h2> This fruit is native to lowland areas of Central America and the West Indies. The underside of the leaves of this evergreen tree shining golden color, noticeable even from a distance, and white or purple flowers growing on a tree, have a sweet aroma. Fruits are round-shaped and purple shades, peel them tight. If the fetus is cut horizontally, it can clearly be seen in the form of stars pulp. Fresh fruits have a very sweet and pleasant taste.

17. Carambola (star fruit) h2> Carambola - a fruit tree, a native of the Philippines, but grows throughout the South-East Asia, East Asia, South America. The shell of the fruit contains five "ridges", which in longitudinal section becomes like a star, because of what, in fact, the fruit, and got its name. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. When ripe the fruit turns bright yellow, and it tastes very juicy and crisp.

18. Horned melon h2> The horned melon, also known as African cucumber, native to Africa, but now it is also grown in Australia, New Zealand and Chile. When ripe, the shell is covered with dense spiky melon yellow thorns, and the flesh, this jelly becomes a bright green color. Often, the taste of the fruit compared with a banana. The fruit is a good source of vitamin C and fiber.

19. Pitaya h2> Pitaya or cactus fruit that can be found throughout Asia, Australia, North and South America, initially considered a resident of Mexico. There are two types of pitaya: sour, as a rule, are eaten in the United States, and sweet, which grows throughout Asia. Fruits are red, yellow and purple, they have a very pleasant aroma and a sweet view of the taste is very similar to the kiwi.

20. Magic Fruit h2> The miracle fruit, or sweet berries - a very strange berry native to West Africa. What makes these fruits and berries country? Fruits contain large quantities of sweetener in combination with miraculin glycoprotein. Fruit itself does not have a very sweet taste, but after the person eats his glycoprotein binds taste receptors located on the human language, and for about an hour converts any taste sweet product. Thus, you can eat a whole lemon and it will taste as sweet syrup.

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